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Today we are going to list the interview of Dian Tankov from Bulgaria. He is a Marketing Specialist, WordPress contributor, content, user sand website creator. In the interview, he mentioned how he got involved in WordPress and marketing since 2010. He also stated that he is an active member of the WordPress community.

I am a digital marketing specialist, a WordPress contributor, user, content and websites creator.

Q. How did you come into your current field? Share a bit of the background?

A: I’ve got involved in marketing and WordPress since 2010. At first I started doing some small projects for clients. In 2011 I started studying marketing in university. However, it was 2015 when I jumped deeper into WordPress, after I started working for one of the leading web hosting companies in Bulgaria, and step by step became an active part of the WordPress community.

Q. What’s the most interesting project you have done to date in WordPress?

A: Definitely this will be my website diantankov.com 🙂

Q. Have you ever been to any WordPress meetups or WordCamps? If yes did you learn anything useful?

A: Yes I’ve been to a lot of WordCamps and Meetups. I’ve also spoke at WordCamps in four different countries, and local meetups in Sofia, Bulgaria. I enjoy those events a lot because there I can meet lots of cool people from the community, exchange experience and have some great time. I’ve learned a lot of useful things around the community, design trends, useful plugins, website optimization tips, etc.
Dian Tankov

Q. What kind of tools/software do you currently use for your creations?

A: GTmetrix, Moz, Semrush, Some cool plugins like, Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, Getwid Gutenberg blocks, etc.

Q. What interesting feature do you think you would like to see in WordPress and is currently missing?

A: Internal chat in the administration is what i like to see in WordPress.

Q. Out of the current plugins and themes which one do you like the most and why?

A: Neve theme, because it is lightweight, fast and SEO friendly. Plugins, the ones that I mentioned above (Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, Getwid Gutenberg blocks)

Q. What does your workstation look like?

A: I work remotely and I change location often. My work place could be everywhere as far as I bring my laptop.
Dian Tankov work

Q. Which WordPress hosting do you use and would you recommend for your clients and others?

A: SuperHosting.BG – it is very user friendly, with high-level of security and offers speed optimizations.

Q. Do you like/love what you currently do in WordPress?

A: Yes, I like it 🙂

Q. What would you like to do in the future in the current field or somewhere else?

A: I would like to do more awesome projects in the future.

Q. Can you give us some reference for whom we should conduct an interview next and why?

A: People from the Bulgarian community – Mario Peshev, Nicky Krastev, Stanko Metodiev, Stefan Jelev…

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