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    I found what I thought was a temporary solution until I heard from SKT support. In Theme Options -> Basic Settings -> Custom CSS I added the following:

    div.innerbanner {display:none !important;}
    div.innerbanner img {display:none !important;}

    This is not a perfect solution, but it did not kill the slider on the home page and it did close up that IE horrible gap on the other pages. If you’re using the innerbanner, I suppose this won’t work for you. It did shrink the header a bit, but I didn’t think it was fatal.

    Asking the users who are using Internet Explorer to change browsers IMHO is not a solution to this problem. Obviously there is an incompatibility of the theme with Internet Explorer. In my testing, IE 10 and 11 as well as previous versions had the problem; Edge was OK. I don’t want to put technical roadblocks in the way of folks browsing the site. Many folks will just go away if they see a message like “Your browser is incompatible with this site, upgrade it.”, I don’t want that to happen and I want them to have a good experience. I’m not a fan of IE, but there are still substantial numbers using it.

    Also I don’t understand the response in light of the code I found in the theme where IE of various versions was accounted for.

    Even though IE usage continues to decline, it is still one of the three most popular browsers. Folks who don’t upgrade to EDGE or switch to Firefox or Chrome for whatever reason, are still eyeballs that I want to see the site without “encouraging them to upgrade” messages.

    Thanks for the reply on the weekend, I hope my solution will help other using cutsnstyle and perhaps other themes as well.


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