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Premium E-learning WordPress Themes & Templates

Suppose you are looking for one of the most suitable e-learning WordPress themes to drive your e learning or online courses, education or learning, university or college, private tutor or special education website to the top of online popularity and search engine rankings. In that case, we have good news for you.

We have already looked through numerous web solutions and boiled down to the best e-learning WordPress themes to be discussed with you.

Education has been and is the engine of a civilized and strong society by giving the knowledge of the world around us and changing it into a better place to live and enjoy.

And while high-quality education is a guarantee of a more confident, financially stable, and safer life, today more and more people are striving for it.

In this relation, the global Internet-based digital platform and e-learning environment, in particular, have made it easier for people to get more qualified education than even the classroom-based one could provide them with.

E learning WordPress Themes

At the same time, it eliminates dozens of physical and geographical barriers and brings specialists, tutors, students, and learners closer under the same roof.

But when you picture yourself working on the creation of your own e-learning-based website, it might seem scary. Fortunately, there is WordPress with its fantastic themes and plugins making the whole process of any type of web creation and further maintenance a breeze.

Just as optimistic as it sounds, e-learning WordPress themes will add up in your productivity and efficiency equation if you are eager to create any LMS, e-learning or education-related, training or academic society website or blog, online educational center, etc.

Download e-learning WordPress themes With Demo Content

The best e-learning WordPress themes are ideal for designing websites for educators, online course providers, educational institutions, training centers, universities, schools, tutors, corporate trainers, e-learning platforms, and education consultants. Download e-learning WordPress themes with demo content and check them out!

List of Top Rated E-learning WordPress Themes & Templates

Let’s explore each of these education WordPress themes from the good to the best separately.

1. SKT Tutor

SKT Tutor

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SKT tutor is in the category of E-Learning WordPress themes of exemplary design. You can easily use this learning WordPress templates for result oriented college or university websites.

Based on responsiveness, modernity and flexibility, such academic WordPress themes are associated with distinct tools. With fonts and bright colours, you are on the path to get a good knowledge website. With adjustability on mobile screens and SEO options, you also have personalization options.

The customization experience with such elearning WordPress templates is amazing. You create a fabulous homepage. With such college and institution WordPress themes, you have a single click installation facility.

2. SKT Library

SKT library

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Do you want to make your name in the world of e-learning by imparting knowledge? You have the choice to opt for the SKT library. A demonstrative WordPress template for online learning, it helps to create a significant website capable of delivering the best courses in different areas of learning.

Made with the elementor page builder with WooCommerce and SEO features plus the mobile readiness, it fits in all parameters when it comes to transmission of knowledge. With this, you are able to modify the colour and text. Such e-learning WordPress themes are cross browser compatible.You are easily able to add creative content on inner pages.

3. SKT Education

SKT Education

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SKT Education is a clean and crisp, visually and functionally stable template among e-learning WordPress themes that is best at not only providing access to a wonderful collection of web creation tools but also ensuring your progress as a webmaster.

Otherwise stated, you are going to have plenty of customization and configuration settings at your fingertips to make your e-learning profile attractive and easy to use for your online guests and learners.

Add visual and learning materials, display different buttons, calls to action, and links to follow, schedule blog posts to be published regularly and make sure you have a contact form added with the help of compatible plugins so that your potential students can directly connect with you.

4. Online Coach Pro

online coach WordPress theme


Online Coach Pro is another superb theme to provide your clients and learners with an easy path to jump in and start progressing with you.

It’s a really viable option for both startup and seasoned learning and educational centers, private tutors and teachers to advertise their business and services online and get the maximum digital exposure thanks to search engine optimization of Online Coach Pro.

With 0 coding knowledge and natural knack for organizing everything by yourself, you will be capable of playing with the look and feel of your site, add and manage various sections like team, members, testimonials and more, adding e commerce controls with plugins, enhance SEO and SMO capabilities.

5. Posterity Pro


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6. HR Management

From HR managers and consultants to e-learning platform representatives, specialists and tutors, anyone can benefit from HR Management.

The theme is based on the latest web development technology and coding to match the requirements of WordPress and its users.

With a live customizer to be found in the backend of the theme, you can ultimately change both the default state of the theme as well as change the behavior of every single element it incorporates.

There are also a wealth of shortcodes pre enabled to keep you away from hard coding techniques, widget ready areas and controllable homepage slider, page building compatibility and multilingual readiness, WooCommerce support and SEO enhancement plugins all compatible.

7. Play School

We perfectly acknowledge the fact that being active or keeping the website active on the Internet is one of the best marketing strategies to follow for absolutely any kind of business.

Play School is one of the most dynamic school, education and e-learning WordPress themes  that is custom built to share your burden of keeping your profile user centric and energetic around the clock.

Inspire your potential students with high quality content, motivating images on the homepage slider, give them full access to your services, plans, programs and more with accurately arranged theme sections, menu items, parts and categories.

RTL and multilingual tested, Play School enables you to share multilingual content for winning the attraction of the international audience.

8. Web Programmer

Whether you represent an IT center or any other learning platform, Web Programming will be your best choice.
Create your online place with Web Programmer and offer e learning options that has long become an education industry standard for thousands of people across the globe.

This wonderfully touch and feature packed theme comes with page and post management tools, cross device and browser compatibility with 100% responsive coding, pack of Google approved fonts with Cyrillic and Latin sub sets, more than 10 prebuilt homepage sections to be used as per your e learning business needs.

9. Adventure

Sometimes it’s reasonable to compromise on certain things in life, but never on an award-winning and value-delivering website for your niche-specific business or personal undertaking.

Hence, if you are looking for a zealous and adrenaline-generating, hassle-free and unbeatable platform to nurture your website guests with the most inspiring feelings, Adventure should be your starting point.

Your imagination is the only thing to breathe life into your website and make it a learning online environment anyone can take advantage of. Simple to use backend of the theme lets you do quick changes, set colors, manage pages, and add buttons on the one hand, and check the results of those changes on live mode on the other.

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