10+ Automotive WordPress Themes for Making Any Automotive Website

The following article brings the insights of Automotive WordPress themes for making any automotive website.

The basic needs of a human nowadays is not just limited to food, clothing and shelter; but it has now increased with the advent of new technologies and an urge for living a high standard life.

Every other individual now is looking for the latest of the technology and eye catching designs which should be unique and not same as that of the other.

This has made the research and development sections of all the automotive companies to scratch their minds hard for bringing the best of their running beauties on road.

Money is not a matter of concern nowadays when it is all about the quality and people are ready to shell out for the asked price tag when they are getting a quality product to show-off and equally impressive and luxurious.

Many international automotive companies have been growing more due to the increasing demands and they don’t want their growth to stop ever.

Hence to keep their products rolling from the assembly line, they are now bringing most appealing models with affordable pricing to keep their development consistent.

A customer at the same time is becoming aware and cautious to buy and of the machine and acts wisely by taking a glance of the features etc before coming to any decision.


Since the life is fast just like the machines of two and four wheels, people want to save their precious time by not visiting to the showrooms everytime and therefore digital medium is the support they look for.

Knowing this demand of the valuable customer, the automotive companies need to be totally digital providing an actual product view to the person who cares for buying their mechanical beauties.

To achieve the same, Automotive WordPress themes prove much more beneficial to bring out the most awesome vehicle demonstration experience.

Some of the Automotive WordPress themes can be selected from the wide range stated as under

SKT Car Wash

car wash


SKT Garage



Fuel Station



Auto Car

auto car


Auto Car is the template for Automotive WordPress that can also act as a dealer WordPress theme. It is loaded up with colors that can be altered any time and is a friendly theme to all the mobiles and tablets.

It has been designed based on today’s time where everything is in HD and detail and is also a retina ready theme at the same time. Filled up with sophisticated sections and an informative user interface, this theme can get on with any of the automotive website successfully.


towing WordPress theme


Towing is the active and involving template of Automotive WordPress. To make itself run on any device and any browser it has been made compatible to them. We are the own creative kings when we come to know that we can control the default slider as per our own wish.

Layout can be spread to the very extent of imagination with 8+ page and multiple of blog templates. To make your automotive website increase heartbeats with excitement you can add animations from 12 animation effects and pause time control.

Car Rental

car rental WordPress theme


Car Rental type of Automotive WordPress themes can be used on a wider scale to make any of the automotive websites. This theme with its unique and agile display quality can be brought successfully to use and gives us even more to explore with its features. Automotive is not related or a part of just one country but is spread across the globe.

Hence this theme has been prepared to be translation and multilingual ready to make any user relish the product beauty in native languages.

Drop your gears to 5 levels with its drop down features and paint any element of your website to the color of your choice as well. This theme also solves the purpose of cleaning or repair for the specialists.

SKT Industrial

skt industrial


SKT Industrial is from one of the types of Automotive WordPress themes to cater for any of the industrial or automotive purpose website. This is a well embellished theme with a full width of layout to hold onto any type of shortcodes that are inbuilt.

It packs even more inbuilt features into it such as column blocks and buttons etc. You can manage to any of the slider by adding any external plugin.

This theme is the only multi-function and capable theme to make the provision of adding more than 20 sections and use it as one page. You can even find more than 10 sections on homepage to choose.

SKT Handyman Pro

SKT Handyman Pro is one of the types of Automotive WordPress themes that has been crafted to bring along a mesmerizing user experience with its power packed features.

This is the best theme to create any kind of automotive website with the desired modifications required to be done at any time.

It has the section of services with some of the nice icons used to make your work easy going. A client or a customer is someone we don’t wish to miss out.

Hence this theme has the option of proper call to action to reach out to every client for their service. The gallery has an even nicer display being a filterable one and you can make people reach out to you by contact us feature that integrates captcha with it.


Logistics is a vivacious and blithe Automotive WordPress template for creating any of the automotive website. This theme is however minimal in colors of its overall design but can be made colorful with the help of color options it has to offer.

There are number of font styles and options to make your content look cool and clear and the compatibility of this theme with various plugins is totally unmatched.

Header, footer and sidebars have been widgetized making this theme a widget friendly one. Add up to as many pictures as you wish by the included gallery section.

SKT Landing Page

SKT Landing Page Automotive WordPress template and theme can help you to reach for your automotive website through the medium of app as well. It is one of the most simpler and easy to use kind of theme yet clean and royal in its segment.

It follows the modern standards and hence has adopted the feature of flat icons and buttons etc to give a decent look to the website after it is created and a pleasing experience to the user. Many other features of this theme makes it a complete package in all aspects.

SKT Perfect

SKT Perfect WordPress template for Automotive goes well with what it has been named as. A theme that allows you to play around with your creativity, makes your experience even more thrilling and astonishing with every new addition for creating a website.

It is a coded and compatible theme that has rolled off from the tests being successful. Color buckets are at your end to coat your website the way you want it to be.

This is a trendy theme to set new standards of website development with the approach that has been followed in making it an awesome invincible theme.

If you are running an automotive dealership, then you need to know that you need to have a website up and running for most of the customers these days prefer to check out the cars online before coming over to sign on the dotted line.

And unfortunately, the automotive industry, especially automotive dealerships are plenty, and if you want more customers to land at your shop, then you need to step up the game.

The first thing that you need to do is to check out some of our automotive WordPress themes. These themes have been designed specifically for the automotive niche and as such, using one to develop your website should prove quite useful.

As you already know, setting up a WordPress website is not difficult; anyone should be able to do it. But what makes it stand out for online users is its design, ease of use, functionality and navigation.

That’s why you need to check out these automotive WordPress themes and choose the right one for your website. Granted, there’s more than a few but with the tips posted below, you should be able to select the right framework for your website.

  • Clean design: Your website needs to be attractive and to that end, it is always better to go with a clean cut design that is both tasteful and yet simple. While there are a lot of themes with beautiful designs, some of them can be a tad complicated and that somehow defeats the intent, doesn’t it?
    Essentially, you are planning to implement a design that is both functional and yet at the same time, helps your customers to access the relevant information they need, quickly.
    That’s why, you should choose themes that come with a clean cut design, with all the requisite bells and whistles.
  • Information: While there is no hard and fast rule, you may find that providing too much information on your product/service may have the opposite effect of turning a prospective lead away.
    You need to keep the information short, precise and keep the hype to realistic levels. Do not make the mistake of over hyping the product or your leads are bound to think that you are hard selling it and would no longer be interested.
    So make sure that you do not commit the mistake of overloading your leads with too much information.
  • Images: Since this is an automotive website, your customers would expect to see high resolution images of your cars, with high resolution images of the cars’ exterior and interior being featured along with the car specs.
    You may also want to customize your website with a “call to action” button that provides them with a certain discount should they purchase a car within a specified period.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should choose automotive themes for your website than some random theme.

It is equally important that you double check to see that the selected theme is compatible with third party plugins, is 100% responsive and provides your users with enhanced user experience.

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