Active Life WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Health Spa Gym Sports

Feel the energy of the best active life WordPress themes and build your dynamic and encouraging sports and active life, spa and massage salon, gym and crossfit, fitness and boxing club, leisure center and entertainment complex, game zone or adventure website or blog.

First and foremost, the active lifestyle is the best strategy for the prevention against multiple diseases and health related problems. But the benefits of such kind of life philosophy go far beyond keeping you healthy and away from doctors.

On the whole, it’s a reasonable approach not only to your physical body but also mental health, cognitive function, psychological balance and much more.

We all clearly perceive the huge impact of active form of life but not always pull our fingers out. Well, the trick to being active and taking care of our mind and body through physical activities and in general the active lifestyle is to find someone or something that will make the process enjoyable for you.

Active Life WordPress Themes

And here is where different professionals and psychologists, life coaches and trainers, fitness and nutrition experts come to the fore.

Our active life WordPress themes are intended to help such people and their businesses thrive online and find the best welcome by the client’s side.

Getting people up, motivating them with your special offers and propagated active lifestyle can be fairly easy with one of the active life WordPress themes we have already managed to check out and now are going to share with you.

From being the most effective motivation for your audience with the images showcasing your successful programs, happy clients and their achieved results to providing them with relevant sources, instructions, program description, pricing and contact details, everything is possible with any of these sports, active lifestyle and active life WordPress themes.

GB Fitness

GB Fitness

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SKT Karate

SKT Karate

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BeFit Pro


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SKT Gym Pro


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Gym Master

gym master

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adventure WordPress theme

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Adventure is a smartly worked out and coded, visually zealous and functionally satisfying template featuring tons of controls and preloaded features for the sake of the webmaster’s convenience.

Help people find your tour and tourism, hotel and hostel, mountain hiking or biking, fitness or crossfit, life training or coaching business and start living with a red blooded life by going online with Adventure and enjoying the digital advantage of being accessible all the time.

This responsive and widget friendly template is going to be the right strategic and market intelligence solution for your website to generate higher results in search engine rankings, be actively presented in social media platforms, invite more people to your online commercial store, etc.


Soccer is the next team and club, sports and active lifestyle website template you will definitely love.

Designed and cared to meet the current online marketing and web promotion trends, Soccer is fully packed with durable HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding/styling, SEO and SMO optimized framework, commercial and translation ready nature with plugin support, responsiveness and mobile optimization, etc.

Your website guests are going to enjoy smooth and error free navigation scrolling that also keeps your site fast and quick in performance and loading.

Build your client and data driven website with required modification and customization of the default template, add your own content and services, subscription plans and nutrition products, add attractive imagery on the homepage slider and be sure your clients will be fond of your profile.

Strong Pro

If you check out the demo version of Strong Pro, you will be assured that there is nothing that rules this template out of the definition of one of the best active life WordPress themes.

Whatever the nature or motto of your website is, Strong Pro is highly specialized in delivering the needed results for you.

Take care of the color setting and density, typography and fonts arrangement of your site, make use of the preloaded shortcodes for changing the look and feel of your site, adding new functionality or removing something.

This template will also let your business get listed on the top of Google, Yahoo and other search engines, so that your prospective clients and followers can quickly find it.

SKT Guns

Your website should encourage visitors to spend more time on your domain and explore more about your brand or center, profile or whatever you represent.

From this standpoint, SKT Guns is worth your special attention as one of the visually captivating and attention seizing active life WordPress themes designed for and checked by a diversity of topics and niches, from military academy and fight club to online life coaching and self development seminars, gym and fitness centers, weight loss and muscle gain programs.

Default slider, Google approved types and subtypes of fonts, page and post management and image assortment in the gallery section are all given with SKT Guns.


Create more buzz around your personal trainer or life coach, private fitness trainer or specialist profile with all the charm and originality of vCard.

Your serious and businesslike profile that will also be adaptive and responsive to meet mobile and device Internet consumer’s needs will turn to be crucial in bringing more results for your niche specific business.

In addition to responsive touches, vCard is never hesitant to generate a really customizable framework that will go smoothly with all your management and surveillance wishes, be it any color or structure change, application of a shortcode, addition of a commercial, translation, SEO, contact form or analytics plugin, etc.

SKT Fitness Pro

You will inevitably get a thrill from a smart and all inclusive framework that comes launched as SKT Fitness Pro.

Whether you need a small scaled yet informative template to provide your audience with basic information and some images on the homepage slider or are looking for a solution in order to establish a deeply communicable and commercialized website with online trading possibilities and multilingual content, SKT Fitness Pro is what will get you started.

With SKT Fitness Pro you can also take advantage of graphical controls and design elements, right arrangement of social media and other icons, buttons, default slider with animation, pause time and other controls, page templates such as left, right, etc.

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