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In an effort to find consonant and tuneful website tools for music, dance, orchestra and other music and composition based websites, we have come across some of the best harmonic WordPress themes which we are going to discuss with you today. The elegant and serviceable, well arranged and legible nature of these templates ensures they can be applied to a diversity of music and song, artist and dance, choir and orchestra, concert and instrument sale websites and blogs.

In the modern chaotic world, where it seems that everything should be fought for, dissonance has become one of the globe’s worst mentalities. And the bad consequences of such situation are too many, from plainly dramatic lifestyles to idleness and complacency, from the lack of motivation to failed undertakings.

Well, every single situation causing trouble or eating you up can be challenged with your inner balance and harmonic state helping you float down the stream fluently. And this desirable inner peace and harmony can be achieved with the healing touch of music and dance world that is invigorating, stress relieving and motivating.

If you are a celebrity or startup singer, songwriter, manager, musician or music band member, arranger or harmonist, dance club or academy manager, you can bring that much wanted harmony and professionalism to your activities and share it with your audience online.

Some of the best tools you can apply whenever you want to tune your well balanced website are harmonic WordPress themes we have put together this time. Each and every single website template highlighted here will challenge you to achieve and meet your personal or business goals as quickly as possible and with less expenditure than you have planned to spend. All of these harmonic WordPress themes are well shaped in appearance and well structured for the seamless inner performance, thus forming a harmonious unity of form and function.

Musical Sounds

musical sound


Perfectly harmonious in all its manifestations and applications, Musical Sounds is one of the seriously and elegantly developed harmonic WordPress themes you are welcome to give your preference to.

The only thing that this professional and sophisticated template lakes are bells and whistles hampering the pixel perfect and accurate look of any website that will be built on it. Modern design controls and touches form a simple yet awe inspiring markup for your pages and posts, layouts, song and other audio materials listings as well as other components of your site with Google approved fonts, applicable shortcodes, call to actions and more.

With Musical Sounds, dozens of plugins can turn to be the booster of your digital efforts when it comes to bringing more ways of contributing to your business online with e commerce activities, practical contact form, additional shortcodes and more.

Music Producer

music band WordPress theme


Music is one of the strongest sources of inner peace and harmony for millions of people across the world.
Therefore, we cannot help but include Music Producer in our list of the most harmonic WordPress themes your music or artist, music band or dance club promotion website would need.

All in all, it’s an ideal example of how perspective and results driven website should look and feel with easy to read and digest content, easy to find homepage sections, responsive structure, mobile and browser compatibility, pre enabled widgets, layout and font choices, inner page controls, SEO and SMO optimization, etc.

The insertion of different albums and application of playlists options, online sale of your audio and video materials, tickets and more with commercial ready nature of Music Producer are all checked and confirmed.


music studio WordPress theme


The next template touched by dark and elegant colors disseminating harmony is known to be Melody. By understanding the theme’s dynamics and adding your personal motivations to it, you are going to achieve to what you have been looking for so far. It can be a stable and eye catchy framework with unique solutions, responsive sections and boxes for the integration of your songs and albums, services and classes, HD imagery and visuals, multilingual content and commercially optimized layout for online trading.

SEO and SMO friendly coding is also added to the basic HTML 5 and CSS 3 powered template, as well as widget ready areas, blog section for running your website with a rational frequency, homepage full width slider, full documentation and yet much more to receive with Black and White.

The Art

The Art


Building and maintaining harmony around your virtual profile can be productively done with the help of The Art. This tranquil and well managed template is balanced between a calm appearance and powerful operational framework to satisfy your digital needs but be legible and serviceable for your audience.

Complementing the overall harmonic look of The Art can be done by the usage of preloaded homepage slider and its controllable slides. Just add your unique images and add an extra charm to your website.

Tons of Customizer options, contact form and other plugins compatibility will make your music or harmony generating profile more authentic and interactive, user optimized and results driven.

SKT Tube

video WordPress theme


Of all the harmonic WordPress themes you can purchase from the WordPress modern repository, SKT Tube is one of the most dynamic and feature rich ones coded with specific care and attention to the nuances and design trends digital music centric world is fond of.

The creative authors of SKT Tube have invested a lot of efforts into producing a reliable website building tool with the integration of all the compulsory web design and coding trends, working mechanisms and compatibility of external sources, platforms, social media networks and search engines, video slider and video materials support, commercial ready coding and more.

Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographer WordPress Theme


Designed with harmonic look and unbeatable functionality in the developer’s mind, Wedding Videographer is the next finely tuned and polished template you can use for topics ranging from audio and video services, marriage and wedding venue to music and dance, and everything in between.

Whether you run a globally known record studio or own a local market selling musical instruments, as long as your potential clients and customers are human beings, you need to ensure you exercise the shortest ways to communicate with them. In this relation, Wedding Videographer is ideal with its multilingual ready character and PO file inclusion. It will let you translate your website and its content into different languages and be more user centric and easy to communicate.

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