6 Top Retro WordPress Themes for Vintage Style Blog and Websites

Modern retro web design trend has “infected” thousands of website and blog owners. And if you are one of them and want to make your digital presence more sensual with retro or vintage style inspiration, our collection of retro WordPress themes is for you.

Whether it is a personal blog that needs to be visually aesthetic and elegant with unique look or an antique store, retro clothing storefront or something else, each of these retro WordPress themes will give you a head start in your workload.

Indeed, retro web design style is what makes hundreds of corporates and businesses more attractive and memorable. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many retro café or restaurant, retro cinema or retro club websites can be found at every step.

The elements of both retro and vintage style together with the modern dynamic touches take responsibility for the promotion of your website in different directions as well as for raising client’s awareness of your site’s existence and operation.

Now, if you are impatient to have vintage or retro elements on your website like clippings of postcards and photos, usage of the clip arts, textures and shades, as well as “newspaper” style fonts and typography, you will absolutely love our retro WordPress themes.

Retro WordPress Themes

Each of these fully controllable and customizable, simple to use and configure vintage and retro WordPress themes implies complete freedom of creativity combined with slight nostalgia for the era when you could read something only in book, newspaper or magazine.

It means you can give a unique look to your site or blog while delivering the feeling of a past to your audience at the same time.

1. Natural Herbs


Natural Herbs is one of the lovely mixtures of old and new, of past and present and as such celebrates an eye catchy look, functional excellence and technical reliability.

Although it is one of the latest themes of SKT Production and is coded as per the latest web design and coding trends, you can freely use and customize this template to give it the best feeling of a retro or vintage style with typography and color changes, CSS 3 animations, homepage slider controls to showcase relevant pieces of imagery and more.

A beautiful and clean green and white based color combination dominates the overall appearance of the theme enabling you to produce and share content and be sure it is legible and easy to notice.

2. Modeling


Modeling is one of the most suitable retro WordPress themes to effortlessly transferring the retro atmosphere with different images and marks, colors and typography.

Arm the homepage slider with retro style images and control the way those images are showcased to the audience. They can capture an old suitcase or a girl with a neat haircut, part of an old newspaper or something other, depending on the nature of your profile.

The theme is also customizer based thus making you the only master of your site with boundless management options when it comes to controlling sidebar and other widget friendly zones, adding plugins and shortcodes, integrating commercial platforms, making your site more SEO and SMO friendly.

3. Black and White

black and white WordPress theme


Black and White is an impactful black and white designed theme that is multipurpose in nature and admin friendly at its core.

The idea behind this clean and crisp theme is to create a breathing room for your niche specific content and demonstrate it with as many retro style patterns and elements as you need.

It showcases you how versatile and smart your website can be with accurately deployed yet effectively styled content, high quality and pixel perfect images, Google friendly typography, page builder controls and plugin integration.

Among the compatible tools are WooCommerce and ecommerce, translation and contact form, SEO, gallery and animation plugins and not only.

4. Adventure

adventure WordPress theme


Adventure offers excellent tools and retro website solutions to absolutely any kind of website or personal blog.

Whatever your plans for your present and future form of your website are, Adventure is competent enough to be your helping hand at any phase of its development and customization thus making it present and future scalable all the time.

From sports and leisure, traveling and hotel websites to those catering to culture and art, classical and web design with retro style inspiration, anything can be well structured and shared with this mobile and browser optimized, shortcodes friendly and user centric website builder.

5. Girlie


We could not forget about Girlie and don’t include it in the list of the best retro WordPress themes, as Girlie is definitely the template that can nurture retro or vintage style in its whole charm and magnetism.

This theme is as smart as it is elegant and eye catchy and as such is custom built to give your website or blog the most polished retro look you have been looking for.

Moreover, working with this shortcodes ready and intuitive template is going to be code and stress free, as the developers of the theme have already done. You are just going to enjoy the fun part with website customization and styling, content publishing, etc.

6. We Bake

We Bake is another nice looking and tasteful, visually elegant and subtle template you can use for any kind of retro style food and drink businesses and not only.

Whether you want to stress the effect of transferring three dimensional space of your physical restaurant or café to a two dimensional Internet network in the most captivating way, put emphasis on the “vintagism” of the site with calligraphy fonts and combined with colors emphasizing the atmosphere of elegant luxury, you are welcome to do it with this top quality retro and vintage website builder.

From a more technical standpoint, it is fully configurable and customizable not only with colors and fonts, but also with images and galleries, default shop timings widgets and lots of other shortcodes, prebuilt contact form with captcha protection and much more.

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