Can WordPress Posts Comments Make or Break Your Online Presence?

The WordPress Posts Comments section is a great way to add your views on a certain post. If the comments are unique, often people might visit the site and increase followers. It can be a great way to increase interactivity.

Apart from this, other aspects determine whether the comment section is what you need to include in your posts. Moreover, it also requires understanding different technical aspects behind including this section.

Several vital discussions encircle the idea of adding comments section for your posts. As per some, the comment section is a waste of time, while others think it increases interactivity with other users.

Considering the two sides of adding WordPress Posts Comments, the really big question is a comment worthy of the posts that you share.  In most of the cases, the factors that support a motion are intuitive on personal grounds.

In-depth analysis of the issue as bloggers are to decide:

Absence of clarity of accord

In recent times, the use of WordPress has considerably increased. This has led to the debate on WordPress comments and its actual worth. A heated discussion on this issue is ongoing where many bloggers share a different opinion on it.

For copy bloggers, the issue may not be vital as they are in a safe space as they do not have to face the qualms of negative or abusive comments. However, in recent times, the scene has changed.  But, they have taken a stance on this issue. Often they disable comment section before any problems they have to face.

WordPress Posts Comments

Certain blog pages have always kept the comment section disabled since their inception. Many reasons support why users thinking disabling comment sections are required. From avoiding spammers to spending too much time on reading comments, the comment section is all about unavoidable disadvantages.
blog comments
Contrary to this opinion, some bloggers believe that the comment section is the lifeline of their existence; it helps to understand the users and their opinion help to shape themselves well. Also, they dedicate a team to comment moderation where the weeds are plucked indefinitely.

Contradictory opinion on blog comments

Blogs are created for a definite purpose. This may be to create a user base or to promote products and services. But what draws the users to the blogs, is the content. The quality of the content defines the widths of your user base.

Bloggers often dismiss the facts that determine if the posts are portraying an artistic vision of the creator. Thus, there are no bloggers who have the right way to publish the content and avoid negative comments.

If you do not have the right way to influence ideas for WordPress, the comment section can be one. On the other hand, the comment section has several pros and cons and hence it is the vicious cycle that goes all way.

Personal opinions on WordPress Posts Comments

As a blogger, whether to allow users to comments on your posts or not is a personal choice. Whether you will be able to adapt to it or not is a preference that comes from your own experiences.  But for that, you need to access all the relevant data and analyze them. Followed by this, it will help you make an informed decision for the same.

Instead of following the statistics completely, there are many sides to WordPress Posts Comments. But for that, you need to focus on all the advantages or disadvantages of WordPress comments. Thus, to make a detailed analysis of the situation you need to realize whether the arguments are logical or not.

Argumentative blog comments


Several reasons state the purpose of blogging which is beyond creating and uploading posts online. The communication takes place in two opposite directions that is between bloggers and visitors. This is what the format talks about. Blogging refers to building a community through users and visitors.

In case you do not take the comments very personally, the comment section is very important for understanding the quality of blogs. For the positive WordPress Posts Comments, these prove that blogs are of up to the mark, thought-provoking for people to read it. Whether the comments are positive or negative, the blogs prove that they are engaging.

Increases interaction with users to solicit feedback

Comments can act as a great way to collect feedback and review blogs and posts thereafter. In that case, the comments are like the probable suggestion for bloggers who are posting blogs. The suggestion can provide valuable styles, fonts, and points to add up in your content to make them reach out to the wider audience.

So to receive a positive approach to the WordPress Posts Comments, you need to keep changing and that is how you can improve as a blogger also. Constant interaction with users will help to build a strong relationship with them. As a fact, you will build on a loyal base of followers who will come back to you, every time you post a blog.

Apart from this, if blogs are promotional, then you can expect then to buy products and services. Thus, it will lead them to subscribe to newsletters and convert them into your sales leads.

Final words

Thus, it can be said that Google algorithm for SEO rankings gives lesser priority to users’ comments on posts but more to the website content itself. However, when it comes to the perspectives of users, bloggers believe that comments negatively impact your website ranking.

Since most of them believe that Google considers comments to influence SEO rankings so try to manage the comments on WordPress properly.  Growing online audiences is possible with artistic style for creating content. However, it may of an issue since often it may be difficult it deals with online WordPress Posts Comments and abuse.

In the case of positive comments, user experience can be reveling with increased interactivity. However, user comments add to the technical value, indirectly for which you cannot deny the impact on SEO.

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