Which WordPress Framework Should You Choose?

In this post, you will be able to find some important and most popular free and paid theme frameworks that will be used to create a WordPress website. You might be aware of these frameworks or some will be totally new for you.

In this collection, you will get complete information of various frameworks that are available on the web. These blogs will be more helpful for you to check whether the frameworks will be best suitable for you.

Let us see what is frameworks and its advantages for WordPress.

WordPress Framework

What do you mean by WordPress Theme Frameworks?

WordPress theme framework
Most of the WordPress theme is build by utilizing the features of Framework whereas some other themes are created with the ground up.

Actually the themes created with the framework are considered to the best WordPress themes. Because the framework consists of the core code that is included with the essential design elements and the features. The framework features with lots of elements and functionality that is required for a successful product.

WordPress theme frameworks are divide into two main categories. First is called as in-house frameworks that are only accessible by limited theme shop. For example TeslaThemes.

And another framework comes under the category as a free download that means any type of user can download the WordPress theme framework to create their projects such type of frameworks is Beans whereas genesis comes under the category of a commercial product.

You can also access the free and paid themes created with these frameworks. For example, if you purchase the Genesis framework you can either use it to create a website for your business or you can sell the themes created with genesis framework to your customers.

Importance of using the WordPress framework

The use of the framework will be more beneficial for a WordPress theme developer because they get a complete lead on the projects.

Website owners can also get benefits from using a framework because they can shift to any other WordPress theme without changing any functionality of their website.

The same framework but shifting the theme to another will give the website owner more benefits as they will get new features and functionality. This process will make their website stronger.

WordPress Framework Feasibility

As per the client’s views, the WordPress framework and themes are different items. In this framework and child theme will work separately.

On the other hand, the framework will get integrated into the WordPress theme and will be available in a single package.

The best example of a separate framework is StudioPress. This theme is individualized with the different child themes to avail of the total package. Where the elegant theme uses these frameworks so that they can integrate with their themes to create a single product.

Reason to prefer theme framework is given below

Instead of using common WordPress themes, frameworks are resulting in many benefits because you or your client can switch to any other theme very easily.

Changing your theme to another but staying with a similar framework will enhance the functionality without losing any data in the previous one.

A second most important reason for using a theme framework is that it gives you a positive impact in terms of the quality of your theme. For example for security reasons, genesis framework is suggested to use.

By using the Genesis framework you don’t need to worry about fast loading speed and robustness because it is the well-coded theme with the latest and secure code.

The maximum popular framework gives and awesome support to its users. This means if you have created a website by using a framework you can connect with the support whenever you need it. Even the support community will help you in theme customization.

By using the WordPress theme framework you will get access to most of the advance tools to enhance the functionalities of your website. For example, you can access the design palette pro extension and genesis extender plugin.

List of premium frameworks

Genesis framework

genesis framework
Genesis Framework is the most popular and recommended WordPress framework in this blog. You might be using or not using framework but you might heard genesis framework name many times this is because it gives the best power and available at an affordable cost. Along with these frameworks gives you countless updates and support at $59.95.

The genesis is very light weighted, secure and Mobile/SEO friendly which can be customized very easily. The genesis framework was introduced to use in child theme.

It is your choice to purchase it from StudioPress or you can also create it by your own. Some best child themes are Business Pro, Essence Pro and Magazine Pro.


  • SEO optimized.
  • Responsive.
  • Secure.
  • Secure code design.
  • Custom layouts and widgets.

The best thing about using Genesis is that you just have to invest one time. It means by getting a premium genesis framework at once you will get lifetime access to it.

Along with this, a number of child theme gives you an abundant number of choices to create an awesome website as you want.

  • One time purchase.
  • Number of choices for child themes.
  • Beautiful and clean themes.

Overall Rating

  • Overall Rating: B+
  • Customization: B
  • Design: A-
  • UX Rating: A

Cherry Framework

Cherry team members WordPress

cherry framework
Cherry Framework is very cool to use. You must give a trial to this framework. You don’t need to invest more in this framework because it is free to use. You will get all the features from theme framework


  • Automatic updates.
  • framework-to-child theme.
  • backup and restore option is available.
  • Bootstrap-based.
  • It’s free

Among the other framework, Cherry is the easiest framework to use. In any WordPress website design, you can make use of Cherry very easily. The design will be responsive for every mobile, browser resolution.

  • Easy to use.
  • Flexible.
  • Responsive.


  • Slideshow feature for bloggers.
  • Overall Rating:

    • Overall Rating: B-
    • Customization: B+
    • Design: A
    • UX Rating: C+


    headway framework
    Headway framework is the best alternative for a beginner or non-coding designers. This framework gives you an option of drag and drops features so that you can create your website very easily and effectively. Without spending money you get control over everything.


    • Easy to navigate.
    • SEO-Ready.
    • Drag-and-drop interface .
    • HTML5 and CSS3 included.
    • Easy to customize landing pages.
    • Best performance.
    • Grid layout.

    Headway comes with the visual editor option that gives you countless features that makes Headway a different framework from others.

    You can apply changes on CSS, for more accessibility, this framework comes with the live customizer option. You can adjust small design without effective complete homepage design.

    Overall Rating

    • Overall Rating: B+
    • Customization: A-
    • Design: A
    • UX Rating: C+


    Ultimatum Wordpress framework is considered as the ‘total design suite’ this means a user will get access to the complete website functionality and will be able to apply changes anywhere without writing a single line of code. Therefore we assume that Ultimatum is the best solution for you to go with.


    • Number of shortcodes.
    • Layer slider.
    • Revolution slider.
    • Post ordering.
    • Support WooCommerce.
    • Slideshows.
    • Post galleries.
    • Support visual composer page builder.

    Ultimatum gives you a huge range of features and functionality but the most demandable feature with Ultimatum is Widgets. Every part of your Wordpress website will have widgets by just dragging and dropping the element you want.

    And easy control over every element. without coding knowledge, one can create a professional WordPress website. Drag and drop feature


    • A bit challenging for website designers.

    Overall Rating

    • Overall Rating: A
    • Customizability: A-
    • Design: A
    • UX Rating: B-


    thesis framework
    Thesis 2.0 is the WordPress theme framework. More than 42000 websites are created using this framework around the world.

    Therefore it is the most well-liked framework by most of the developers. The 2.0 version of the thesis gives you a number of options for color, fonts, sizes, columns, etc.


    • Typography customizable.
    • Support custom 404 error page.
    • Awesome landing pages.

    The best part of Thesis 2.0 is that it allows you to build multiple pages and personalize each and every post by choosing your own template.

    It means you can revamp every post without getting any issue on the other posts. Along with this, the framework is SEO optimized which means you don’t have to worry about meta tags and titles, etc.

    The major drawback of These 2.0 is a drag and drop system. We can add a number of boxes on the website very easily which somehow disturbs the CSS code. Like you will mess up with brackets etc.

    Overall Rating

    • Overall Rating: C+
    • Customizability: B-
    • Design: C+
    • UX Rating: C+

    The best wordpress frameworks are listed above I.e. Thesis, Genesis, Ultimatum, Headway, Cherry Framework, etc. Just check each and every frameworks feature and make your choice as per your business and website requirement.

    But we personally suggest you to check Genesis reviews before going with anyone as it is the first choice for most of the website experts.

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