Backend Website Development: How to Prioritize Your Efforts

The article explains backend website development procedure and process and how you should prioritise your efforts to get maximum efficiency and productivity.

We have all wished to have the short cuts in our lives like the easy button that we could press and make all our complicated things turned into more manageable tasks.

I mean, if you think about it, the hardest part is always the decision making. Everything else should happen smoothly. Well, not exactly.
We do wish this was how things were but, in reality; we need to understand this simple fast. Life is not this way and nor is Website Development.
In order the go-ahead with backend website development, a lot of effort needs to be put in including setting up of clear goals, having a thorough understanding about business and having a clear decision when it comes to what should be done and what should not be.

backend website development

What we will discuss here is how you will prioritize the efforts you put in backend website development.

When your team is assigned a task, generally to turn a complicated feature into a simple life-saving solution for the users.

backend website development

Every worthy thing is hard:

Yeah, admittedly, it is “easy” to press the easy button but to learn how to make one, you have to put a lot of skill and effort. Same is the case with websites. Completed websites are straightforward to look at, but a considerable amount of power is required to build them.

A website could indeed be made by a plumber in his pajamas overnight but for a high-performance website to be put up, a deep and though understanding is required of all the technical aspects: databases, internet infrastructures, browsers, web servers, and other essential pieces that help deliver your brand online.
So next time when you hear someone from the company that is not a part of the development team just randomly asking someone to go ahead and “quickly” add a feature to a site since its too “simple” to do so, understand that they don’t understand it all.
When working in or as a manager of a backend website development team, it is your job to understand the timing requirements and complexity of any task that is assigned to you before you go ahead and accept it. If you don’t consider these factors, you might end up in big trouble for yourself and your team.

Turn your more difficult tasks to simpler ones:

It may cost more than you think to convert a complicated web development concept into an easy-to-use end product or feature and may have a higher cost of resources and dollars than it initially seems.
With time, these tasks that seem harsh can seem to lighten up and become no big deal. What you need to see is how your team initially puts up with the burden of these web development requests.
Let us say that if a task requires 15 hours attention from a senior worker per week, it may be better for you to automate portions of this time with a junior worker from the company which takes hours a week.

Since a company might have a fewer number of senior developers or might have a smaller junior army, this automation will yield two benefits:


  •  It will cost lesser to you than before concerning who does the job
  •  Since more people can accomplish the task, you gain redundancy

After a while, with the process repeated over and over again, everyone on the team will become capable of performing the task, and so the complicated job will be thus simplified.
backend website development

Initially say no to strict requests:

Always keep this little tip in your mind. When you say “yes” to a particular thing, you are saying “no” to a lot of other things that you could have done instead. It is a hard choice to make sometimes, especially when it comes to backend website development.

What we are saying “no” to is defining us. Simplifying a complicated task to a natural feature in our job of website development actually should start with a “no.” Here’s why:

  • l “No” gives the right to be included to features by letting then earn it
  • l “No” makes us examine all angles before any action is taken
  • l “No” allows us to make backend effective and simple

Understanding the Stakes:

Balancing between web projects is a tricky task to do. So, before you set your backend website development team to work on a complicated task, think about the following six questions first:

  • 1.  What would be the cost of doing nothing?
  • 2.  Considering there are a lot of other things to work and spend our time on, Is this particular task our topmost priority?
  • 3.  After we find the new and simplified solution, who will be our target? Who is going to use it?
  • 4.   When we are automating the task, can we go ahead and remove some steps?
  • 5.   If so, how long will the automation approximately take?
  • 6.  Is all the effort worthy at the end and from where is the payback coming?

If you ask yourself these six questions, the combined answer to them will help you find the right solution, and you could then go forward to making the right decision. This shall help you produce a website worthy of your business. Moreover, your business’ image shall also improve.

Summing Up:

Requests for the addition of new features may seem like a quite simple job to other people in your company since they certainly do not entirely know how much effort is put into this task. These requests can add up to the complexity of the workload of your team.

Thus, before we get to our backend website development teams to add features and make thing more comfortable, we need to give in thought to what is actually necessary and set up several priorities based on the brand, the goals of our website and the effort that will be put in the request to make it works.

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