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A search – based compilation of technology WordPress themes for digital agencies

IT and marketing companies, as well as other representatives of business and commercial segment to monetize their business and boost the expected results when using these technology websites.

Ours, fortunately or unfortunately, is the age of technology, emulating with industrial and other relevant progress in its influence on the course of modern life and behavior.

And the impact of technological – based phenomena is immeasurable for the millions of people across the globe. From common daily usages to the implementation of this or that specific task, technology has something to say.

Modern technological output has considerably simplified the way we live and work, function or even make researches. From easier information access to improved communication with friends and relatives, clients and customers, partners and suppliers, from improved housing and lifestyle to online commerce, advantages of this industry seem to have no end.

Specifically for the above –mentioned purposes, efficient and productive technology – based businesses and undertakings are constantly in great demand with their wide – scale products and services, consultation and much more.

In this relation, this article encompasses the best technology WordPress themes suitable for any technical startup or digital agency, SEO and marketing company or other technology – based performances.

With each of them you can be sure to issue a challenge to all your competitors in the field and take tangible advantage over them by establishing stronger communication ties with your clients.

1. SKT Perfect

commercial WordPress theme


Crafted and developed with specific attention to details, stylized with care and elegance, SKT Perfect is stable and complete no matter what kind of website is running on the basis of it.

With, expressively feature – rich structure and packages of customization controls, this template is fantastic when it comes to measuring all your profits to be.

Along with the technologically premium – class performance and all – inclusiveness, this theme also guarantees fast loading and smooth navigating nature of your future website, responsive and cross – mobile compatible coding, as well as translation – ready platform to serve your content in different target languages.

2. High Tech

High Tech Lite


As one of the high – end technology WordPress themes, High Tech is based on the modern flat design styling and offers you a clean yet businesslike appearance consolidated with invincible inner operational framework.

The functional, structural and external values and characters of Flat Pro will for sure become a motivation.

Pure motivation for every businessman or corporate representative, digital agency owner or manager, freelance developer or designer to establish its digital profile and let it be accessible around the clock.

The theme’s arsenal includes convenient theme sections and flip boxes for content categorization, footer and header areas with calls to action buttons, social media integration and other informative and contact details. Armed with default homepage slider with animation and other controllable effects, this clean and to the point website builder has also been tested for its plugin compatibility and support.

3. Engineering Pro

Engineering WordPress theme


Creating your technology – based laudable website at a one – time cost – conscious price is more realizable than ever with one of the top – rated and modern – looking technology WordPress themes launched as Engineering Pro. This vigorous and intelligent web builder comes with attention – grabbing color combinations and graphics combined with user – friendly character and inherently management – compliant identity.

This amazing template runs a Customizer at its core and provides you with unlimited customization and control possibilities. Colour wheel of the theme grants you with a quicker and easier way to make changes in the theme colour combinations and dominances as well. Responsiveness and mobile usage optimization, multilingual readiness and WooCommerce compatibility, SMO and SEO – friendliness have not been sacrificed either.

4. SKT StartUp Pro

startup WordPress theme


Tech – savvy and zealous, serious – looking and diligent, SKT StartUp Pro is an ideal website solution for all the startup companies or agencies, as well as novices who are making their decisive steps towards the bright business future and universal social recognition.

Thus, this responsive and adaptable template has been crafted and launched with non – techy end user of the digital and online industry in the developer’s mind.

It means that you get overwhelmed with bewildering coding solutions or other processes to deal with in order to publish all your content, services and offers, working policy and visions, images and much more in the given content zones. The dedicated specialist of this template have spare no efforts to make it as simple and lightweight, responsive and Google mobile – friendly, as well as plugin compatible as any modern template should be.

5. Condimentum

condimentum new


As one of the highly – advised technology WordPress themes available in the current repository of templates, Condimentum is impeccably accustomed to act as a springboard for your future scalable success in the digital realm.

This simple and clearly – coded, visually streamlined and accurate, yet advanced and surprisingly flexible template comes with all of the styling and functionality already taken care of. However, with Condimentum you are the only proprietor of your website’s look and feel granted with boundless intervention options whenever the necessity arises.

The admin dashboard of the theme is the tool with which you can get a bird’s eye view of what can be done to your digital profile to exemplify your expertise in the given industry.

6. The App Pro

app WordPress theme


Getting enough daily visits and boosted traffic coming to your posts and pages will never be from a series of miracles with highly dependable and error – free template known as The App Pro. It can be easily used and exercised by any small, medium – sized or large – scale digital company or a representative of another technology – related industry to tackle into the hands – on stuff of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Totally safe and secure, avant – guard and surprisingly adaptive, The App Pro features full color changing controls, page templates for more inner pages, portfolio gallery to show off your high – resolution works in the form of images and photos, social media optimization and search engine optimization, etc.

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