Did You Know That You Can Integrate Wordpress and Salesforce?

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Thanks to the Internet, there are many solutions and resources that businesses can invest in and experience significant benefits. One of these resources is known as Salesforce.

It is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is based on the Cloud. By investing in this software solution, a business can create a better link with its current customers and attract new ones easier and faster.

Another resource on the Internet that is built for businesses is Wordpress. It is a Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress can help a business to build a functional and effective website or even an employee portal.

By using this resource, businesses can construct a strong online brand and manage it too. Today, there is a way to experience the benefits of these software resources by combining them. Here is how to integrate the Wordpress CMS into the Salesforce CRM.

Applications for this integration effort
There are applications that are built for the purpose of bringing Wordpress capability into the Salesforce CRM. Some of these are free and others are premium and require to be paid for. Here is more about them.

Freely available applications for integration between Wordpress and Salesforce
There are highly skilled and talented developers who support the Wordpress application ecosystem. These developers create applications which you can use to insert Wordpress data into the Salesforce CRM.

The freely available ones include Gravity Forms and Wordpress to Lead. You can download them from the Wordpress Plug-In application repository.

By integrating them into your Salesforce system, you can convert more information into customer leads and conversions. These applications have some distinct characteristics. They include:

WordPress salesforce integration

1. The process of integrating them is not complex.

2. They are compatible with the front-end and back-end of the Salesforce system.

3. They allow you to capture data from many forms at the same time.

By using these freely available applications, you can channel more customer information from the Wordpress CMS to the Salesforce CRM. This customer information is important in creating leads. The more leads your business has, the higher the likelihood of increased revenues. As indicated in the Salesforce github, these applications help to capture specific types of customer information. Examples include subscriptions to e-newsletters, details about the customers who have volunteered online as well as those who have registered or bought tickets to attend relevant events. There are other applications that have to be paid for. Known as premium applications, they provide you with more capabilities. Read on to learn about them.

Premium applications
These applications require that you buy them so as to integrate your Wordpress CMS to your Salesforce CRM. Examples of these are Zapier, Click & Pledge Faas and Snap Logic. They have more functions than the free ones. Here is what they can do.
Activities that are performed on a website are known as Webhooks. The Wordpress CMS can be used to build websites and can capture these webhooks and record them. This visitor data can be very important to businesses. The premium applications help businesses to convert this Wordpress data into opportunities, leads, contacts and cases. This brings them a step closer to acquiring new customers and improving revenues.

By integrating the Wordpress CMS and the Salesforce CRM, a business can reap significant benefits. The CMS assists them to collect more information about visitors to the business website. These visitors are potential customers and by using the features of Salesforce, the business can convert them into active, loyal customers. Therefore, the applications described above are highly useful investments.

David Wicks is a Wordpress developer. He played a major role in developing these integration applications. His expertise and ability has been indicated more than once in the Salesforce github. As a result, he often plays a consultation role for businesses that are integrating these applications into their Salesforce systems. His knowledge has been represented in this report.

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