A List of Menu Icon Plugins You Can Use in Your WordPress Site

WordPress Menu Icon Plugins have been discussed and presented.

In case you have decided to promote your individual undertaking or business activity on the online marketplace for involving more people and communities.

Then there are all sorts of reasons for wanting to work out and build a WordPress based website, which can be praised by its perfect navigation system and the overall strong menu structure.

Some of the most important points in the relevant range of those reasons are the interaction with website visitors, which can turn to be your future clients or fans, and their engagement with your website in all possible ways.

Structuring your website menu in the most attractive way by adding all the necessary icons into it will speak to your favour to the most extent and will give the audience a comprehensive understanding of the website content they have chosen to visit.

Menu Icon Plugins

Subsequently, it will keep the existing clients and will bring even more, resulting in your website better online performance.

Besides its informational character, the overall menu design with its component icons inclusion may allure visitors with the help of its dynamic and bright appearance and have a sufficient visual impact on the website users.

Taking into consideration the situation in which one might find himself when trying to choose a relevant menu icon plugin for the respective WordPress site, in this article we’ll give you a notice on some of the most convenient menu configuration and icons adding plugins to be a helping hand to you.

1. Menu Icons:

menu icons by themeisle

As the navigation system and menu icons disposition in the website play a role of the map for the website visitors, one of the primary things every website owner should take care of is to ensure their flawless functionality and exceptional external design.

Arming your navigation menu with all the required icons next to each respective item will act as a guideline for your customers to look for the necessary information on your website and find it with ease.

Menu Icons will grant you with all the above mentioned advantages and functional privileges.

However, what is the most exciting about this professionally developed and launched plugin is that it is very easy in usage, releasing you from the being stuck into lots of coding combinations and other intricate activities.

Instead, it provides a user friendly layout, with the support of which you will be able to add icons to your menu and make the overall customization of your menu style.

Run and install this useful plugin, then edit it accordingly, enable or disable certain icon types with the help of Menu Icons Settings, make a selection of the icons by activating “select icon” link and save the menu in the end.

The current navigation menu settings will be derived from the freshly added items. You will also be granted with the opportunity to make use of the following types of the available menu icons: Dashicons, Elusive Icons, Font Awesome, Foundation Icons, Genericons and Fontello.

2. Font Awesome 4 Menus:


In order to satisfy your website visitors both aesthetically and informationally, you have to keep your website navigation menu always up to date and as descriptive as possible, by the integration of a wide range of icons in relation to your homepage sections, products, services or whatever you deal with.

In this relation, we draw your attention to another high quality plugin authored by New Nine, which will let you add and showcase Font Awesome 4 icons to your menus in the website wherever required, without facing a single difficulty in the whole process.

This well supported and extensively configurable WordPress consistent menu icons plugin will highlight the visitor oriented content and will get them deeper into your target website positive experience.

Happily, this awesome plugin, just like the previously mentioned one, does not require any programming or developer skills, but makes it super easy for you to work with it.

All you have to do is to add “fa” icon into your menu as a class and the plugin will take it out and put it before or after the link text.

This plugin has also additional potential of adding multiple font classes for diverse effects, for example, an icon with bigger size than the normal sized icon.

In case you have the intention to edit separate menu items, you will need to utilize CSS Classes option. You can download this outstanding product for free and in the long run you will be delighted by the final appearance and professional outward design of your website.

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3. Menu Image, Icons made easy:

Menu Icons

Adding menu icons to any website by menu icons plugins of WordPress origin can be planned, previewed and implemented by the application of CSS or to change the menu icon we will need to turn to CSS or Javascript codings, which will be rather difficult and bewildering for a person with little or no programming knowledge.

Fortunately, there is another, much easier and convenient way at our disposal to implement the above referred process of adding and displaying all the required icons in the menu by simply installing a useful and WordPress compatible menu icon plugin.

Here is another such plugin at your disposition in the face of Menu Image, Icons made easy to make the most of it, which is built with simplicity and user friendliness in mind.

Install and activate this plugin very quickly, select the icons, which seem to fit your overall menu structure in the most effective way and let them find their relevant places there.

Although their final look and feel will be more or less affected by the style of the WordPress theme you have as the foundation of your website, you will be able to prevent it by using Simple Custom CSS To keep it short and simple.

We will state, that your undertaking of building a dynamic icon sets matching the overall style of the website will become plenty easier through the appliance of this perfect menu icon online tool.

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