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    I’ve struggled with this map a few times but can’t seem to find where the problem is. Here is the code that I’ve pasted under the Contact Info tab in the theme options:!4m16!1m8!3m7!1s0x1dcd3f20541d03b1:0x27feed8149c2c58c!2sBig+Sky+Villa!5m1!1s2018-06-04!8m2!3d-33.28216!4d19.14305!3m6!1s0x1dcd3f20541d03b1:0x27feed8149c2c58c!5m1!1s2018-06-04!8m2!3d-33.28216!4d19.14305

    Here is the map’s URL that I want to display:,19.1408613,17z/data=!4m16!1m8!3m7!1s0x1dcd3f20541d03b1:0x27feed8149c2c58c!2sBig+Sky+Villa!5m1!1s2018-06-04!8m2!3d-33.28216!4d19.14305!3m6!1s0x1dcd3f20541d03b1:0x27feed8149c2c58c!5m1!1s2018-06-04!8m2!3d-33.28216!4d19.14305

    It keeps on giving me the message: The Google Maps API server rejected your request. Invalid request. Invalid ‘pb’ parameter.

    Please help! Thanks so much 🙂

    Sonnal S SinhaSonnal S Sinha
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    Your 1 year support for theme has expired. To continue receiving support for another year kindly subscribe for just $18:

    Once paid we will again renew your support for 1 year.


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