Astronomy WordPress Themes for Horoscope Fortune Tellers Palmist Numerology

Are you looking for the best collection of astronomy WordPress themes to use for your astrologer or palmist, space and astronomy related, horoscope and fortune telling, numerology, medical astrology or another relevant website or blog?

Then we are happy to help you familiarize yourself with the most engaging and professional looking astronomy WordPress themes which are all designed and coded to meet your demands and business requirements in the long run.

Whether you are going to present a science based astronomy website with scientific theories and analysis or run a colorful and interesting astronomy website for kids.

Offer astrology services to those who are interested in their future and want to hear your predictions, you are welcome to check any of these astrology or astronomy WordPress themes to get started with your unique and user centric website.

If you think that shining in today’s tough time with your own website is impossible, think twice.

Astronomy WordPress Themes

Thousands of WordPress users have already proven that you don’t need to spend astronomical amount of financial means or hire top rated developers to create and further customize your own website that will never be of low quality or unsightly for your audience.

Our astronomy WordPress themes are among such cost effective web building tools custom built to smooth your path to the nearest success in the digital reign.


Astrology Wordpress Theme

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Astrology is one of the most suitable astrology and astronomy WordPress themes you can find in the modern library of WordPress products.

Coded with care and delivered with taste, Astrology can serve all kinds of personal and corporate needs catering to this specific field.

It means that from private astrologers and consultants to business representatives of “the science of stars”, anyone is going to find Astrology one of a kind and sophisticated template with tons of prebuilt areas and pre enabled tools.

Thus, you are the one choose among the attractive layouts, select the images to be exposed via default homepage slider to give a mystic look to your site and engage new clients, set up the best typography with optimal font type, size and color, etc.

SKT Horoscope

SKT Horoscope

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The overall dark based and mysterious appearance of SKT Horoscope is ideal for astronomical and astrological undertakings, personal or scientific blogs, business profiles and more.

Even if the popularity of your site’s topic can wax and wane over time, with this responsive and modernly coded, unspeakably easy to install and use template, your website is going to stay at the top all the time.

The thing is that among many other advantages you can enjoy, SKT Horoscope is completely search engine ready to lead the most wanted rankings and search results.

It means that you will never have a shortage of web users and guests who can review your services, educational programs or scientific documentation catering to Universe, planets, astronomical bodies, solar system and more, get in touch with you via contact form, etc.

SKT Feng Shui

feng shui

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SKT Blessing

SKT blessings

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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All the details and elements of Solar Energy fit together to grant you with a practical and easy to use, yet solid and durable website establishment environment to elevate a website of any type or subject.

You can choose to have as many as 20 sections on the homepage to give your content an accurate disposition with accompanying images and photos on the homepage slider.

POT file is also a part of the default template thus making your site multilingual and translation ready. You can select one of the best translation plugins and proceed with web content localization and translation.

Other plugins such as commercial and SEO, shortcodes and caching, speed optimization and social sharing or commenting, all are compatible with Solar Energy.



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vCard can turn out to be the best solution to all those websites or blogs which are going to revolve around a specific astronomer or scientist, astrologer or fortune teller.

All in all, this serious looking and durable website building tool is ideal for promoting your personal services or offers, products or digital solutions.

And as this theme is multi facet and highly configurable, there is no limit to what look and feel it can adopt to deliver the true value of your business or ignite interest in your services.

The modern flat design aesthetics style vCard and give it a more accurate look so that you can solely focus on the web content and highlight it with legible typography for better exposure.

Black and White

black and white WordPress theme

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The combination of bright colors and intense graphical solutions for astronomy WordPress themes has paved the way for a more earnest and shady interfaces.

Black and White is one of such black and white based and serious web management and promotion mechanisms any astronomy scientist or specialist, astrologer or consultant can find expedient to his virtual needs.

On the whole, this shortcodes ready and admin optimized, fully editable and color changing theme embraces simplicity and easier optimization across different portable devices, modern platforms and browsers which means that mobile users are going to love your website.

Plugin compatibility and default search engine optimized layout of the theme are also among the top features any premium theme should share and Black and White is not exception in this case.

Girlie Pro

girlie pro WordPress theme

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Of course, what caters to astronomy or the revelation of Universe has to do with Girlie Pro and hundreds of secrets.

Therefore, Girlie Pro is a convenient platform to start with to comply with the mystic nature of your activities with its captivating and adventurous nature.

Set up a digital profile and run a retail or wholesale store for astronomy or astrology related or themed items and products, as the Girlie Pro is highly optimized for shopping and e commerce management with third party plugins and addons.

Use the theme’s content parts to provide interesting reading materials or forecasting for your prospective clients and customers, tarot cards, horoscopes and other metaphysical services and offers your audience will like to find on your profile.

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