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How to Use WordPress Cache Plugins to Fasten Up or Speed Up Your WordPress Website


Discussing all WordPress cache plugins available in the market.

WordPress platform, in the diversity of its forms, is a powerful, developer and user directed, multifunctional and extensively feature rich sample of open source at work.

Exactly for those enumerated propositions and suggestions WordPress cache plugins are chosen by millions of people, as well as commercial and non-commercial communities as a powerful and suitable channel for any type of online performance.

Nevertheless, even with its huge working potential, functional exclusiveness and conformability as a content management system, WordPress supported websites and blogs, just like any other online activity platform, are not insured against low running, performance flaws and drawbacks, which in their turn may irritate the website visitors and hamper their smooth online experience.

Under such circumstances, you will be faced with low traffic, reduction of searching ranks and many other problems coming along the bad efficiency of your website.

To insure yourself against those undesirable occurrences, you need to apply to cache plugins for help in order to prevent your website from the possible deficiencies or to regain its fastness. In this case what is expected from you is to identify your criteria of good caching solution, particularly fitting your needs, review the proposed WordPress cache plugins available on the marketplace and their advantages over other relevant products, select the best one and let is fasten up your website performance and provide quick loading for all website users by saving actively generated HTML files and reusing them from the cache, that is to say, from the previously generated data.

We have picked up 5 WordPress compatible caching plugins to act as a reference guides for you and provide you with the most effective website speed up solution.

1. WP Fastest Cache


WP Fastest Cache will work smoothly on your WordPress template for lots of reasons. It brings about and easy way to add caching and fasten up the website. This lightweight plugin really works very fast, allowing you to organize and manage everything just with few clicks. It comes with .htacces file. automatic modification and a wide range of functional peculiarities, among them Mod Rewrite method inclusion within the plugin, all cache files deletion after post or page publication, lots of admin possibilities to delete cached files, as well as CSS and JC files from the options page, block cache from certain page or post with the help of shortcode inclusion, make cache option running for mobiles and other devices or disabling it, enable cache functioning for logged in users or disable it. You can also test Minify HTML and Minify CSS performances and other served potentials by getting this awesome WordPress cache plugins free version at first, then upgrading to the premium one.

2. W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache is a fast and simple WordPress caching plugin to provide your website relevant speed, which is of utmost importance in relation to website visitors’ beneficial experience and search engines outlooks. This well developed WordPress Performance Optimization layout puts forward a bunch of conveniently utilized ways to improve the website functional speed and performance. This caching solution has been successfully selected and checked by more than one million commercial websites, thus you can rely on this plugin without having any doubt in its best qualities.

Some of the proposed dynamic benefits are more than 10 times website performance enhancement, browser caching availability, quick render of the pages, quick loading of the pages, about 80 percent bandwidth saving types by means of HTML, CSS, JavaScript compression. W3 Total Cache is also compatible with content delivery
network transparent backbone in charge of content delivery, minified or compressed caching of pages and post, caching of CSS and JavaScript, caching of categories, tags, comments, search results pages, objects, etc.

3. Cache Enabler


The next powerful and functionally saturated WordPress performance framework to speak in your website’s favor is Cache Enabler, which will considerably speed up the website operation and improve conversion rates. This fast and freely available WordPress caching system has all the potentials to undertake automated or manual cache clearing, create 2 cached files in HTML and gzipped, showcase the cache size in your control dashboard, minify HTML and JavaScript, provide multisites and custom post type support, display “304 Not Modified” HTTP error in the requested cases, support WebP when functioning with Optimus plugin, contribute to the responsive images and ensure super functionality with Autoptimize plugin for speeding up your website in the most effective way. Thus both of them become a deadly combination and fill up the WordPress cache plugins list.

4. LiteSpeed Cache

litespeed cache

Make LiteSpeed Cache run as a basis of your website of WordPress origin and let it optimize your website performance and functionality in all the applicable simplest ways. This user directed caching management tool will grant you with very easy install and running procedures just in few steps, as well as subsequent total control and configuration over it to make your website function as faster as is possible, namely, this caching mechanism in the name of LiteSpeed Cache is extremely easy to understand and implement in order to protect your website from lowered performance and other consequences resulting from it. Upload LiteSpeed Cache, go to LiteSpeed Cache panel, activate it and afterwards activate caching from the relevant options. All the other settings will immediately be set automatically. Thus this one too makes way into WordPress cache plugins list.

5. WP Super Cache

wp super cache

This WordPress compatible cache engine will definitely improve the rapidity and swiftness of any target website. The minimum efforts and time will be required from your to unpack this awesome caching plugin into your WordPress site and configure it. This product comes with super fastness in performance by creating the cache of static files and exceptional technical support available.

All these make your website extensively optimized for speed and super functionality with the help of exercised techniques, such as minification of HTLM, JavaScript and CSS or loading the website images only when the website user scrolls down the page. All in all, this plugin integration into your website will for sure turn your website a fast loading one, which is quite desirable and appreciable in terms of user experience.

WordPress Cache Plugins

WordPress cache pluginsEveryone wishes that their site loads super fast so that people can quickly visit the website and check the details. No one wishes for a slow website. Plus there are great advantages of a faster website. A fast website would mean people can quickly check all the details on the website and contact you if interested.

A slow website would mean more waiting and that may increase the bounce rate of your website.

Hence WordPress cache plugins are needed and basically they keep the site as static cache files making them load faster.

Following is the list of WordPress cache plugins:

1.       W3 Total Cache

This cache is trusted even by mattcutts.com official spokesperson of Google search algorithm. W3 Total cache comes with a host of features like

  1. Minify: Minify is used to minimize the css and jquery and javascript load on any website. Minify minimizes and compresses css and jquery so that they load quickly and take lesser space causing a site to load faster.
  2. CDN: CDN is content delivery network and more info about CDN is given here: https://www.sktthemes.org/WordPress-plugins/WordPress-cdn-providers-options-and-what-is-cdn/

CDN increases the page speed of any website by loading content from faster servers from around the world. CDN is basically used to store heavy content like images, videos etc.

  1. Mobile support: W3 Total cache supports mobile compatibility and responsiveness and even applies cache for these devices.
  2. Compatible with all sorts of hosting: It is highly compatible with dedicated, vps as well as with shared hosting. However most of the shared hosting users need cache more due to slow response speed in shared hosting.
  3. Browser Cache: Browser cache is done so that repeat customers/visitors who visited the site previously can quickly access the site. Browser cache also includes leverage browser caching.

Download the plugin here

2.       WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache has been compared many times with W3 Total Cache. Many ignore it is better than WP Super Cache.

WP Super Cache has been supported by Automattic and they are also the contributing authors in this plugin. Automattic is the same company who brought WordPress to us.

However as per our experience W3 Total Cache has been better of the two for us. But users may try and tell us which one they like better.

Here is one such result comparing W3 Total Cache with WP Super Cache.

Check out the plugin here

3.       Quick Cache

Quick Cache is a no fuss WordPress plugin. It is fast doesn’t require too much in terms of configuration and does the job. There is also a pro version for just $15 which provides better cache.

However in WordPress reviews people have complained to have their site broken. Hence recommended for fresh sites. Existing site users please back up before using.

Download the plugin here

4.       WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache doesn’t require much configuration. However people complain of broken site. Recommended for sites with good speed and just want to use a simple cache system.

Download plugin

5.       Lite Cache

Lite Cache as the name suggests is light weight cache plugin. It is easy to use and doesn’t take time to configure. It detects mobiles and applies cache for them as well. This serves good for highly participating blogs where comments take a lot of time to load. Lite Cache keeps comments also in cache making it faster.

Download plugin

6.       Cloudflare

Cloudflare even though is a CDN but the free version of it produces static html files of the website which serve as good as a cache. It also reduces spam and bots and helps protect against attackers.

Surely recommended.

Check plugin

7.       Hyper Cache Extended

Hyper cache works well when your site is super slow. It works and serves one the static cached page when your site is slow to browse. Hence allowing you to control when to have cache. It allows both plain and gzip compressions as well as compressed storage to reduce disk space.

More info about this plugin

8.       DB Cache Reloaded Fix

This plugin works good. This plugin claims to reduce cpu usage by reducing disk space as well. On some accounts DB Cache Reloaded Fix really works and works real fast on some accounts it doesn’t.

So it is left for users to use it and decide if this cache works for them.

Download the plugin here

9.       WP Fast Cache

Great for normal blog users. It comes with very less complexities and configurations. Only problem is it doesn’t cache or properly work with custom post types. It does cache the normal pages and posts but ignores the custom post types.

Download the plugin


If you have a bigger site on WordPress W3 Total Cache is the clear winner and we would recommend it for anyone. In case your site breaks or doesn’t work properly with W3 Total Cache use WP Super Cache.

For small websites with less traffic and moderate speeds and static content mostly Cloudflare does the task well.

For smaller to medium websites who don’t want to take hassle of configurations or aren’t happy with either wp super cache or w3 total cache kindly select among the others like hyper, reloaded, fastest, fast or lite cache.

Let us know which one you are using.