10+ Best Flat WordPress Themes for People Loving Flat UI Designs

Responsive Flat WordPress themes have been round up and presented in this article.

Flat design is a relatively new trend in the WordPress reality, which showcases a minimalistic approach towards web design and styling by removing anything noisy and overwhelming from it and keeping the web interface look as simple and readable as possible.

And as the statistics show, this concept of uniquely flat interfaces has been successfully exercised by hundreds of people from diverse corners of the world for creating and developing their websites to focus primarily on the relevant content and keep the website highly informative.

We have searched for and found out the most dynamic and practically checked responsive flat WordPress themes and are going to cast a quick glance on their basic features and controls, which, when correctly utilized, will form a really powerful mixture of flat design and perfect functionality to be easier to interact with.

Flat WordPress Themes

Thus, what is left to the people loving flat UI and design is to review our suggested list and choose one of them to form a solid ground of any future online profile and fascinate the target audience in the most effective manner.

SaturnWP Pro:

SaturnWP Pro



simple new


SKT White PRO:

skt white


Flat Pro:

flat pro


Flat Pro is conceptually well thought out and professionally developed, highly integrative and universal, inherently versatile and flexible, user and developer – directed, responsive and cross mobile and device – optimized and WordPress – powered template with flat design application to cater to absolutely any personal or corporate topic.

The overall simple and precise look and feel of your website will for sure speak in your website visitor’s favor by letting them look for and find whatever is needed in a few clicks.

The theme is also elegant in appearance, e-commerce and shop –ready in nature, as well as extremely easy in its customization. Hence this definitely falls under the responsive flat WordPress themes category.

SKT Biz Pro:

SKT Biz Pro


By the application of SKT Biz Pro you will be able to create the most powerful and competitive business profile which will make sense the most and let your business stand out proudly with its exceptional visualization and seriously stylized flat design solutions.

This feature – rich and compactly structured, polished and pliable, smoothly navigable template has been created and ensured to meet all the standards of modern responsive design and as such has been well optimized for mobile and device usages without any deterioration of any single touch of the website stunning interface. It sure is again one of the responsive flat WordPress themes as well.

SKT Landing Page:

landing page WordPress theme


SKT Landing Page is another responsive flat WordPress theme, which exemplifies a wonderful website creation and management version, where every single element of flat design is bettering the website visitor’s experience, irrespective of the fact, whether the latter is browsing the website on PC or uses some hand held device while on the move.

Be sure, that in both cases your simple and clear layout will adapt itself to the default screen dimensions and will remain flawless in its whole performance.

The Trip:

the trip


If you have planned to build an awesome website, which will catch the visitor’s eye and keep them coming back over and over, look no further than The Trip, based on flat styling technique and its professional realization to fit any corporate or personal objectives.

This multiconcept and general – purpose them comes integrated with tons of customization and management options to highlight your minimalistic style and personalize your brand or name.

Publish all your relevant information in an easy to find way, run your online shop and establish diverse commercial relationships, render multilingual support and be accessible for all the mobile and device users. This is as well another of the responsive flat WordPress themes of this era.

Complete Pro:

Complete Pro is the next top – rated and premium quality responsive flat WordPress theme, which is custom – built to be a truly flexible, yet powerful and modern framework combined with original flat –based interface to give run to an immensely advanced, yet simple and lightweight, modern and dynamic, yet simple to use and customize website.

Powered to generate simplicity and easiness, this unique product is no way devoid of all the compulsory features and qualities every modern WordPress based template should share, be it a responsiveness and Google mobile compatibility, smooth and sleek dropdown level navigation, WooCommerce support, etc.

SKT Gardening:

SKT Gardening is another one of the responsive flat WordPress themes – based website builder power – packed with flat design and graphics to emphasize usability and compactness of any web presence running on it.

This highly dynamic and modernly crafted product is loaded with a wide array of theme section and areas, options and features to deliver any kind of website content in the visually awe – inspiring and professional format with freedom of management and modification at the core, which are totally available for any average user of WordPress even with minimal developing and design skills to rely on.

Baby Sitter:

Baby Sitter has been built with the potential to fit the needs and claims of any baby – related topic or initiative to be revealed fully and in the most informative manner by the right combination of flat interface and high – quality content.

All in all, this smart and nice looking, responsive and mobile – optimized responsive flat WordPress theme is an ideal solution for establishing the online profile of any baby center, kindergarten, school or any other kid – related institution, which will for sure result in increasing the website popularity in the digital area with the help of more streamlined and practical website visualization.

Nature One Pro:

The sophisticated specialists and developers crafting Nature One Pro have successfully relied upon the minimalistic design and styling approach and emphasized the minimum use of the stylistic elements to procure a neatly arranged and easy to access website interface that is readily responsive to resizes in diverse browsers and screen dimensions across diverse mobiles and other devices.

This fresh looking and inspiring, smart and intuitive, easily navigable and fast loading responsive flat WordPress theme is built for flexibility and adaptability towards any undertaken customization procedures, cleverly coding and styling for the impeccable look and feel, as well as modern and so important SEO – optimization for the increased targeted traffic.

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