18+ Responsive and Best WordPress Themes For Designers

Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for designers? If yes, then look out this page and know about the responsive WordPress themes for designers, which are available for free and premium packages as well.

If you are related with the industries like digital marketing, newspapers, advertisement, and other than these website themes will easily improve your communication with the customers, and provide you enormous benefits you are looking for.

As a Designer, choosing the right and best WordPress themes for designers can easily work with your Limited budget and provide you golden opportunity to create a website with a perfect stroke that takes your business to the next level.

There we have shared only the impressive yet customized and high-quality WordPress theme.

You are suggested to try and have a look at all of the themes in sequence, so you can easily explore the features and plugins you will need for your business.  So let’s take a closer look at the best WordPress themes for designers.

SKT Interior is one of the best WordPress themes for designers. It is coded with elementor page builder and compatible with cross-device-checked with Browsers and devices.

The translation ready, a lot of sections and preloaded contents like content blocks, testimonials, and others are easy to replicate.

The Interior Pro theme also includes social media icons, hundred plus shortcodes, a blog section that supports your business and provides you great benefits.

best WordPress themes for designers

Responsive and Best WordPress Themes For Designers

SKT Interior Pro

skt interior pro


Key Features:

  • Include social Search Engine Optimization friendly plugins.
  • Incorporated with captcha code with contact us form.
  • Provide animation control and pause time features.

Web Programmer

Programmer Wordpress Theme


Web Programmer is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for both personal and commercial use. This is RTL supportive and translation-ready feature theme.

The home page is fully loaded and appears with default content.  Further, the theme is simple and easy to use and does not require any more technical expertise.

The inner pages, header images and layouts are of different types so you can choose as per your choice. All the functionality of a theme is very much compatible and provides additional plugins.

Key Features:

  • The theme is designed with HTML5 and css3.
  • This is a WooCommerce compatible theme.
  • It is highly customizable and provides a live preview of the changes.
  • It is based on codex standards.

Design Agency Pro

design agency


If you are looking for a modern yet highly customizable and full-featured theme then you do not forget to try design agency Pro.

This is a theme that is fully recognized in the industries because it is made with an elementor page builder, which makes website speed super fast and compatible with every browser and device.

On other hand, the theme is quick to load and support various plugins like social media plugins, contact forms, call to action, and email.  More, the theme is portable with NextGen gallery and other gallery plugins.

Key Features:

  • It includes 650 + Google fonts.
  • Integrated with standard pages like categories and search.
  • Tested up to 5 drops the levels Menu.
  • Include 8 plus page templates.
  • Provide awesome font icon support.


personal WordPress theme


Character is the best WordPress themes for designers that have been tested for various types of Browsers and compatible with various devices.

It is a Google mobile-tested theme, along with that it is a full color-changing and every element color-changing theme that gives your business a big boost.

On the other side, it includes the default gallery plugin, WooCommerce, and next-gen gallery plugin, and many more options that help you to earn passive income from the website.

The best of this, it includes a contact form with a personal WordPress theme. The blog section and multiple shortcodes and power-packed options are also linked with the theme.

Key Features:

  • This is a fully changing WordPress theme.
  • It is coded with the latest WordPress standards.
  • Power-packed with multiple theme options and fonts.
  • Include hundred plus shortcodes for the content areas.
  • It is coded with HTML5 and css3.

Home Decor

Home Decor WordPress theme


Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for designers, which helps you to come up with the best maintenance, project management, and renovation website?

Home Decor is one of the best themes which are base for interior designing and designers do come with life customize features and provide extensive options in managing the settings easily.

On the other hand, it includes various plugins that support Search Engine Optimization goals and provides your social media-friendly website.

The best of it has a super cache plugin that is used only to improve the speed of the website and provides you error-free working.

Key Features:

  • It supports social media icons like Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • It provides a broken line checker.
  • Improve the speed of the website
  • Support Q translate and retina-ready plugins.
  • Updated with the new version of WordPress.

Ele Fashion



If you are a fashion designer then Ele Fashion is one of the best WordPress themes for designers. This theme is perfect for boutique shops, fashion stores, and cloth shops.

It includes a bundle of features especially the customization process that makes the website experience impressive. On the other hand, it is considered the highest flexible theme because it accepts all third-party plugins.

The theme comes up with menu options, buttons and consists of various pages like home, about us, and services.
Moreover, you do not need to type any code for changing its feature of the section.

Multiple shortcode plugins are available that can easily give you a customization process for flawless working.

Key Features:

  • Service sections offer free shipping, online support, and 100% secure checkout.
  • It WooCommerce compatible theme
  • The dashboard is easy to handle.
  • It includes various screen resolution and cross-browser tests.


Painting is a fantastic response and the best WordPress themes for designers who are looking to get started with painting companies, house decoration, and Painters.

The theme includes one year of customer support and provides free installation with various supportive plugins.

More, it includes several headers and footer variations as well as the standard pages like 404, and more. Another feature of the theme is it is based on a flat and material design approach and color changing events.

Key Features:

  • Include social media plugins.
  • It provides you compatibility contact form with membership plugins.
  • Incorporated with security and provide you rich use of security plugins.
  • Integrated with more than 800 Plus Google fonts.


Lifestyle is the best WordPress for designers that easily improve your website functionality. This is a multi WordPress theme that comes with color-changing options of layouts, elements, and fonts. On the other hand, it comes with standard pages like categories,  404, etc.

The blog section is also compatible to improve the website experience for your customer’s. Additional features like shortcodes, analytics, events, and many more advanced features are available with the theme.

Key Features:

  • It is a Google translated theme.
  • Provide you operating system functional themes.
  • Compatible with the lifestyle website standards.
  • Coded with the latest programming languages.
  • Include default slides.

Flat Pro

Flat Pro is a fully functional, responsive, and best WordPress themes for designers as it is based on material design and built with elementor page builder.

Means it includes new features and advanced customer support with video documentation. This is also composed of various call-to-action buttons and header and footer sections.

More, the default sections are also available with standard pages like 404 and Style. On the other hand, site layout options and server new boxes like flip box and post timeline are given.

Key Features:

  • This is RTL tested with Arabic.
  • This is tested with multilingual plugins.
  • It includes 8 plus-page templates.
  • One-click demo import is also included.

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends is yet another famous and most used WordPress theme for designers. It is an extremely responsive and fully mobile-friendly theme. Further, it includes customizable options that set up your features accordingly.

This is a search engine optimized and social media-friendly theme. It is compatible with page builder plugins and lots of sliders have been tested with this theme.

The gallery plugin, blog sections, social media sharing plugin, and header, and footer sections are available to make your website experience more compatible with anyone.

Key Features:

  • The theme is based on Material Design.
  • Include 5 level dropdown menus to ensure easy navigation.
  • Lots of slider options are available.
  • The inner header is easy to manage and highly customize.


If you are looking for the best WordPress theme for designing a website, Photodock is also the best WordPress theme you can choose for your personal blog.

This is a translation-ready and multilingual-ready theme that allows the users to work with multiple sliders on the homepage. The header and footer layout sections are available.

More, it includes a maximum drop-down menu for easy navigation for the customers. The best of it includes 600 + Google fonts and other website fonts to choose from. The personal blog area and writing section is also available.

Key Features:

  • It is coded with HTML5 and css3
  • It includes 600 + Google fonts responsive with portfolio WordPress theme
  • Provide you fancy looking content with various styles.

Flower Shop

If you want to get started with your new flower shop website, which is compatible with online selling then Flower Shop is the best WordPress theme for designers. The theme is built with an SKT page builder that makes easy use of the website.

On the other hand, the theme includes color-changing options with the color picker tool, so the user can easily adjust the colors according to their wish.

The layout size and four variations of the header and footer section are also provided that can adjust according to the user’s requirement.

The default sections and sliders are also available. More, it includes faster loading font and works with various languages.

Key Features:

  • Provide you maximum fonts with more than 600 in number.
  • The event calendar and plugin are compatible.
  • Cross devises compatible themes.
  • Social media friendly and Search Engine Optimization plugins are available.


If you are a fashion designer or would like to sell your designs over the internet through the website then Jewellery is the best WordPress theme for designers. It includes dynamic features, customizer plugins, and tools that easily make a website more fantastic in appearance.

The site layout, page layout, and blog layout sections are available to interact with the audience. The XML sample data is available.

Moreover, the theme is highly compatible with Search Engine Optimization and social media Optimization plugins. The css3 animations and color-changing options are also available.

Key Features:

  • The navigation menu is also available.
  • One year your customer support is there.
  • The theme is compatible with every device and browser.
  • Best to start a jewelry shop online.

SKT Architect Pro

If you are looking for a theme that can help you to start up your online business or take your business online then you should start with SKT Architecture Pro themes.

It comes with 1-year of unlimited customer support and builds with an elementor page builder. It means your website is easy to load and fast to support on every device and Browser.

The theme is also translation ready with PO file integrated with 600 and 500 plus point based Plus Google fonts.

The theme is tested with several cache plugins and tested with browsers. It has a supportive call to action button that supports your blog post and various functionalities of the website.

Key Features:

  • Perfect theme for interior designers, personal and web designers.
  • It provides you with a past lead generation panel.
  • It includes multiple header and footer sections that you can adjust according to your choice.
  • The theme is well documented with clean coding.

Digital Agency

A Digital Agency is also one of the best WordPress themes for designers. The theme comes with various facilities that can help the Industries related with digital company websites, digital marketing advertising company branding and online advertising and among others.

This theme has unique elements and features that easily improve the business Motto with templates included in this. The theme has great features like background color options, blog post, and page layout. Furthermore, the marketing theme is very responsive and versatile.

The inner pages can be easily personalized and it is based on one-click demo import. The theme is integrated with various social media and SEO plugins.

Key Features:

  • The sidebar options are available for blog posts, pages, and bookmarks.
  • It supports font-based icons.
  • Comprehensive documentation is available.
  • The customer support is there for a year.

I Am One PRO

If you are looking for a responsive, friendly, and well-supported theme then I Am PRO is the best WordPress theme for designers who want to get started with a professional website.

It is a multipurpose one-page WordPress theme that is coded with an elementor page builder that supports your website load faster on any device and browser. It includes 30 sections for the homepage and social media supportive plugins.

More than that, it is fully manageable with 5 levels of dropdown for easy navigation for the customers. On the other hand, it is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 which means it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and you can avail yourself of the various benefits.

Key Features:

  • Support various problems like BBpress, contact form, and WooCommerce.
  • It includes a default elegant parallax slider.
  • It is featured with 450 + web icons.


If you are a model or you want to get started with your new agency Modelling then why don’t you try modeling a WordPress theme? It is the best and best WordPress theme for designers.

It is the modern technology and advanced multipurpose theme you can choose hassle-free. This is the HTML5 and css3 based animated homepage theme.

It supports various page Builders and makes the website appearance more fantastic which easily attracts the customer to your business. This is an HD-ready and RTL-ready theme along with step-by-step documentation for easy setup.

Key Features:

  • It is tested with simple language plugins.
  • The side walls are fully friendly with a header and footer section along with the widget.
  • It is available with the WooCommerce plugin.


The Decor is a fantastic WordPress theme for designers who want to take their business online for interior decoration, architecture, and many more.

This is a well documented and completely manual, step by step guided theme that comes with customer support. The pages like 404 search and category are also provided.

Further, it is incorporated with additional shortcodes by making your theme more attractive to check.  Decor is the best with various SEO plugins and easily rendered by high-resolution devices without any additional setup.

Key Features:

  • Include by default 10 slides
  • CSS animation effects are available on home page
  • Integrated with various Google fonts with 700 Plus special characters
  • Standard pages are available

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