Contractor WordPress Themes for Workforce and Builder Websites

This time we have searched for and found the best contractor WordPress themes.

From the good to best, all of them are designed for private contractors and agencies, building and construction companies, designers and freelancers, builders and carpenters and other relevant people to have their clutter – free websites up and running in a matter of minutes.

In order to truly maximize revenues and turn efforts into tangible results, every contractor or architecture inevitably needs a website at his or her disposal to share projects and proposals, drafts and layouts of the works, company profile, relevant services and prices. etc.

It is one of the most affordable brand – building strategies one can apply to his construction business and build strong relations with your clients and keep them firm all the time.

Contractor WordPress Themes

“It is cheaper to keep them” fatally applies not only to spouses, but also customers and clients. Hence, the linking bridge connecting your business with your potential client will be your website based on one of the below – discussed contractor WordPress themes. All of them are custom – built to tailor to your client’s needs and satisfy them easily.

From informative content to descriptive images to perceive the true beauty of your works, each of the proposed templates has a capacity of hosting unlimited content in the form of texts and images.

Let’s put the best contractor – friendly templates through the wringer and shed light on their high –quality features.

GB Renovation

GB Renovation

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GB Construction

GB Construction

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SKT RepairMan


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Real Estate

Real Estate

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SKT Interior Pro

skt interior pro

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Contractor Pro


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Contractor WordPress themes are the leading themes that possess all the supreme features that must have on all professional and service type business.

Mainly Contractor Pro theme is created for large scale industries like engineering sites, renovation, Home decor, digging, interior,etc. But can be used by small scale industries as well.

Just you need to delete the menus, elements , widget and the content that you does not need and simple add or replace this all with the new one through the backend.

The backend of this theme is so simple and easy to use because this theme is created by using customizer. That helps in customization process.


As one of the fresh and innovative contractor WordPress themes for a contractor of any caliber, from startup to experienced. It’s the template to give you clarity, concentration and direction on what you are doing with your existing or future construction and contractor website.

Stay in total control and ownership of your digital profile and arm the given relief zones with easy to search and find information and effectual images.

Homepage full – width slider, as well as the separate gallery area are the best to exemplify your unique style and taste in what you are creating and offering through images and photos.

Wear the hat of the best website admin and use the given areas and parts to spread your valuable information, to schedule and present your services and working policy, hours, special offers, team members and much more.

SKT Construction Pro

SKT Construction Pro is the last safe and sound website building plan for constructors and contractors, interior designers and architects across the globe.

Ready to inspire and motivate both you and your clients, this template is ready to give rise to a relevant website that will prove your true value and expertise to every single website visitor.

Modern looking design and impeccable mobile – friendliness of SKT Construction Pro will help you in focusing your potential client’s attention on the most crucial points of your website no matter what technological devices is used to browse your content.

Possibility to have clear and alluring photos and legible texts, as well as packs of shortcodes and Google fonts are waiting for you along with this theme.

Furniture Pro

Time – saving and designed to conquer the digital arena, Furniture Pro has been checked for its consistency and functional precision under different circumstances and across different fields.

As one of the strongly advisable and cost – conscious contractor WordPress themes available for any construction business, this template strikes the user’s eye with its clear – cut compositional peculiarities and handy toolkit.

Powered to eliminate your confusion and conflicting views on where to start from, this template comes as a radius of advances and features to easily gradate the look and performance of your website.

While going hand in hand with the primary requirements of the modern digital spectrum, Furniture Pro celebrates cross mobile and device – compatible coding, admin – friendly and highly customizable design, plugin – optimized performance and SEO – optimization.

SKT Architect Pro

If you are a contractor and want to throw a top -quality website for your budget – strapped construction company, look no further than SKT Architect Pro available at one time cost – effective price.

In case you don’t want to be locked into default design shades and solutions and want to clearly express your own style or identity, SKT Architect Pro will be one of the wisest choices among contractor WordPress themes as well.

Not only is structural framework minutely processed and updated, but also all the bells and whistles in the theme design to convey a unique charm to your website have been added.

The theme will also let you drill down into your clients and customer’s comfort and perfect experience since all the favorable conditions are ensured both for mobile and desktop users.

Complete Pro

Complete Pro is indispensable Contractor WordPress website. That have bundle of features that can be extended via plugins as per your business need.

This theme have a dynamic slider option that you can add read more, or contact us button to the slider image and it will get converted to static to dynamic. Also you can add contact form in the slider image it totally depends on your business choice.

This theme gives to free 1 year support forum service with guideline’s via online documentation. Hence the theme is retina image ready, translation ready, multilingual ready, widget supports available and more than 100 Google fonts and shortcodes have maid available for easy user interface.

SKT Gardening

Save time and financial means and enjoy practicing online with SKT Gardening. Bright and interesting, yet clear and totally digestible, this one of the contractor WordPress themes and construction website building tool will leave you speechless when it comes to its customization and management via the convenient admin dashboard.

From enlisting gardening and landscaping planning and services to showcasing exclusive construction solutions and projects, SKT Gardening knows all the dynamic ways.

Packed with readily responsiveness and mobile – friendliness, overall easy to use and customize platform and much – demanded SEO – coding, this product will serve as a compass for you to keep you moving in the right direction to success.

Flat Pro

Align your efforts with your business objectives and use the given platform to achieve them one after another with Flat Pro.

Clever and smart, enthusiastic and zealous, this template is an output of sophisticated professionals and seasoned developers to provide every contractor, designer or carpenter, builder or building consultant with an unbeatable platform.

Designed taking into account the principles of flat web design, Flat Pro know how to take over a construction market and advertise your relevant services to the large groups of audience.

For this reason it shares wonderfully pliable interface and smooth navigation controls, footer, header and sidebar areas with calls to action and useful social media links, recent posts and other valuable pieces of content.

When considering hiring a contractor, one of the things that most clients do, is to look for good reviews of a contractor, online.

While reviews may be an unfair way of judging someone’s performance -especially if the reviews are biased-a client should look at both negative and positive reviews keenly to establish if the complaints and accolades are of a similar nature. This method helps the client make an informed decision.

In order to truly maximize on revenues and turn efforts into tangible results, every contractor or architect inevitably needs a Contractor WordPress theme at his or her disposal to improve the performance.

Outlook of his or her website, share projects and proposals, drafts and layouts of the works, company profile, relevant services and prices among others.

Just like in any other business, contractors rely on reputation and building a big brand as a way of increasing their clientele.

Therefore, a contractor’s website should be designed and presented in a manner that guarantees a client exceptional results and works done in a timely manner.

Seeing that the only way to communicate with your online clients is through a website, the information should hence be packaged in a manner that is easy to understand.

Building strong relations with your clients and keeping them firm all the time is important for business growth.

Investing in a good quality website is one of the most affordable brand-building strategies for any business, including a construction or architectural business.

Most clients are always in a hurry and as a business owner; it is your job to ensure that the few minutes they spend on your site are worthwhile. Provide information that is going to draw them back to your site.

The Contractor WordPress themes discussed below offer you a linkage between your business and your potential clients. The themes are custom-built to tailor to your client’s needs and those of your business.

Since we know what a daunting task choosing a colors for your site can be, we have put together intricate WordPress themes to help you take your business to the next level.

The list below comprises of themes that are preferred in creating a construction website, landscaping website, architect website, interior design and contractor’s website.

They are designed to motivate you and your clients with the clear, descriptive and alluring photos, design, usability, and compatibility. The proposed templates have a capacity of hosting unlimited content in the form of texts and images.

The Contractor WordPress themes discussed here cover various niches and have specifically been designed for private contractors and agencies, building and construction companies, designers and freelancers, builders and carpenters and other relevant people.

With the number in Contractor WordPress templates having flooded the internet and the market, clients always find themselves at a crossroad when it comes to settling for a theme.

But, at SKT Themes, we have put together the best contractor–friendly templates through the wringer and shed light on their high–quality features.

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