Counseling WordPress Themes Are Effective At Garnering Attention

When it comes to counseling, and whether you are offering college student counseling services or offering the same for the corporate world, it goes without saying that you would need to have an online presence with a professional website all set up.

And granted, that the thought of setting one up may seem overwhelming to many, the actual process of setting it up is not that hard as WordPress has more or less automated it.

Thanks to WordPress, which incidentally happens to be one of the top platforms to base your website on, you can get it set up right away and you do not even have to be a web design expert to get it up and running in no time at all. So check through our compilation of counseling WordPress themes, and decide which one seems to be a good match for your business.

Keep in mind that you are in the process of setting up a professional website and to that end; you will need a framework that comes with all the bells and whistles and is 100% responsive.

Counseling WordPress themes

So, check out the various counseling WordPress themes and demo the lot before going ahead with the right one.

GB Consulting

GB Consulting

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psychologist WordPress theme

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

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SKT Therapist Pro


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Online coach

online coach new

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With this theme, which incidentally ranks among the top ten for counseling WordPress themes, you should be able to showcase your talents for counseling and your expertise for the same.

The theme comes with an eye catching design and that’s just for starters; it also comes with an elegant layout with the requisite drop down menus which should help facilitate easy navigation. But what makes the theme stand out is that it supports 3rd party plugins and is also widget friendly.

So, you can use both to provide your users’ with advanced functionality in the form of several user centric features. The theme is 100% responsive, and is cross device, cross browser and cross platform compatible.

It also comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations with which you can decide how you would like your content to be displayed. You can also embed videos, on the front page by using the default slider with animation, pause control as well as gallery for your high resolution images.

The theme is woo commerce compatible so you can set up an integrated shopping cart, as well as install chat plugin, community plugin, with which you can interact with other users. The theme features a nicely designed home page along with integrated Google fonts and 580+ social icons that you can use to make your website more attractive.

To sum up, this is the theme you need to make your website stand out and the price tag of $39 is a real bargain.

SKT Dual

marketing WordPress theme

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Whether you are looking to revamp your old website or need to set one up anew, then this theme should be your top pick from the rest of the counseling WordPress themes on account of its ease of use, and multifaceted functionality.

The theme certainly comes with the requisite features of a top performing theme such as a 100% responsive design, eye catching and elegant layout and a nicely designed home page.

What sets this theme apart is the fact that it also incorporates a minimalist look, in the sense that you can utilize the white space to strategically direct your users’ attention to important parts of your website as well as call to action (CTA).

The theme is compatible with both woo commerce and 3rd party plugins and is both translation and multilingual ready. It also comes with PO file which should help facilitate instant translation and as the theme supports external plugins, you can install plugins like qTranslate X and set up your website in multiple languages.

Apart from this, you can also install SEO, SMO plugins along with cache plugins to improve your website’s performance and get your pages to load faster. It comes with a price tag of $39 only, along with free installation as well as support for a year.

Pet Care

Pet Care

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Granted that this theme was designed specifically for the pet care niche, but the remarkable thing about this theme is that it is a multipurpose theme and one that can be easily repurposed for any niche.

This theme, incidentally stands out from the other counseling wordperss themes on account of its electic design, classic layout and drop down menus. But more importantly, the theme is 100% responsive and is cross browser, cross platform and cross device compatible.

It is customizable and widget friendly and comes with the requisite header, footer, sidebar and layout variations which you can tweak to display your content perfectly. Moreover, you can include the widgets in your sidebars and footers to provide your users with more functionality.

What sets this theme apart is the fact that you can use external plugins to improve the functionality of your website; you can install an appointment booking form on your website with the right one and even set up an integrated shopping cart for your users’ along with the requisite payment gateway.

You can also install social media plugins as well as contact form plugins, so your users can login using their social media credentials and use contact form 7 among others. The theme comes loaded with advanced functionality and comes with a rate of $39 which is a real bargain.


This theme, which is one of the most visually attractive themes of all the counseling WordPress themes, stands out for obvious reasons.

Granted that the overall design is indeed outstanding and easy on the eye; it also comes with an elegant layout with drop down menus and an intuitive design that facilitates easy navigation.

What makes this theme stand out is that it is 100% responsive, completely scalable and has been tested for various resolutions as well.

It also comes with built in carousel sliders, galleries, that you can use to showcase your various high resolution images and videos. It also comes with built in contact form as well as testimonials page that your customers can use to post a review about your services and to recommend the same to others.

As the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to set up rolling testimonials along with using page builder plugins to develop custom built pages.

The theme is also compatible with woo commerce, so you can set up an integrated shopping cart for your customers’ along with a payment gateway. With all this advanced functionality, the theme comes with a price tag of $39 only which is a real steal.

Spirited Pro

This theme ranks among the best where counseling WordPress themes are concerned; for starters, it comes with a dynamic and elastic template that stands out for all the right reasons. Apart from the fact that the design is aesthetically pleasing, it is also 100% responsive and comes with an elegant layout and intelligent navigation that should help your users navigate through all your pages.

As the theme supports external plugins, you can use the same to install several contact forms, set up chat options, and even integrate your website with social media and eve make it possible for your users to login using their social media credentials.

You can use the default slider or install the requisite plugins and set up advanced sliders to showcase your high resolution images, videos right on the home page.

It is also woo commerce compatible so you should be able to setup integrated shopping cart with little hassle. It also features different services and boxes that you can use to customize your website and use the 100+ short codes to change and alter any page element on your website.

On the whole, the theme is effective at making your website stand out for all the right reasons and it comes with a price tag of $39 only, with free installation.

Legal Expert

The legal firm WordPress theme comes with a pixel perfect, responsive design that’s geared to showcase your web content perfectly. The design is minimalist, and comes with an elegant layout with drop down menus and more importantly, is clutter free.

So you should be able to utilize the empty space in the home page to direct your user’s attention to specific parts of your website.

It comes with the usual header, sidebar, footer and layout variations and apart from these, it also comes with compatibility to both woo commerce as well as external plugins.

It also comes with social media integration and you can even install social media plugins and enable your users to share your content instantly across several social media platforms.

Apart from this, you can also install chat plugin and use the chat feature to interact with your prospective customers and this should result in lesser bounce rate as well. The theme comes with a price tag of $39 with free installation and support all year around.

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