Smart WordPress Themes for Smart People to Manage Their Websites

To have one of the smart WordPress themes as your reliable companion during the long path to the digital success is the dream of any website owner.

Therefore, we have put a collection of the smartest and the most sophisticated templates you can ever require for setting up a strong online presence of your individual or business activities, fan page, corporate profile, handmade store or whatever it can be.

Whatever your message to your audience is, whatever your efforts are concentrated to, a smart and all round website depicting your vision, mission and policy is of primary importance, if you want to go viral.

It’s true that inside every target audience there are individuals with different background, awareness and knowledge.

Therefore, your website cannot help but be as smart and flexible to adapt to different needs and satisfy different expectations as possible.

Smart WordPress Themes

Well, it can be a little complex, but achievable for sure! All you need is one of the properly processed and launched smart WordPress themes that will enable you to create and modify your content and messages to hit different people from diverse corners and hooks.

Here is an assemblage of the smart WordPress themes which we have already tried and tested along with our hundreds of clients.

All of them have proved to be highly reliable and showcased a strategic approach to making you a leader in your site creation and development.

Be sure that each of these smart WordPress themes is authentic enough to showcase practically whatever it claims in the demo version you are authorized to view before purchasing.

On the whole, these are exceptionally good products to minimize your efforts and multiply your website traffic, client conversion and sales funnel.

Holy Church

holy church

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Holy Church is one of the serious looking and purposeful, unique and smart WordPress themes devoted to the presentation of religious and NGO, non profit and donation websites online and gathering of more online audience around it.

However, the potential performance of this template is never restricted to the above mentioned topics and niches only. This template is really sensible enough to be transformed into a more dynamic platform and meet different modern challenges face to face.

All in all, this wonderfully sleek and solid template needs only a little nudge to get all the things flowing on your website.

All that is required from you is to take care of the several minutes’ activation of the theme and its management from the backend to bridge you and your website guests effectively

Classified Ads

classified ads

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Monetizing your website with advertisement postings and announcements is one of the rational marketing campaigns you can adopt.

Classified Ads is one of such advertisement friendly and entirely pliable template to balance between your specific content and the number of additional ad banners and listings.

Thanks to the properly worked out framework and structural peculiarities, this responsive and mobile checked website tool can be integrated with a content of any nature or denomination, from property and vehicle listings to hotel and apartment rental and booking services, and everything in between.

Get your clients and web viewers take relevant action, make bookings and reservations and finally pay for them via the most convenient payment gateways, since they are all work just fine with Classified Ads.

Real Estate

Real Estate

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Another convenient platform for making any property listings website highly profitable is called Real Estate.
People have high expectations from your serious and professional website.

Therefore, relying on one of the smart WordPress themes in the form of Real Estate will justify your client’s anticipations and not only.

It will give you infinite freedom in walking around your theme and setting up in grid or list view format, making this or that color brighter and dominant, fixing typography with Google approved fonts.

Adding lovely and content rich images on the homepage slider and controlling them with pause time, animation, etc.



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We live in a world that is never perfect. Nor there will be a time when no one will need help and protection. In this case, a universal attention to the vulnerable groups of people is what will make a positive change in the modern reality.

Donation is one of such caring and motivational templates devoted to the flourishing of donation and charity programs, events and projects online.

With little money and great hopes, you can purchase Donation and build a community that will unite people across the globe and will communicate your message to them.

It comes with as many functions and controls as are enough to keep your profile engaged with people coming from search engine inquiries or social media platforms. It is also commercial ready to manage all the additional ways of receiving money for your undertakings.

Toy Store

toy store

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If your digital efforts are directed to cross sell marketing and commercial interaction with consumers, look no further than Toy Store.

Inspired by the most lovely design ideas and durable web development coding controls, Toy Store is a real pleasure to work with.

Setting and completing smart commercial and business goals will be easier and more affordable with this pocket friendly template that is out of competition with its solid responsive framework, SEO prepared coding, customizer controls and more.



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The higher the digital world pushes its standards and requirements, the better the performance and quality of smart WordPress themes become.

vCard is one of such improved and updated, user and customer optimized, fully manageable WordPress powered themes anyone can get access to and build a personalized profile in a vCard or online CV format.

Your personal or business success with this smart template will be measurable and realistic since all the important shades, touches and coding are added to the theme.

From sharing smooth navigation controls to responding to the user’s clicks and searches quickly, from celebrating responsive web design to being ultimately configurable with shortcodes and more, vCard will let you track your site’s progress over time.

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