10 Music Blog WordPress Themes Come with Intelligent Intuitive Designs

If you are in the music business or affiliated with the music industry in some way or the other, then you’ll need to have an online website so as to be able to reach out to a wider audience, and develop a larger customer base.

The days of just parking a static web page or printing a flyer every alternative day was enough to get the word out but sadly those days are long gone. Take any industry or niche and you’ll find that the competition is more intensive, both online, offline and in the brick and motor world.

So, if you are new to the scene and want to make your company into a success, then you need to start the ball rolling by setting up a website. And if your company is all about music, then you should definitely check out the music blog WordPress themes.

These themes have all been vetted, diligently tested and rated accordingly. Do check out these music blog WordPress themes, and then decide which one sounds like a good fit, demo it and then use it for your website.

Music Blog WordPress Themes

SKT Night Club

skt night club


SKT Events

SKT Events


SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


Home Theatre

Home Theatre


Event Planners Pro

Event Agency WordPress Theme



music studio WordPress theme


This theme, which incidentally ranks among the top ten for music blog WordPress themes stands out on account of its grunge and yet simplistic design that immediately focuses the user’s attention to relevant parts of the page.

It comes with a intuitive and intelligent design along with drop down menus which should help facilitate navigation. The theme is 100% responsive, and is cross browser, cross device and cross platform compatible.

Your users should be able to access your website on their mobile phone, tablets or any device without loss of functionality or for that matter, resolution. The theme is widget friendly, comes with header, footer, sidebar, and layout options and also supports external plugins.

It also comes with 100+ short codes which should help facilitate customization since you would not be required to code anything. And as the theme comes with full documentation and with step by step process clearly listed, even a novice should be able to customize the theme.

It is compatible with woo commerce and 3rd party plugins, so you should be able to set up integrated shopping cart and provide your users with advanced functionality as well. For example, you can install social media plugins, making it easier for your users to login using their social media credentials.

Given all this advanced functionality, the current price tag of $39 is indeed reasonable.

Musical Sounds

musical sounds


This theme ranks quite high among the music WordPress themes for obvious reasons. It comes with a minimalistic styling, along with a nice, simple design with elegant layout.

It also comes with an integrated music player which should allow your users to listen to any track and to tinker with the audio settings, and to set it up as per your preference.

More to the point, the theme is 100% responsive and scalable, and while the drop down menus may work on the laptop, you may want to customize the theme to set it up in such a way that an icon is displayed instead of the menu when then website is displayed on mobile phones.

This should enable your users to load the page faster, and surf the various sections with ease, when checking out your website from their mobile phones. Apart from this, it also comes with third party plugin compatibility which should help you install various plugins and provide your users with advanced functionality.

The theme also comes with woo commerce compatibility; apart from this, you can also integrate Google maps with your order page, as well as enable online tracking. So when users decide to listen to a music clip and decide they want to purchase the same, they can do so with ease.

The theme comes with a price tag of $39 only along with free installation and support for a year.

Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


When it comes to the music WordPress themes, this one stands out for all the right reasons; for starters, it comes with an aesthetically outstanding design that’s simple enough to use.

For another, it comes with an intelligent and intuitive design that should help facilitate easy navigation and help keep the bounce rate all the way down. The theme is a multipurpose one; you can use it for your music business as well as for any other business.

It is 100% responsive and has already been tested for Google mobile friendly test as well as various resolutions. So, your users should not experience any loss of functionality when accessing the website through various devices.

The theme comes with header, footer, sidebar and layout options along with 500+ awesome font icons that you can use to make your site more attractive. But what makes this theme stand out is the fact that it is customizable and comes with compatibility to third party plugins.

With these plugins, you should be able to offer your users advanced functionality, along with setting up an integrated shopping cart for your users. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 which is quite reasonable, given the fact that the theme is loaded with advanced functionality.


personal WordPress theme


This theme happens to be one among the top ten where music WordPress themes are concerned; it comes with a simplistic design and an elegant layout.

It also comes with drop down menus which can be customized and is easy to use. This should help facilitate easy navigation and as the theme is a multipurpose one, you should be able to use the same for several niches with ease.

The theme comes with a responsive design, one that’s completely scalable and comes with several innovative features, along with several templates.

It also comes with a default slider and gallery, but as the theme is compatible with external plugins, you can use more advanced sliders like carousel, cyclone slider, Crelly slider, master slider and revolution as well as layered slider to showcase your images and videos to perfection.

What’s more, the theme is woo commerce compatible so you can easily set up an eCommerce portal and even though this may be designed as a personal theme, you can easily repurpose it for your business.

What’s more, it is also widget friendly and between the various widgets and external plugins, you should be able to provide your users with advanced functionality and provide them with more user centric features. As a result, your website should rank better for SERPS, and all of this is available for $39 only.




This theme, which ranks among the best for music blog WordPress themes, should be a good fit especially if you are setting up religion based music website.

For starters, it comes with a responsive and minimalist design, so you should be able to make use of the white space strategically and focus user’s attention to the CTA and specific parts of your webpage.

For another, the design is simple, and yet, elegant and easy on the eye; incidentally, it also comes with intelligent navigation in the form of drop down menus. The theme comes with over 600+ integrated Google fonts as well as 360+ social icons which you can put to good use on your website and make it all the more attractive.

It comes with compatibility to 3rd party plugins as well as woo commerce so you can set up an integrated shopping cart if you need one on your website.

Furthermore, you can easily customize the theme and change most of the page elements from the color to the basic layout of the pages by utilizing the built in short codes.

You can also install music players on your website, and even set up advanced versions of the same along with playlists so that your customers can check out the same, listen to it prior to purchasing them. It comes with a price tag of $39, which comes with free installation and support for a year.


skt black pro


The black WordPress theme is a multipurpose theme and one that can be easily repurposed for most niches and businesses. So whether you need this theme for your music related website or for your sports memorabilia website, this theme would be a good fit.

It comes with an elegant design, unique layout as well as an intelligent and intuitive design that includes drop down menus.

It also comes with a responsive design, one that’s completely scalable and compatible with woo commerce as well as external plugins. So you should be able to provide your users with a bevy of user centric features and advanced functionality.

This should help you rank better on SERPS as well as for SEO. It comes with a price tag of $39 only, which is quite reasonable given all the advanced features that it comes with.

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