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9 Best One Page WordPress Themes for Business and Corporates


A great number of one page WordPress themes are built on multi-page structure, while others have single page structure.

Being one of the most popular and effective content management system proposed at present, WordPress themes are likely to be the best online tool, which many people are looking for when considering a successful website.

These one page WordPress themes are favorably used by many individuals and corporate to highlight the most fundamental and principal points of their business or any kind of activity.

With the help of single page template it is quite possible to create functionally saturated and professional-looking website of any nature, which will aslo be praised with easy and straightforward user appearance.

That means, that the visitors of the target website built on the basis of one page WordPress themes, will not be obliged to spend more time while looking through several pages and will be able to find the necessary details or information very quickly and without any difficulty. We have tried to make a right and thorough selection out of manifold one page WordPress themes basically applicable for business and corporate websites and are going to bring to light their strong points and advantages, which for sure can be a reliable foundation for crafting the target website.

1. SKT White Pro

skt white


Let us start with one page WordPress theme SKT White Pro convenient for any kind of business and corporate presentation. This elegant and easily adjustable theme suggests a platform, which is presented with default content, subsequently it can undergo little changes and acquire a fresh look and required content. Picturesque slider appears on the top with the ability to adding up to 10 slides, by means of which on can perfectly showcase the face of its business company or corporate. SKT White Pro comes with different applicable sections, which can be easily managed and presented accordingly, diverse shortcodes, many social icons, standard pages, more page templates and is tested with popular plugins and latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Menu management is very easy
  • Slider images upto 10
  • Filterable gallery set up
  • More page templates


2. SKT Black Pro

skt black pro


SKT Black Pro is an elegant and professional looking, as well as technically armed one page WordPress themes for business and corporates. This flexible and fully responsive theme, looking great in all devices, can be a great supporter for business presentation and promotion of any type and purposes. This retina and HD ready theme suggests slider with the possibility of adding up to 15 slides, diverse useful sections and theme options, manifold shordcodes availability, different blog template availability, standard pages and availability of adding icons pack. SKT Black Pro also shows compatibility with SEO standards, WooCommerce and WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Retina ready and HD ready theme.
  • Default contact form with captcha available.
  • Default gallery and inner pages like about us available.
  • Ecommerce ready theme with compatibility with WooCommerce.


3. SKT Parallax me

Parallax Me


SKT Parallax me is another elegantly designed, multipurpose one page WordPress themes. This theme with parallax slider on the top can be used for covering different corporate and business topics and activities. SKT Parralax me is also widely known for its great functionality and easy to edit and manage possibilities. Background of any section can be edited and presented accordingly; also colors can be changed with the help of color picker. Homepage comes with different sections, like our team, services, photo gallery and many more.  SKT Parralax me is coded with HTML5 & CSS3 and functions perfectly with WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Nicely done testimonials area
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Add as many as 20 sections on the homepage


4. Blendit



Another one page version of professional and great-looking responsive one page WordPress theme for corporates and business is Blendit. Each person can make the most of this theme and own a perfect website related to any kind of business activity. Blendit comes with slider enabling to create visually appealing atmosphere, 600+ Google fonts and social media integration, wide range of shortcodes, 6+ page templates availability and is compatible with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, SEO standards and latest version of WordPress.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Social media integration
  • 6+ page templates available
  • In built gallery, team, services sections available
  • Clean and elegant look and feel


5. Marvin



Marvin can be another appropriate choice for creating a professionally looking, yet flexible and simple WordPress theme with beautiful scrolling one page structure. This responsive one page theme can be ideal for manifestation of any kind of business or corporate website. Works section, profile section, skills section and pricins sections can be more than enough for providng the website visitor with all the necessary information in relation to the target business, its activity, services, consulting, price range and more. Marvin provides a customizable framework with font changa and font color change possibilities. The theme is coded with HTML5 & CSS3 and conforms to the standards of WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Font colors can also be changed
  • vCard download option for easy contact info
  • Skills section to showcase skills
  • Pricing section to let people know your rates


6. I Am One Pro



One more beautifully crafted and adjustable one page WordPress themes, which is worth of attention, is I Am One Pro. This multipurpose theme can be a perfect solution for all types of business, corporate and other websites. I Am One Pro comprises easy to edit menu, slider with up to 10 slides, available 15 sections on the homepage and possibility of adding up to 30, 5+page templates, Google font, different shorctodes and icons integration, standard pages and is coded with HTML5 & CSS3.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Color changing theme.
  • 100+ Shortcodes.
  • Menu manageable.
  • 5+ page templates.


7. Beauty Cuts



Another suitable and qualified one page WordPress theme is Beauty Cuts. This easy to use and manage theme is able to satisfy all the requirements of any business or corporate website related to hair salon, beauty salon or centres or any other kind of activity. Beauty Cuts comes with variety of sections on the homepage, including home, about, services, gallery, etc., slider on the top for displaying the most relevant images, coding of HTML5 & CSS3 is present. This theme is also praised for its responisveness and compatibility with WordPress latest version.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Responsive hair salon WordPress theme
  • Easy team area for display the team members
  • Pictorial area for displaying your skills via images
  • Banner Slider on the top to display main slides or images


8. Me



Another solid and reliable foundation, on which anyone can demonstrate his personal, as well as corporate and business website with any kind of touches, is Me with its single page structure. This professionally designed theme presents many evidences of being a trustworthy and all-inclusive tool, which can be your right hand in the creation and afterwards easy management of the appropriate website. This responsive and fast loading theme includes different sections on the homepage, including blog section for manifesting all the relevant news and information, education section, resume section, skill bars to be filled with the information about skills and work experience and others. Me is SMO and SEO friendly and functions well with most popular plugins. Hence falls under one page WordPress themes category because of the above stated reasons.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Passes Google mobile friendly test
  • Fast loading theme
  • Looks fancy due to animated sections
  • SMO integrated and SEO friendly coding


9. SKT Launch Pro



And, at last, here is SKT Launch Pro- one more popular one page WordPress theme, perfectly suitable for any corporate or business website, dealing with launching of different products, including e-books, themes, apps, and generally, products of any description. This visually expressive and flexible theme proposes many useful sections on the homepage, applicable features and options as well, comes with diverse Google fonts and social icons integration and conforms to Google mobile and WordPress latest version standards.
Some of its feature includes:

  • Full color changing theme set your own colors
  • Author area for showcasing about the author
  • Integrated with 600+ google fonts
  • Integrated with 580+ social icons


One Page and Single Page WordPress Themes for Landing Launch Websites

one and single page WordPress theme
One page design structures of the modern websites are gradually becoming more and more popular thanks a vast majority of advantages they bring to the forth to exercise fully and comprehensively for any personal or business purpose. It displays a unifying and compactly structured web design, where all the essential parts and sections are centralized in the basic single page.

WordPress community as a long – lasting friend of every website builder and owner comes rich in diverse dynamic and functionally saturated one page and single page WordPress themes, which are general – purpose in nature, so that they can experience multiusage practice and cater to every single topic proposed. Let’s have a brief review of the most sophisticated and powerful website builder templates with single page layouts, allowing you to make a selection out of them to fascinate the audience you target the most.

1. Sportsman Pro



If you are looking to create a website for sports business, workshops, seminars, events then you will find that Sportsman Pro is the best template to start with. This is a one page and single page WordPress theme is integrated with the system that would help you to perform online transaction, online appointments, etc.

You have limitless opportunity to start your online sports shop. Retina ready feature, multilingual language is what you get to target international clients. Get inbuilt design pages for free and build style layouts by your own. Elementor page builder will give you access to countless customizing options.

2. Elastic Pro



Elastic Pro is also a one page and single page WordPress theme that has some astonishing design to make you feel better and enhancing user experience. This template is referred to be a flexible because it can be used to build any type of website you want it can be restaurant website, corporate website, consultant website, law website, doctor website or any other small and large scale business website.

This theme has so many typography and design option that will make your feel real. WooCommerce integration is the other most important feature that it supports along with multilingual functionality.

3. SKT Cafe Pro



SKT Café Pro is a simple, clean and stylish WordPress theme that has some amazing features to make your visitors attracted. With so many slider options you can create a banner that will be integrated with Google map, contact form, sliders, text or video content. With professional design structure you will be able to drive more user attention.

Thus you will have a chance to increase social engagement with social media icons integration. You can use this theme as a one page and single page WordPress theme to display single product information. You can also create separate pages for various services, portfolio, blog, and contact details.

4. SKT Dual:

marketing WordPress themes


SKT Dual is truly elegant and classy, visually eye-catching and graphically polished one page website tool incorporating everything you’ll ever need to craft, personalize, develop and control your online presence in the boundless digital spectrum. This highly versatile and easy to set up template is also gallery and portfolio – optimized, well – documented and well – supported, as well as incredibly responsive and cross mobile compatible.

5. BeFit Pro:



Dynamic and purposeful, intuitive and very smart, fast loading and lightweight in performance, motivational and truly inspiring in appearance, gym and fitness – friendly and customer – directed, ready responsive and practical, BeFit Pro is one of the best platforms stylized with single or one page management design and all – inclusive structure, in which all the basic and primary elements for the website customization and full control are wrapped up.

6. Blendit:

blendit single page WordPress theme


The next highly recommended and professionally power – packed one page and single page WordPress theme which incorporates whatever is associated with modernity and excellence is called Blendit. All in all, this multipurpose and multilayout theme is so flexible and adaptive, that it can be constantly altered, modified and edited to keep the website running on it always up to date on the one hand, and provide the website user’s with flawless and impeccable desktop and mobile user experience.

7. SKT Parallax Me Pro:

Parallax Me


Parallax web design – based and graphically excellent, supremely engaging and presentable, delightful and elegant, SKT Parallax Me Pro based on its single web page performance will take any website visitor experience to a new and interactive level of online visualization and preciseness. What is more important is that the above – mentioned characteristic feature is true in all cases, no matter, whether PC, mobile, tablet or any other technological device is being used to browse the target website or blog.

8. SKT White Pro:

skt white


SKT White Pro has gained a huge community of fans and supporters thanks to its really professional creation and exceptional design approaches, in the result of which elegant and immensely dynamic, incredibly intuitive and smart one page and single page WordPress theme came into existence. Tons of customization and control features are available with this premium – quality WordPress template to focus your website visitor’s attention on the most important content shared.

9. SKT Black Pro:

skt black pro


SKT Black Pro, just like the previously mentioned template exemplifies the unity of gorgeous and elegantly attractive visualization and strong and dependable, highly intuitive and smooth inner performance. With its all – inclusive and multilayout nature, this single page theme can be an ideal selection exclusively for any online undertaking to help all the website readers and followers to get around a precisely formatted and consistent layout.

10. Marvin:



Starting out with Marvin can be the best choice you will make in connection with your future online product. This very flexible and resourceful, technically strong and stable, clearly coded and perfectly functioning template hosting single page layout is perfectly positioned to be the website creation toolbox of choice for thousands of people all around the world without any comprehensive programming knowledge or experience.

11. The App Pro:

app WordPress theme


The next single page – based and creatively stylized, thoroughly thought – out and launched, visually impressive and modern looking, technologically advanced and customization ready website building platform appears as the App Pro. This practical product includes lots of shortcodes, page templates, widget – friendly footer area, SEO optimization controls, as well as many other useful theme elements.

12. Photo World Pro:

photography WordPress theme


Photo World Pro has long authorized itself as one of the most convenient and comprehensive single page WordPress template for all gallery, image and portfolio – based web presentations with its neatly and compactly arranged one page all – inclusive structure. However, the opportunities of this exceptional theme are not limited to the above – mentioned niches and can be executed in any other industry as well.

13. I am One Pro:

one page WordPress theme


The purchase of I am One Pro can be the best $48 you will spend for your business online promotion, since this superb content creation and one of the one page WordPress themes will surpass all your prerequisites and expectations, leading you to the pinnacle of success. Besides, functional and operational opportunities are endless with this modern and creative, innovative and elegant, one page and single page WordPress theme.

14. Beauty Cuts:

hair salon WordPress theme


Beauty Cuts is especially suited for beauty and spa industry management online, among them hair and beauty salons, make up studios, spa and massage centres, etc to showcase all the relevant services and special offers, specialists and their works, pricelist and available hours or any other frequently search content neatly arranged in the website single page.

15. Me:

resume WordPress theme


Me is highly dominant and dynamic, serious and professional looking single page responsive template of WordPress origin to create and run a search engine and social media – ready website to be ranked high in the relevant engines. In addition, this awesomely stylized and generated theme has been checked for its cross mobile and device impeccable compatibility, ensuring your website flawless transformation to fit any suggested screen size.

Setting up a website is one of the first things that you need to do as a new business owner; your website is going to be the face of your business and it is the first thing that most customers will see when they come across it online. Naturally, you need to make a good impression and all the more so, given the short attention span of most online customers.

That’s why you may want to go in for single page WordPress themes as they come loaded with all the essential features, right on the landing page or the first page itself. Sure, you could also go in for multi-tiered websites but you could get that set up later and instead focus on using platforms like WordPress to set up a robust, highly functional single page website.

The challenge though would be in choosing which single page WordPress themes to go for; for example, if you belong in the creative industries, you could go for visually appealing creative designs with outstanding parallax scrolling effects. But in the end, it all comes down to what sort of a website do you prefer and what would in your opinion make your website stand out from the rest. Once you have selected the right theme and layout, you can then customize it, decide the info that deserves to go right on the front page and ensure that the layout follows a logical order thereby enabling your customers to find their way around easily.

You can choose from any one of our various single page WordPress themes but you may want to demo them out first. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that it comes loaded with various options such as typography, comes with a parallax background image that makes the overall effect all the more stunning as well as upload logo, custom CSS and the rest of the works.

Sure, some may complain as to how a single page website does not really allow you enough room to put out all your info but keep in mind that these days, simplicity is the trend where online web designs are concerned. Moreover, with these themes, you should be able to present all the information in a logical, structured manner which in turn should help enhance user experience. And naturally, a satisfied user is more likely to recommend your website to others.

The best part about single page WordPress themes is that they can be tweaked to suit any purpose; so whether you need a website set up for your new restaurant or for your car dealership, the single page website should serve the purpose admirably. And from an aesthetics point of view, a single page website is less likely to be cluttered than a multi-page one and comes with advanced functionality.

So check out the various themes, demo them out and choose the right one for your website. This type of website should enable you to focus on the core of your business and present the same to your customers, which makes it all the more effective of the lot and that’s exactly why you need to opt for single page WordPress themes.