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Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

There are many uses of WordPress CMS. And one may use WordPress to showcase hosting charges, services they have and their respective charges as well as other items.

For websites like gym or fitness services, consulting services, hosting charges, photography or other where prices need to be listed a fancy listing means your users/visitors can check the prices nicely and clearly.

Hence the need for a pricing table arises. Of course you need not build it from scratch as there are several plugins available for pricing table.

Here are few of them we have tried:

1.       Pricing Table

Author Shaon and Shariar have developed this plugin called Pricing table.


It is an easy to use plugin with drag and drop interface. Responsive table plugin.


Even though it is easy to use but has a lot of bugs which have been reported several times to the coder.

Also the support forum doesn’t get updated too often and hence if it doesn’t work for you then developers won’t bother to update you.

Also there are several items which are paid in this plugin. Commercial ones may be better than the free one since it offers support from developers.

More info about this plugin

2.       Easy Pricing Tables

Easy pricing tables a plugin developed by David. It is a responsive pricing table plugin and offers easy to use interface.

One can easily paste the shortcode generated after creating the pricing table.

Support looks good as 13 out of 18 support threads were resolved and developer actively participates in the forum.

We definitely recommend this plugin for use. However sometimes people have reported that this plugin doesn’t behave properly on responsive screens.

More info about this plugin

3.       Pricing Table Ready!

It allows one to manage css and creates quick comparison tables as well as the table generator can create tables.

It is a drag and drop table builder which doesn’t require any html knowledge.

There are several types of templates available however these are paid which is one major disadvantage of this pricing table ready.

More info on this plugin

4.       Price Table

This is another pricing table with easy to use builder. It creates a custom post type with a builder to easily create your tables and then paste the shortcode.

It doesn’t offer too many templates but can be customized if one is a developer.

For simple tables this can be choice for non tech persons as well but for complex ones developer needs to tweak.

More info on this plugin

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