Superb WordPress ‘Maintenance Mode’ Plugins

In order to keep your loyal visitors’ faith uncompromised, here are 7 of the best maintenance mode WordPress plugins you can use to create and display a nice Maintenance mode page to your visitors.

To keep your website in top form, you need to run routine maintenance – updating, backups, optimization, cleanup, malware scans and repairs… these seemingly insignificant tasks keep your site safe and functional.

But maintenance means downtime, and you can’t afford to lose your audience forever by giving them an impression that you’re offline forever.

maintenance mode WordPress plugins

SKT Maintenance
SKT Maintenance plugin

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Price: Free

SKT Maintenance is free maintenance mode plugin. But when it comes to features, it packs quite a punch.

The plugin lets you build a super cool maintenance/ coming soon/ offline page using any combination of different background types (video, image slideshow, solid color, etc.), countdown timers, fonts and icons, shortcodes, 3D effects and pixel overlay pattersn, Mailchimp and PHP subscription forms (with configurable field validation settings), and more.

The plugin includes an HTML version and lets you import/export page settings in a few clicks.

For those who love variety and endless choices at their hands, this plugin is an absolute must.

Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode
Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

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Price: Free

With this plugin, the interface as well as the end product you create (maintenance or coming soon page) is minimalistic. It’s perfect for every modern user and brand that can do without frilly embellishments.

You get the features to customize and configure background colors, cover image, fonts, and element placement (forms, logos, countdowns, whatever you’ve got) via built in options or custom HTML and CSS.

The plugin is fully compatible with all WordPress themes, caching plugins (like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache), and supports custom login URLs, analytics, selective user-role based page display, optional display for search engines (lets bots view the website as usual while you run maintenance).

It’s translation ready, highly customizable, and simple to boot. Your developers and/or clients will love it.

Verde – Responsive WordPress Coming Soon Plugin
Verde Coming Soon Plugin

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Price: $17

Verde is absolutely worth it. And here’s why.

The plugin packs some brilliant features – Cookie authentication message, Google Maps enabled background, Captcha enabled Mailchimp subscriber forms and AJAX contact forms, externally hosted video (Youtube and Vimeo) support, super cool text effects, social icons, and a pre-translated admin as well as front-end interface (in Spanish, French, Italian, and German).

It’s sophisticated and fast. And the results are absolutely stunning. Give it a go if you want an unforgettable look + on-page experience.

WP Maintenance Mode
WP Maintenance Mode

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Price: Free

This one is a classic for good reason.

WP Maintenance comes with configurable options for colors, fonts, backgrounds, countdown timers, and pre built templates to let you create great landing pages, maintenance and coming soon pages, and more with ease.

The plugin also packs social icons, contact forms, SEO options, and in-built subscriber data export features.

It’s multisite compatible and works well with all WordPress themes – a brilliant bargain for WordPress blogs and websites everywhere.

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd
Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

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Price: Free, Pro Versions starting from $29 (one time purchase)

This is the plugin that was Ultimate Maintenance Mode – only cooler and so much more awesome.

Both versions of this plugin are BuddyPress and multisite compatible, translation ready, brilliantly responsive and feature-packed. You have no end of page customization options – backgrounds, labels, forms, effects, colors, fonts, icons, and more.

The pro version has additional features which lets you display maintenance mode selectively (based on user role), secret links, SEO options, analytics, Google and TypeKit font packs, automatic screenshots, embeddable videos, built-in referral system, subscriber forms and campaign monitor integration, analytics, and so much more.

It’s trusted by hundreds of thousands of WordPress-ers. You can’t go wrong with this plugin.

EZP Coming Soon Page
EZP Coming Soon Page WordPress

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Price: Free, Elite versions starting from $14.95 (one time purchase)

EZP is fun and easy to work with.

The plugin keeps it simple with easy customization options (design, layout, colors, fonts, icons, logos, etc.) and some nice, handy features like Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), Custom error message for coming soon mode, Mailchimp and Aweber subscriber forms, easy CSS edits, and more.

You get even more features with Elite, namely video backgrounds, Google Fonts and effects, countdown and auto-disable maintenance page (when it reaches zero), auto sync with Mailchimp, additional social icons, and more.

It’s pretty neat. I recommend it for bloggers and publishers who don’t bother much with coding but are diligent about technical issues nonetheless.

Site Offline or Coming Soon
Site Offline or Coming Soon WordPress

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Price: Free, Premium version available for $19.99 (one time purchase)

One of a kind, Site Offline or Coming Soon isn’t frilly. It gets the job done with aplomb. And since it’s a WP eCommerce product, you can count on it to do what it does well.

It has all the usual features, watered down for added sophistication/ simplicity (depending on how you look at it). The plugin has admin and login screen notifications added to usual message and design options.

Premium version gives you social icons, subscription forms, countdown timers, analytics integration, and some extensive customization options for background, headers, HTML, and more.

This is a quaint, simple plugin – the kind that will never give up on you.

Maintenance mode need not be a blight on your site’s traffic and user experience stats in the long run.

Heck, they can even be an opportunity to profit (thanks to all the subscription forms that will collect leads while your site is down) with the help of these brilliant maintenance mode/ coming soon plugins.

Use them well. And don’t forget to share your experiences (good or bad) with us in the comments section below.

Author Bio: This article is written by Elise Henderson, a marketing head at WebsiteSetup. Apart from this, she loves creative arts, technical writing, tips and tricks guide about web design and development and sharing her thoughts on the web.

To keep your website up and running in top form, periodic maintenance and system is a must.  Keeping your files and contents updated, storing routined backups, testing website optimization, system cleanup, timely malware scans and repairs are very much required to keep your website site safe and functional.

But any type of the above-mentioned maintenance means downtime of your website, and you can’t afford to lose your audience forever by giving them an impression that you’re offline forever.

This is where the maintenance mode plugins come in handy to notify your customers that your website will be back soon.

With maintenance WordPress plugins you can let your customers know by displaying beautifully designed templates that your website is undergoing some maintenance work and will be again live soon.

With these themes, you have an option to add your Google Analytics code to get pieces of information about when and from where your audience is coming.

Tracking the viewers when the website is offline is an extremely helpful feature to take your website to the next level.

You can also schedule the update or maintenance of the websites, all you need is to enter the end date and time to terminate the maintenance mode and this will automatically activate your page once again to be accessed by the public.

It also has the option to add more than 10 different social media profiles (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and allow the new visitors to follow your site on social networks even when your site is down for maintenance.

To support SEO, these maintenance mode Wordpress plugins have the choice to add the Title and Description as well.

With these maintenance mode plugins, the user interface as well the maintenance page you create is very simple and minimalistic which is perfect for any modern user and brand.

You get many features like the customization and configuration of background colours, cover images, fonts and element placements with the help of custom HTML or CSS shortcodes.

These maintenance mode WordPress plugins have an interesting feature that will help if your website has multiple admins and users. This interesting feature allows you to whitelist users and admins of your website to make them accessible to your website while fixing up something in the backend.

You can also create customs login to make them continue their job without the struggle. Overall, these plugins are lightweight plugins that never slows down the website and is compatible with any themes available for WordPress.

It is backed up by excellent customer support with a real-time instant response. These plugins are translation ready, highly customizable, and simple to boot interface that will make your developers and/or clients to fall in love with it.

As this content management system is vulnerable to everyday cyber threats, periodic maintenance of website check for security hole is a healthy habit to give your users a touch of safety and keeping your reputation intact.

While your website is wrapped up for maintenance, an ‘under-maintenance’ page with the help of themes will create a pleasurable experience for the audience and will make them notice your dedication and care for them.

To keep your brand image high in this cutting edge market competition is as essential as your high-quality business offering to your customers and these plugins can partly be responsible to build your image as easy as a breeze.

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