Secure Your Website With Best WordPress SSL Plugin

Spend a little time exploring the market and you will end up finding hundreds of WordPress SSL plugin floating around. Because there are hundreds of them it becomes extremely essential to choose one for your site.

In earlier times when things were developing it was tough to know the security aspects concerning to the websites. Some of the programs that developed in the earliest stage were costly and rendered minimum protection which was of no use.

You might be amazed at why is it essential to select one? The simple answer is that the plugin must be capable enough to prevent hackers from attacking your system network.

It is because of this reason that the plugins which have unique features and flexibility are mostly demanded by people. The demand is also increased because websites have become more frequent and so has the hacking.

Therefore developers and clients both emphasize on maintaining the security aspect of their site. In this read, we have put together some of the most efficient WordPress SSL plugin which can enhance the security of your website.

WordPress SSL plugin

Top free SSL Certificate WordPress Plugins

1. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL

Your settings are detected automatically and even configured so that your website can run over https with this program. The options are kept to a minimum to keep it lightweight.

It is highly recommended that before proceeding to install any plugin you create an efficient and sound backup of your data. You can end up saving your valuable hours when using this plugin through its vivid functionality.

Most issued faced by a user like no headers are passed; a user is behind the reverse load-balancer/proxy are resolved by this program. Mandatorily redirection of all requests to https is ensured.

The most important sections i.e. the home URL and the site URL is changed to https. Except for the site URL, all other actions are dynamically undertaken and fixed. It is also possible to introduce the translate feature in this plugin.

The program can also be brought for the pro version which includes extended functionalities. It includes a mix content scan that guides you when you don’t have a green lock. Strict Transport security of HTTP is available.

For additional security, it offers advanced security headers. For the back-end, the users can get mixed content fixer.

You can also check the certificate expiration page when opting for a pro version. Just like other services it offers premium support for any errors or problems.

2. Auto-Install Free SSL

Auto Install Free SSL

This WordPress SSL plugin is widely chosen on the WordPress platform as well as on the cPanel Server. It can install, issue, and automatically renew the program depending upon the provided instructions.

It is not essential to have server admin experience or coding experience to set it up. It works in cPanel shared hosting.

Root access is not required for this program and all it takes is 300 seconds for the installation process to complete. Except for the auto-installation feature the plugin can run on other web hosting control panel.

It runs on your website domain and also on all other websites hosted on your cPanel/server. You can get access to the WildCard SSL certificate for free. It enables you to choose the definite interval for the renewal of SSL certificate.

The directory that stores the private keys and SSL certificates can be renamed. Sensitive information is saved in an encrypted format.

Before configuring the plugin the websites that do not have an SSL certificate can get one through this program. Hence, you stay away from the danger of entering sensitive credentials on unsecured sites.

The minimum system requirements to use this plugin include Linux Hosting. Yes, you heard it right, it does not work on Windows hosting. WordPress version 3.5, OpenSSL extension, Curl extension, and PHP 5.4 is also included in the minimum requirements.

3. SSL Zen


Do not worry for an SSL certificate again if you choose to download and use SSL Zen. It can generate, install, and verify your certificate and also ensures that it is renewed on time every year.

It enables the users to have a domain validated SSL certificate for free. You can do it all by yourself. In case you get stuck at a certain step they offer support to get you back on track.

Manual installation of SSL certificates is tough and not as easy as it sounds. You have to troubleshoot issues and edit certain files on the webserver.

Plugin-based certificate installation will be done easily with this program as all you have to is follow a few easy steps.

This plugin ensures that you do not face any broken links and there is no hassle for any kind of coding. You do not need to mess up with your WordPress database. Without any specific experience, you can conveniently move HTTP webpages to HTTPS.

4. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL

This WordPress SSL plugin enables you to redirect unsecured HTTP traffic to the secure HTTPS without coding a single line. Everything gets configured for you as soon as you activate the Force SSL.

It is an extremely lightweight program and comes with only two setting options. It also comes with a certificate testing tool for SSL. Through this tool, you can know the validity of the certificate, installation condition, update, and others.

The best part is the additional security cover of HSTS i.e. HTTP Strict Transport Security is enabled with this program.

Your site remains protected from cookie hijacking and protocol downgrade attacks. This program is absolutely free and can be conveniently used for the security of your WordPress site.

These are some of the widely used WordPress SSL plugin for your direct use. We have also provided the links to the related websites so that you can access them without any difficulties.

Some of the programs listed above are paid but if your website requires the functionality offered by them then it will be worth the money that you spend.

These programs are compatible with most versions of WordPress and also have a user-friendly interface. Technical knowledge is not essential to for ease-of-use of these plugins.

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