How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Store Using WordPress

E-commerce shopping is getting increasingly popular. People can buy whatever they want within a few clicks. If you can get into the industry, then your business will be a goldmine. However, there are a few barriers to any new e-commerce brand.

Number one is that you need tons of capital for purchasing and storing inventory. Number two is that you have to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, etc. It will take you a long time to set your name in the market and people trust these giants more! So, for a few months or even years, you will need capital to sustain your business.

What if you don’t have tons of cash to burn? Well, that doesn’t mean you have to kill your dream of having your online store. Why compete with the big e-commerce platforms, when you can join them?

build an Amazon affiliate store

You can join the Amazon Affiliate program and sell products that you don’t own on your website. Now you don’t have to invest in shipping, inventory, or other operational tasks.

However, you do need to focus on developing a customer-friendly website. If you can grow traffic and ensure that you get a good amount of monthly customers, then you have a successful business.

You did not make any investment other than the website. For your business to be successful, you need to know how to build an Amazon affiliate store.

1. Sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program

If you want to build an Amazon affiliate store, you have to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program. It is a fairly simple process, you need to submit an application.

Amazon will review your application and get back to you. Once you have submitted your application, you can think about the type of products you want to feature on your website. When you are accepted as an affiliate, you will get a notification from Amazon!

2. Choose the products for your Amazon affiliate store

If you want to build an Amazon affiliate store effectively, you need to follow a few tips to succeed.

You should not promote products that are too cheap. If a product is too cheap, then the commission you get will not help you financially. Amazon offers commissions between 1% to 20%. The commission rate depends on the product categories.

If you are selling cheap products that do not cost much, you will make pennies with the commission. As a thumb rule, you should try to sell products that cost more than $50.

The second rule is that you should try to sell products that are high in demand. You can use tools like Google trends to accurately measure product demand online.

A final tip is that you should build a specialized store. While this is not necessary but it can help boost sales. Think about it, if you are selling everything, then it will be difficult to make a name in any category. However, if you start a specialty store dealing with specific niches such as utility products, electronics, and books, then you have a higher chance of gaining an audience.

3. Build an Amazon affiliate store on WordPress using WooCommerce

If you want your affiliate store to succeed, you will need to create content around the site. There is no better CMS in the world than WordPress. Launch a WordPress site to add Amazon’s products to your site.

For this, you need the free WooCommerce plugin and you can start adding Amazon’s affiliate products to your site. Go to the plugins page on your WordPress dashboard.

Find the WooCommerce plugin, install, and activate it. You can now create an e-commerce store from scratch with WooCommerce.

You will need to provide a lot of information to WooCommerce related to payment and shipping to set up your store.

Once all that is done, click on the create a product button. Now, you can add the product name, details, and images. Make sure to specify that this is an external/ affiliate product. When you select that option, you can add the URL of the actual product.

To get the link of that product, you will have to navigate Amazon’s Associate’s dashboard. Search for the product that you want to add and click on the get link button. Copy the link from Amazon and paste it into the WooCommerce section.

amazon affiliate

You can add text to the button like “buy now” or “shop now”. In the future, you can always experiment with the button text and see which text generates more sales.

Below this, you will see the price field. You should ignore this as you cannot manually enter the price of the product. The price will be set by the Amazon seller. Leave this field blank and move forward.

Now, you have to add the image of the product. You must add more than one image of a product. So, that your visitors can be convinced that a product is right for them.

You can use the image of the product that the Amazon seller is using or make a few changes to it with the help of a photo editor.

Now it is time to add a short description of the product. You have to define what the product is and how it can be helpful for people who buy it. Focus on selling the utility of the product. Know who your consumer is going to be and focus on how you can sell to them. If you can write an appealing product description, you have the chance of selling more.

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This product description will be displayed on the store’s front page, and it will be useful for SEO purposes too. Your website can be found if you can rank based on the product description.

That’s it, you can hit the publish button. Now you have added the first Amazon affiliate product to your website. You have to repeat this process, till you have a store with a good amount of products.


If you want to try your luck in the e-commerce sector, you should try to set up an Amazon affiliate store first. You don’t have to take any risks and just have to invest in a WordPress website. Along the way, you will have to use SEO and will learn a lot about growing your e-commerce site.

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