What are the steps for creating a personal website?

There can be umpteen reasons for creating a website. It can be to upload your tons of family videos and pictures or even to fast-forward your career.

Personal website on its own is a complete tool that ensures that you stay in touch with your friends and family members. It also enables you to share personal and other relevant information such as weddings, parties, birthdays and more.

Earlier, it was imperative that you should have a deft hand with HTML to create a personal website. However, nowadays, you can create a great looking website in your leisure time without being HTML-savvy.

Here are few steps that can help you in creating a personal website with ease:

It is important to decide which website building software you need to use. This is more important if you are not proficient in HTML or do not possess any experience of programming. Here, you can pick up from two options paid and free website building software. The free sites that are worth trying are:

creating a website


:  This portal provides you with the option to create a blog, which looks like a website. The only thing of difference is that every time you add a new content, it is placed at the top as Wordpress comes with a discipline to arrange things in chronological order. In this way, you can add multiple layers of content to your website. You can set up a homepage with the help of default blog setup and on the front page will be displayed your latest posts. It is possible to create a static homepage to make the page look like a traditional website.


A Tumblr offers you the option to select the free themes and you can choose one for your personal website. Since you are opting for free website building program, you have little scope. Each theme comes with specialized features and you will have to study these features to understand the pre-coded bits of its functionality. This way you can give your website theme a feeling closer to regular websites.

Both Wordpress and Tumblr also offer you the option of getting paid website building programs. The paid Tumblr option gains you an entry in the Tumblr’s Theme Garden that contains premium themes. You can as well preview each theme before buying it. Similarly, Wordpress paid option lets develop other sections such as about me, locations, menu and so on.


: It is one of the leading portals, which offer immense scope and 24×7 supports for website building. These people are known for building clean, SEO segregated websites that are highly reliable and possess scalable cloud infrastructure.


: The portal offers free site builder that comes inbuilt with drip and easy-to-use drag interface. In minutes, you can have a website running with the applications of Webs.com. It has a vast template and design gallery and you can access the options to custom logo, tagline and color scheme.


: This site has been named as one of the most popular and largest to provide web-building services. The web building options here are easy and anyone can create a website for himself within minutes.

Thing Related to Creating a Personal Website

Domain name:

Most of the free web building sites provides you with the domain or sub-domain name. However, if you opt for paid sites, you will be required to get one for yourself. Always ensure that the domain name should be simple so that people can easily remember it.

Loading content

: You can add text, photo galleries, guest-book, forum, thoughts, email list and so on.

Creating a logo

: Although, it is your personal website a creative logo gives it a more unified look. You can make use of Corel paint shop pro to create one on your own.

Creating pages

: Make use of web publishing or HTML tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage for creating Home page.


: Lastly upload the pages and the files. You can use your web browser or an FTP program for performing this task. Your host that you can use to update and edit the content in the website folders will provide you with username and the password.

Lastly you can buy a WordPress Theme from us and avail free installation. All themes are well documented and easy to use. Also one of the easiest way to get your personal website

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