How to Create Custom User Profile Page in WordPress

How exciting is for your customers if they get access to their accounts from the front end of your WordPress website? Well, WordPress allows you to add countless visitors to your site, but from the backend.

If you want your customers get full access through frontend, you can allow them with WordPress custom user profile page. This allows the user to login to their accounts without using WordPress website dashboard.

Probably, you are wandering now- how it can be possible? This post shares the dept h details about creating WordPress custom user profile page and allowing them to give quick edits in website by using Registration Magic plugin.

Registration Magic plugin provides various features and options such as login/logout box, form submissions, notifications, inbox, payment report, sales and purchase reports, and more.

All these options can be accessible by your customers without having admin details. This plugin also allows the users to have best experience on the website.

Besides, the admin have an option to choose the user data that he wants to display on WordPress custom user profile page.

With this, user and admin get access to edit the user profile page information. If you are ready to get started with plugin then follow the given guide and create custom profile page with RegistrationMagic plugin.

WordPress custom user profile page

Activate RegistrationMagic Plugin

Before getting started with custom profile pages your first step is to install and activate the RegistrationMagic plugin in your website dashboard. To do this, click on plugins and add new button. Search the plugin, install and activate it.

Getting the Shortcode Form From Dashboard

Once the plugin activated you will see menu panel on your dashboard. Visit the menu and click on all forms option.

After clicking on this, it will show all the forms you can crate with RegistrationMagic. This provide several shortcodes for forms that make your job little easy. Let us consider an example to better understand this.

Each form will share unique Shortcode that will help you publish a form on your website. Once the form is selected you will find two links hover on the page one is fields and second is dashboard.

With the fields you can add customer user fields, where dashboard allows you handle payments of user, security, and more.

payment form

Moreover, the dashboard page allows the user to see registration feed and form statistics. While scrolling down, you will find Publish option. Choose user area that will allow you create WordPress custom user profile page on your website.

Copy Shortcode of Custom User Profile Page

With the publish option, user will get access to publish various pages on website. You will get various Shortcode types from HTML to user friendly directory page or login box.

custom user profile page

When you click on the User Area button this displays a popup form with Shortcode, copy that code. With the help of shortcodes you can create a custom page easily.

user area

Publish Custom User Profile Page in WordPress

To create WordPress custom user profile page visit pages in dashboard. Now click on Add new button and create a page with a name custom profile page. You can use any name because it will show in frontend of your site.

publish profile page

Now use the copied Shortcode and paste it on form dashboard on the content section of the page. As per choice you can also add media, images files, and more.

Now click on publish button and view the page. Now you have created the page for frontend custom user profile page on your website.

Front End View of The Custom User Profile Page

If you have published your custom profile page it will visible on the front-end to the user. Also, you can check the custom fields on the registration form.

Here you will see the username is highlighted with bold effect. On the other hand, it includes multiple tabs like registration, inbox, reset password, and logout.

When user login, usually it displays the personal information of a user like name, contact details, etc whereas registration tab displays form submission that specifies exact time and date of submitted forms. The inbox tab reveals the data received on form by users.

Further, this plugin also allow users to reset their password for the security reasons at anytime without notifying the admin. And the last option you will see on the custom page is logout that allow users to logout from their account.

Lastly, the user will get full access on the account from its data to its activities without intervention of admin.

RegistrationMagic is all rounder plugin that allow users to create WordPress custom user profile page with ease.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running, if you want to allow your customers to access their profile page, this is how you can give them access after form submission.

Creating Your Custom WordPress User Profile Page in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re unable to use RegistrationMagic plugin then here’s how you can achieve it.

Profile builder Pro plugin is second the best option to create WordPress custom user profile page. It is best to work with because it includes in-built custom fields.

With this you will easily create a highly customize profile page that allow your users to have easy login, registration page, inbox, and many more.

To check how to achieve this, the complete guide is shared below.

User Profile Page

One of the easy ways to create WordPress custom user profile page is using the Profile builder pro plugin. To get started with this first you have to install and activate it. Once you installed with this plugin, you can move further.

The pro advantage of using this plugin is you don’t have to create fields for users. The first thing you have to do is create a new page with name custom profile page builder that allow users to access the profile information and modify it as per the choice.

user registration

To create a page first visit the pages on dashboard and click on add new button. Then enter the name of page you want to show on frontend.

Once it completed, add the Shortcode [[wppb-edit-profile]] to text editor and it will show the preview of page.

manage form fields

On the page, you can easily add or delete any column by heading over the fields form from the profile builder pro plugin admin panel. Let us consider an example.

Suppose you want to delete full name or nickname field from the form or you want to add these.

You can reach to the custom fields section and choose the field name you want to add or delete. Now save the changes and you will get your WordPress custom user profile page exactly you need.

add phone number

With this plugin, users can easily modify their fields or user profiles. Even they can modify their contact details and show up content and change the password for the security purpose.

This also allows the user to enjoy the working of site through front end. Keep noted the admin can edit all fields, view the data, and many more.

User Registration Page

No doubt you have many reasons to allow your users to access front-end user profile page or login to your site. To accomplish this goal first finish with first step and then move to user registration page.

user registration page

Use profile builder pro plugin and start creating a new page to accept online registrations. Now next, add the [[Wppb-register]] Shortcode to the text editor.

user registration new

This Shortcode allow you to have registration page on your site. You can check it preview as well. Just like user profile page, you can add or remove custom fields as per your choice. Repeat the same process as given in profile page section.

One of the best features of this plugin you don’t have to create things manually. You can even add mail chimp software to makes things happens automatically for your users.

User Log-in page

Last is log-in page. To create this you should again use the profile builder pro plugin that allow you to create page easily. Your ultimate goal is only to create new page that load faster on any browser and device.

user login page

To do this, go to the pages click on add new button and name the page with log-in page or something unique.

Now add the [[wppb-login]] Shortcode in text editor. If you want to create it user-friendly you can give your login page enhanced look.

user login

If you don’t want to put your hard efforts then choose from the default templates and edit it. For an attractive look you can add logo and background image of your site.

The Bottom Line

The RegistrationMagic and Profile builder pro plugin will not only creates user-friendly WordPress custom user profile page, but it will create forms for all purposes registration according to your business.

With this your user will receive front-end working on your site that enhances user-experience. From any gym website, to hotels booking to getting doctor’s appointment these plugins are best to create the form you want to add. Good Luck!

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