The Best Sales Call to Action Examples to Improve Your Conversion Rates

When it comes to establishing your presence online, it is not enough to get your website set up on the #1 CMS platform, which incidentally happens to be WordPress. You may need to do a bit more, to boost the conversion rate, and in the process ensure that you get a better conversion rate from all those prospective leads, who check out your landing page.

The fact is that there are millions of websites out there, targeting the same demographic with the use of social media ads, and more. If you want your prospective leads to feel as though they need to purchase your product/ service, then you need to utilize some of the best call to action examples for sales; read on to know more.

What is a call to action?

Simply put, a call to action is a text or an image, which engages the end user and compels him to take a certain action. An example of an effective call to action would be a “free gift inside” or “free download, click here”.

Different types of call to action:

There are various call to action types, that you can utilize to help convert those leads. Do check them out below,

best call to action example for sales

  • Encouragement call to action: This type of call to action is often the most effective one for the simple reason that it encourages the viewer to take a certain action, based on an incentive.
    For example, if you want the user to opt in, you could ask him to click on a button for a download and add the incentive that it is free – that should do the trick.
  • Lead capturing CTA: For example, if you want to capture certain information such as the user’s mail address, then you may want to provide them with something of value, which gets them to do just that.
    The best approach would be to offer your users with something that is free, valuable and where they would have to enter their email address to download the same. This should enable you to capture the person’s email address, which you can use to streamline your marketing.
  • Educational CTA: At times, companies may want to educate the public about the usefulness of their product and even the need for the same, before they try to hard sell the same.
    And that is why many of them post links to free webinars, educational videos which provide the user with relevant information, along with ebooks, reports and more. All of this can encourage the user to commit more time to learning about the product and why he should indeed purchase the same, at the earliest.

Tips for creating good CTAs:

Check out these tips for creating effective CTAs

  • Use white space: one of the effective ways to draw more attention to your CTA is to use the white space strategically. By surrounding it with white space, you are essentially making your CTA stand out and this would cause the others to click on the same.
  • Content matters: If you want your best call to action examples for sales, to be effective, then you need make sure that they are connected to the content.
    For example, if you are developing a post about how to get more followers on social platforms, then you may want to include a CTA along the lines of “CLICK HERE to download our free guide on getting more followers on instagram, facebook etc”
  • Phrase your CTA accordingly: If you are going to set up a CTA, then you may want to develop it depending on the sales funnel stage. For example, if the client is still in the evaluation stage, then you may want to use a CTA along the lines of “download our free guide”.
    But if he is about to make a purchase, then you may want to use a CTA along the lines of “buy now”, or “add to cart” etc.
  • Positive/negative: You can list out CTAs that either have a positive or a negative message; you could ask users not to click on the link and download the free report in the hopes that this would egg on a few users to click on the same.
    But the CTAs that come with a positive message are naturally much more effective.
  • Clear benefits: The one thing that you need to communicate clearly with users is about the benefits of the CTAs.
    The users must understand what the best call to action examples for sales, is all about and how they stand to benefit from the same, this should help boost that conversion rate quite well.

Some good Call to action examples:

You may also want to check out some of the following examples of effective CTAs that have been widely effective.

  • Email marketing: no one likes to read a long email and that is why you may want to keep your email marketing template with the CTA short and to the point. For example, check out LOFT and you will see that their CTA catches your eye right away and it also happens to be placed just right.
  • Website call to action: It is all about location, location and location. Check out some of the top websites in any niche and you will see that some of the best call to action example for sales occupies a premium space, with a lot of white space which prominently highlights the CTA and associated benefits.
  • E-Commerce CTA: If you have an ecommerce store, then you may want to do what a few others have done and that is to do away with the wish list altogether.
    If you want the best call to action examples for sales, well, then you may want to use “add to shopping bag” instead of “add to wish list”. This should encourage users to make the purchase rather than just wishing that they had.

This is how you go about developing an effective CTA; if you are looking to boost the conversion rates of your website, then you need to develop some of the best call to action example for sales, and in the process help convert those prospective leads to actual customers.

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