5 Best WordPress Plugins to Deal With Fonts On Your Site

Are you looking for WordPress Plugins to deal with fonts? For a WordPress website, Typography plays a major role to maintain the quality of the website.

However, if you are using too small font size or extra-large usually distract your readers and you lose your audience. This not just gives a bad impression on your readers but also affect your conversion rates. 

The type of typography you are using for the website mainly replicates the prominence of the website as well as click the user’s mind quickly.

You may have seen that also, the solid or professional websites use dark and little bigger fonts whereas for kids’ websites the fonts are cute that impress the audience quickly. 

Also, the type and size of the font depending on the WordPress theme you have selected. Nowadays themes come with inbuilt fonts that access and tweak the theme files accordingly.

Many developers use external font’s features, but if you are comfortable with the fonts and do not know about coding and do not want to rush with fonts then choosing a single attractive font can help you. 

You can select the fonts after searching on various WordPress fonts suitable for the theme. On the other hand, if you are using other interactive media files or elements in your blogs then try to find the best fonts that give extra value to the content.

WordPress Plugins to deal with fonts

Use WordPress plugins to deal with fonts and ensure they are perfectly matched with user interface and other things as well.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Fonts For The Website?

Besides WordPress plugins to deal with fonts, you have to understand the importance of fonts and how it would help to rank your site in search engines.

You have a vast collection of fonts available, but choosing which just perfect with your site is quite difficult. But when you know what and how to use WordPress plugins to deal with fonts, the stress little reduced. 

Best WordPress Plugins to Deal With Fonts On Your Site


1. No charges

One of the best and trending advantages of using WordPress plugins for fonts that they are free to use. You do not need to pay charges.

Well, a premium version can help you a lot for better site look, but the free is superb that just enough to better user’s experience (if you have less visitors). 

Investing in fonts also take you another level, but do this when you have the best traffic amount to the site. 

2. Boost convenience

With fonts, you can easily connect with Google and your site get more traffic to the site. The more you customize the font according to your user’s choice, the more it has chances to give you great outcomes. 

3. Savings

When you involve in the online business you know how much license is important. But the fact is no one has enough cash flow to make such big investments initially. Hence the Google Fonts is the best to link your website and you will save huge money. 

In front, you have to but the font family collection so you can edit or customize font as per need. With the Google Fonts and WordPress plugins, you can reduce maximum cost. 

4. Infinite Use

With the activation of WordPress plugins, you will get infinite use of the font on multiple channels, pages, and websites.

Google Fonts serving billions of pages already for free, so why not you should? While some fonts service has limited their access, but with Google fonts, you do not need to worry.

On this note, we have rounded up 5 of the best WordPress plugins that can work better to choose the font and customize it with your choices like size, color, and many more. These plugins are great to work with your audience and give 100% successive outcomes. 

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So, let us get started!

1.Google Typography

Custom Adobe Fonts

With Google Typography, you can easily put hundreds of fonts together. All you just need to pick out a suitable font style for the text. The plus point is you do not need to add coding to use this. It is highly customized and you can use it as per your needs.

2. Use Any Font

Use Any Font

It is a fantastic plugin that works just like its name. This means you can use any kind of font in your text. For example TTF, EOT, SVG, dfont, and more. To use this, just upload your font in WordPress site for use. You can customize it easily.

3. Simple Pull Quote

Simple Pull Quote

It is a very simple and easy way to add pull quotes in your post. It is a highly customized plugin that helps your readers to engage with your content via highlights.

To use this first select the text which you want to pull then choose to pull quote option. The text displays in the quoted form. 

4. Font Awesome

It is yet another popular font style plugin in WordPress. It has a collection of fonts and you can use it for your website. It is a brand-new font that trending right now. Use this plugin on for SVG files because this run on CDN. 

5. Custom TypeKit Fonts 

Custom Adobe Fonts

Custom TypeKit plugin allows you to connect with new adobe fonts to add on its WordPress site. This plugin can work in multiple themes, for example, Astra Theme, Elementor Page Builder and more.

Moreover, this plugin is great to create own fonts. The plugin allows the settings of the website where you can add your font. Then open the font customizer to customize the font according to your needs. 

Wrapping Up
Fonts are the best way to describe and attract your audience towards your site. Hence, it should be perfect and suitable for the WordPress theme. Make sure you have selected the best one that helps further to boost sales, leads, etc.

When it comes to building a strong website or brand position, Typography matters a lot. So be focused. I would highly suggest you pick the above-listed plugin to make your working easier. 

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