Adding a Corona Virus Notification Popup Banner to Your WordPress Website

WordPress website throughout COVID-19 Panic

Because of Coronavirus panic and the economic health disaster, customers are scared now. Most of the customers had postponed the services that were offered by small scale businesses all over the country.

Hence the question arises, “how we can safeguard our business revenue?”

There is a sense of asking this question because we all are in the lockdown period to help for social distancing. Because of lockdown many businesses that are small scale based are suffering a lot such as restaurants, retails industries and accommodations type businesses.

It is very important to use tricks and techniques to safeguard our business revenue when people are sacred because of an economic health disaster.

It is important to stay connected with customers, communicate, and message to maintain a good relationship.
In your client’s WordPress website add the popup that will showcase the health Corona Virus notification popup.

Corona Virus notification popup

You can make use of a communication tool that can be integrated only on the WordPress website. But if your client’s website is created on another platform then you can find a solution for them. We assume that you would have found something useful.

In this blog, you will get to know about some useful Corona Virus(COVID-19) WordPress Plugins to showcase the notification on your client’s WordPress website.

Plus at the end of this post, you will be able to use and install a cookie notice plugin. This plugin can be used for communicating directly with your customers.

Cookie Notice plugin Tutorial

Actually Cookie Notice Plugin was invented for Europeans to notify them about privacy policies of compliance laws. You can use this plugin to show heath related information and notices. It is very easy to use.

You can watch a video tutorial of Cookie Notice Plugin to check how it was and how you can install the plugin in a very easy step. Some highlighted steps to installing this plugin are listed below please check.

For WordPress website, install the Cookie Notice Plugin

You first need to log in to the WordPress dashboard using credential information such as login and passwords. Then click on “plugin” and select the “add new” button.

In the search bar just type Cookie Notice. If there any plugin arrives which is name as Cookie Notice click on it. You will be able to see the plugin name as “Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA”.

cookie notice
This plugin has more than 2000 five star reviews and has more than 1 million active installations. Install this plugin on the WordPress dashboard and activate it.

Personalize the Corona Virus notification popup
For personalizing the health notification banner you need to click on setting and then on the cookie notice.
GDPR Cookie Consent
Add health notification banner message
After writing the message you can add the notification that will suit as per your business need. You can also add some call to action button on the website notification that will be clickable on the banner. For example, if you are writing
“To know more about coronavirus update, click on the “read more” button to know more details.”

“Read more” will be a call to action or navigation button that will take your visitors to another informative page.


Select the text for the button
You can choose the text to add to the button. This will disappear the notification. You can choose any text to showcase on the button more example you can write text dismiss because mentally and emotionally people need to think two times before visiting any link.

If a person clicks on the dismiss button then their notification banner will get disappeared and will showcase again only if they revisit that particular website.

Add ‘more info’ or ‘learn more’ button to the banner image
If you are looking to take your visitor’s attention to some another page then you needs to click on “enable privacy policy link”. Do not forget that Corona Virus notification popup plugin was actually created for GDPR purposes.

privacy policy
This plugin was used to showcase the notification on the local businesses so that they can explain things in more detail by taking them to another page. This can be done to take a user from your website to the official website of COVID-19.

Update the script placement
If you really want to make use of Corona Virus notification popup plugin that you must know the updating script feature and you must implement this.

If you are adding your script plugin to the footer that means the notification you are trying to showcase will get first loaded in the footer before loading to the banner section. This is important to improve the conversion rate.

script placement
Change the position of the notification popup
It is important to choose a perfect position to display the notification popup for example if you are trying to showcase the popup on footer it will not work but if you showcase the popup on the top of your website definitely your notification will get notified.

The main steps for installing and running the Health Notification popup plugin are mentioned above.

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