8 Financial Service WordPress Themes for Financial Institutions and Banks

You’ll find a series of the best financial service WordPress themes in this article which fall under the group of cost effective website builders but are unimaginable powerful in nature.

These templates are primarily for financial institutions and banks, credit unions and organizations, currency exchange points, financial and legal advisors and consultants, investing and assessment groups, insurance companies.

With useful financial service WordPress themes dominating the digital platform, you can easily find the right companion of your site and start the creation of your business profile with as little investment as your budget lets you.

The authors of these truly excellent financial service WordPress themes have put the best web technics and coding together and have worked minutely on every part of each product with financial institutions and specialists in their mind.

Financial Service WordPress Themes

As a result, you are lucky to enjoy an imperishable solidarity of the best digital formulas and strategies in each of these templates.

With any of those financial service WordPress themes, you don’t need to improve your web development or design literacy, since you are not going to sweat hard when working on your website or making a surveillance to keep it updated. They are all apparently easy in usage with a great support coming along the way.


Finance WordPress theme


SKT Consulting Pro

SKT Consulting Pro


SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme


If you are a startup or local based financial company and are strapped for money, we have a perfect offer for you. SKT Banking is one of pocket friendly yet the highest quality banking and financial services WordPress themes full with practical tools and based on the advanced technological platform.

But the truth about this wonderful template is that it can be largely used by seasoned and long established financial centers and institutions as well since unbeatable quality and precision are here.

Other premium features SKT Banking shares include search engine and social media optimization, 100% responsiveness around different platforms and devices, plugin compatibility, widget friendly zones and prebuilt content areas and sections filled with demo content.

The latter needs to be replaced by your own thematic content with the typeface you will choose among the preloaded fonts and their management options.

Flat Pro

flat pro


Flat Pro is another self secured and highly versatile website tool that will give you a feeling of freedom and an environment to bring all your intentions and thoughts to life.

Based on a flat and material design style to keep your website accurate across mobiles, tablets and gadgets, this template is ideal with HTML5 and CSS3 coding, various shortcodes and call to actions enabled, page and post layouts with color and font mix and match settings, etc.

Stay on the top of digital spectrum and enhance your financial website with commercial platform, better contact form, stronger search engine optimization and multilingual content since Flat Pro is wonderfully plugin compatible.


condimentum new


One of the most important tasks of a financial site is to generate trust among potential customers landing on your pages.

If the trust relationship between you and your customers is not reached through your website, in all probability, your website users will not subscribe to your financial portal and will not show interest towards your services.

Condimentum has been projected, crafted and launched with the theme developers with all the above mentioned evidences in their mind. As such, it is as responsive and mobile optimized as it is smoothly navigable and well coded for the most accurate fashion of your site.

In an effort to communicate your high quality services and legal advisor consultation, you can freely use the theme’s sections and share your business story, give useful links, explain laws and financial “jargon”, enlist services, showcase the images of your staff and have all it under one hook to be controlled from the backend of the theme.

Shudh Pro

SKT Shudh


If you are looking for a minimalistic template among financial service WordPress themes that will fill the gap between your financial firm and your customers, look no further than Shudh Pro.

Since it’s easy for the website surfer to get lost in the diversity of information and content, it’s reasonable to keep your website’s appearance and composition as legible and readable, as compact and categorized as it can be with Shudh Pro.

Shudh Pro grants you with a handy toolbox to do all the needed changes and make your profile the place where every single visitor can quickly find the answer to his questions, receive replies with his PC or mobile.




As you can see at a first glance, Exceptiona is humble and clean in its appearance convening an uncluttered layout that is easy to go through.

All in all, everything in this template is kept easy and clean hence you as a financial agent or financial company representative don’t need a glossy and ardent website that will look overwhelming and heavy.

Your primary aim is to deliver your professionalism and serious approach to your work so that your services and employees can be trusted.

In this relation, you’d better take advantage of the enabled sections, remove some of them or add new ones to reach the structure ready to host all your information, from business profile to members, services, packages, news part, contact info, etc.

Legal Expert

Legal Expert


If you are a legal or financial expert or consultant, insurance agent or loans specialist and want to establish a seasoned website all by yourself, Legal Expert will be your helping hand.

With this website tool you can take care of the simplicity and clear face of your business site or professional profile. Actually, people do not trust what seems to them too complicated or incomprehensible.

Hence, Legal Expert has been processed to make your business transparent and logical, responsive and fast loading so that it will be much easier for you to attract and keep the target audience.

Homepage slider with 10 slides available is a progressive solution to measuring the success of your visual materials and informative slides.

Blog section and template for sidebar are also added so that you will have the maximum freedom to dispose of your web content and publications.

If you are operating a small financial institution or running a forex company, then it is time that you thought beyond customers who walks in through your front door.

The first thing that you should have done on starting your company was to set up an online website, as this can enable you to target a larger demographic than just a select few.

This is why it is pertinent that you take a closer look at some of our financial service WordPress themes and set up a website at the earliest.

It would be advisable to base your website on WordPress as it stands out on account of its flexibility, ease of use and CMS (content management system). So check out the financial service WordPress themes, which have been developed by experts and select the one that seems to be a good fit.

  • Niche specific: When it comes to building a financial services website, it is important that you choose a theme that is niche specific as the theme and its templates would be specifically customized for the financial services that you provide. Customers can be quite picky, when it comes to choosing their burger or for that matter, selecting the right financial product to invest in. They expect to see a professional website, one that loads very fast and provides them with enough information to make a valued decision. That’s the sort of theme you should be aiming for and once you have selected a few themes, you can beta test them out to see which one makes a good fit for your business.
  • Go for a minimalistic look: Minimalism is the new flavor of the month and if you took the time to check out most of the top companies and their respective sites, you would see less content on the front page. The whole objective here is not to present an uncluttered front page to prospective clients but to rather use the white space to strategically direct their focus onto the call to action, which should lead to greater conversion. You may want to go ahead with themes that can make this happen.
  • Add-ons: You need to select themes that are 100% responsive and are compatible to third party plugins. Since you are offering financial products, you may want to use plugins that can feed raw market data to your website and even stream them alive for prospective customers. After all, clients would want access to the latest information on your product and streaming live market data should definitely help convince some of them. That’s why it makes sense to go with themes that are compatible with third party plugins and work with most browsers as well.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt to go ahead with these themes as they can make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

Keep in mind that the customer is not looking for a simple sales pitch but wants to know why he should invest in your product.

He needs verifiable information, presented in a clear, precise manner and with these themes and the WordPress platform, you should be able to do just that.

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