How To Use Typography And Design To Boost A User’s Experience

Have you ever thought about Typography and design layout for your website? Do you know how much they both are important? To make anything compelling and engaging one should need to work on its look first, right?

To make the content easy on the eyes, may you think to do little changes whether it is a simple and attractive manner. If you are thinking about to change the only theme, colors, layouts and many more to make content appealing then you are doing good, but your website needs something great. And that’s why we are focusing on Typography.

This is something that gets the eyes of a user. So, why don’t you change typography and design? If yes, then this blog is for you. We have shared all the important details on the working and benefits of typography. See typography website templates for creating stylish fancy font use website. Continue reading.

Why You Should Use Typography And Designs

Typography is an inspiring art known to show the arranging and texting of content in a reliable, attractive, impressive, and readable form. In other words, you can say, typography has the collection of designs that work with written words. You can find its designs everywhere such as books, websites, letters, cards, emails, and many more.

typography and design

It is something that not just making your content readable and impressive, but it is a way to improve site performance, feel, and the user’s experience.

According to Author Matej, Typography was the first objective to display the written words in a visual and appealing form.

Robert Bringhurst said, Typography is a call to action button that invites the reader to convert into text. This clarifies the structure and meaning of a word.

Well, most people think Typography is just a way to work with fonts and designs, but typography is all about converting content into visual or expressing language that expands your user’s experience great.

Typography is something that anyone should try. Just think, how cursive writing looks at your site? Sounds cute, right?

Now, let us consider how you can improve your User’s experience and the user’s interface for better Site look and performance.

Work On Font

Imagine how would your site look and how would it affects your audience that left the user’s experience left if the font is looking miss-matched with your business needs, Brand’s standard, and goals.

For making your site performance great and better UX, choosing the font is important. You need a font that makes your site more engaging, hence ensure the font style that sounds great with your business needs.

In case you have selected the wrong font, you have to pay long for it. Let us consider an example. You want to select curtains for your room so you need to assure curtains match exactly with your wall paint. If you hang the wrong curtains, it sounds poor.

This exactly suitable for the font, your wroth font can spoil the efforts of targeting the audience.

Fonts speak for themselves, hence it is vital to choose the font that gives a strong impact, impression, and target the points you need to point for both website and email.

All you will need to add the combination of both calligraphy with bold letters. This gives value to the content and makes things more impressive. At here, we just want to notice that adding too many fonts can change the game negatively.

Make sure you have only two types of fonts just like an example.


It is something that I wished for.

The other thing you’ll need to remember here is we are talking about your website font, not about your landing pages or emails. You should think about a standardized font.

Cursive writing sometimes may be difficult for a reader to read. Cursive sounds good and attractive, but this may not perfect for busy readers. They mostly avoid to read content, so must focus on all users and opt for the standardized font.

You know that the Audience is familiar with Times new roman and Arial font, so you have to give something refresh and the best font that would be easy to read and give high-level content engagement.

Add Special Elements On Fonts

In the font style, you have a lot of things to do. You can make or break anything. Let us study about its elements and get some best out of it.

First, you will get a font family that contains large numbers of font sets with the same style.

Next, you’ll receive font-weight. This can be used to create the title/headline of the content that further goes with a copy of the body.

The third you will get kerning. The pattern that characters follow and the spacing between two characters. Follow the exact pattern and this will make your content appealing.

The last characters per line. Ensure you haven’t used too many characters, as this makes content weird. Further, it reduces the user’s experience.

Limit the length is also crucial to check. With this, you will improve your text readability. If the line contains more than 30 words, this sometimes breaks user readability, even it does not show on devices, that won’t let your reader read.

Pro-tip- you will need to be mindful in each step and consider the revised working of length, space, font, etc. to better UX and Conversion rates.

Font Size

The size of the font reflects what tone you are showing in your content. You can say, font style and size work as spoken words. Italic sounds mimicking, capital words show command and bold sounds demanding.

Make sure you have chosen your font perfectly. Don’t get my point? Open your kid’s novel book and see. However, Size is not a big issue, all you need to work on Typography and design to make content engaging and better CTR.

Go With Trends

When to choose typography and designs make sure you have picked the right font, size, and alignment that could do better with design trends.

Do Bold

Bolding some lines sometimes work superbly. Most of Grooming and marketing stores use bold to make the website more attractive.

Highlight important

When it comes to highlighting some best then don’t go with red and green only. You have something new to try in typography and designs. Go with a black or bold. And quit the use of flashing images as this causes anxiety.

Wrapping In All

Well, there is more to come out on typography and design. But we have covered all the important aspects that you will need to work on. Always think out of the box, if you want to do something great.

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