Wix Vs WordPress: Ultimate Comparison for Website Builder

Wix vs WordPress presented here for your reference and to choose among them.

Being a part of this ever-evolving digital world, we value a great digital presence for the businesses around us. It has become imperative for a business to have a strong social presence in order to impress its potential customers and retain the existing ones.

To achieve this, a great website is the most important requirement after the pursuit of delivering satisfactory service to the users. So, a great website builder has to be in the space to make things happen.

Are you feeling confused which one to choose between Wix vs WordPress? Well, you are not the only one out. There are several people who feel the same confusion. Getting in detail, we can say that WordPress is not the only content management system in the world.

Though WordPress is much popular but Wix is also another option. Most of the people have not come across Wix. The only place one gets to hear about Wix is in the Wix TV commercials.

If you are of starting off website building, then this is not at all an easy thing to do. Suppose, you have completed your designing part only to find out that website builder you picked is not the right one.

You have to rebuild again. Would you like that to happen? It would definitely be a “No”. So, take a look at this article to find out which one is ideal for your use.

wix vs wordpress

Lets see the points of difference in this Wix vs WordPress article.


WordPress being an open source platform the source codes can be used by anybody. Anyone from coders to programmers can change it according to their needs. This is downloadable for free.

Purchasing it for a fee is also possible. This has led to the expansion of the WordPress community with 60 million websites (in 2012).

With the increase in the number of websites online, WordPress will continue growing. But so much usability can pose to be a problem. There is a centralized support system that monitors all these things.

What is more, a person with little knowledge of coding can also create a plugin or a theme. That can be a dangerous issue. A darker side of this fact is that such a vast community of WordPress has very lesser control.

If you are using Wix here then it not being an open source cannot be modified easily. Thus, there is a control that ensures the work is done in a proper way. Wix vs WordPress first point goes to WordPress.


The design is very much important for any website. It can be a great reason for the success. One has to make sure that the design of the website should be a good one.

Along with that, it should be an easy one too. The person using the website should be easily able to understand it no matter what age he or she might be.

While working with Wix website builder, one gets to choose from 500+ pre-designed templates. Those are also responsive. They are written using HTML5.

So, one can customize their sites using the built-in tools. One can find a template for every kind of sites. But a limitation one faces in Wix is after selecting a template one cannot change it. On the other hand, in WordPress, the paid themes have several features.

The free themes have less support though they have to undergo a strict review process. One can also customize the themes according to their needs. As because there are no design restrictions so choosing WordPress designing will be helpful if you need great design templates.

This can be said as a tie between Wix vs WordPress in this case.

Price & The Cost

This can be a strong factor while you choose anything, not only just a website builder. The cost of the website depends majorly on your needs. Then also you have to keep in mind your budget. Then only you will be free to use what you like.

The website builder in Wix is basically free. So, automatically when you design a website that will have Wix advertisements in the top and bottom. The next bad thing is that there will not be a custom domain. There are also no add-ons except in the basic plan.

If you want to remove the advertisements you have to upgrade it to the premium version. The applications that you use are not included in any of the costs you pay for the platform. On the contrary, WordPress is free.

Anyone can use it. The only thing is that you will need a domain and hosting to install it. There are several hosting providers of WordPress.

If your needs are minimum you can choose the basic plan. If you need added features then prefer choosing the premium pack. In this regard, WordPress is quite impressive than Wix. So, prefer that if your budget is low. Wix vs WordPress this also can be said as a tie considering long time investments.

Ease Factor

No one is too much interested in learning the codes. Thus, brighter side of both Wix and WordPress is that one can design the websites without learning the codes. Wix is very easy. It has several easy tools. By selecting and dragging a part of website one can start editing it.

The interface is commonly WYSIWYG. The contents of the page can also be rearranged. Even Wix is user-friendly. It allows adding of media.

WordPress has a visual editor. In it, one can write his or her content. One can also customize the themes as already discussed above. To use WordPress in a better way one has to be familiar with its sections. For the beginners, it requires little learning.

So, in this point of Wix vs WordPress, Wix wins clearly. This is possible only because the users do not have to waste their time learning the platform. Neither the users have to understand the basics (like WordPress does), nor do they need the plugins for help.


When you are making a website you should involve selling your articles online. On Wix, one can use ecommerce in the paid versions. The free plan users are not free to run ecommerce on their sites.

The payments can be made using Authorize.net and PayPal. Third party stores are also there for selling the things online. If you are taking the monthly schemes then you would have to pay much less.

WordPress has plugins that are free. These can be used to create your online shopping store. The plugins that are used can be paid through any of the leading payment getaways. So, if you are thinking of making the website then you can enjoy much freedom. There would also be added comfort in terms of flexibility and choice.

Plugins and Apps

These are the third part software. This can be used to add more features to the platform. Now, do you want to know the difference between the two? Well, it is not at all a complex matter. Wix has apps.

WordPress has plugins. There are more than 200 apps with Wix. Most of the apps are free. Some do require monthly payments. The prices of the apps may vary.

There are more than 38000 plugins in WordPress. Other plugins are also available. In this area, WordPress is a sure winner. The Wix library is also showing growth. The growth is limited when compared to WordPress.

To sum up, it can be said that Wix has several limitations in it. This, WordPress is undoubtedly better than others. A lot more opportunities are available with WordPress than with Wix. You can thus avail WordPress than anything else for designing your website.

You can also choose Wix of your needs are in keeping with Wix platform. So, don’t wait, start designing your platform today. This one in Wix vs WordPress WordPress would win hands down.

Wix vs WordPress Which One is Better

We continue our series of WordPress comparison with other popular and top content management systems and today it’s time to make Wix vs WordPress comparison for evaluation purposes.

Which the advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of them are, why you need to choose this or that platform, what you are going to gain and what to lose. You are going to find the answers of these questions in this article.

When it comes to choosing the best platform for your niche specific website or blog, there are crucial elements and important nuances to bear in mind. In the diversity of offers and hundreds of articles trying to prove this or that platform is unbeatable, it’s really hard for a “not so techy” user to decide against or in favor of them.

To make it easier for you to understand the basics and functionalities, the pros and cons of 2 of the most powerful CMSs, we have done Wix vs WordPress comparison and are going to share it with you.

From their costs and pricing to user friendliness, simplicity in usage and customization, ecommerce compatibility, feature richness, design and supplementary tools, we have considered all the important factors and features while assessing both platforms, so that it will be easier for you to make a final decision.

Wix Vs WordPress – Ultimate Comparison for Website Builder

1. Wix vs WordPress Pricing:

Sometimes the price is a decisive factor in giving preference to this or that product. In addition the initial expenses, you should also consider ongoing expenditure and costs you are going to have in relation to the development and maintenance of your site.

Why WordPress is so popular among the startups and novices in the digital field is its open source nature as well as affordable pricing.

Even if you have limited startup budget or want to save your money on other marketing campaigns or promotion ways than your website, be sure to find the best and the most pocket friendly options with WordPress.

Moreover, you will also save your financial means whenever there is a need to hire WP developers or designers to work on your site, as WP specialists are relatively cheap in the global market.

So your investment with WordPress is going to be on hosting (as well as domain in certain cases), maybe on a theme (if you choose to have a premium one) and that’s it. So the overall cost for a modest WP website creation might be as little as up to $10.

With Wix, you will be offered 1 free and 5 premium plans the most basic one costing $5. However, if you need to get access to advanced features.

Remove Wix advertisements (there are Wix ads on top and bottom of your site if you are using free or basic plan), integrate ecommerce functionality or something more, you will need to jump to one of the more expensive plans.

In addition to what has been said, you need to know that you are going to pay for each month, as the prices of the plans are per month.

2. Wix vs WordPress: Simplicity and Support:

You will certainly love WordPress from the first day thanks to its simplicity and easy of use. Even if you are a kilometers away from web creation and customization, the intuitive platform with visual editor and live customizer together with an easy to follow documentation/codex of WordPress will make it a breeze for you.

Besides, WordPress has a big community with devoted specialists and coders to give you the best assistance you will ever need to create the best version of your virtual presence.

As for Wix, this platform is also amazingly easy to use for the beginners and enables them to use simple drag and drop functionality, edit and restructure the default theme the way they prefer without touching a single line of code.

And when it comes to support, Wix specialists are also ready to provide you with the best assistance and help them troubleshoot during their work via different channels like forums, email or phone, etc.

3. Wix vs WordPress: Niche Specific Themes and Templates:

WordPress offers thousands of personal and business themes ranging from free to premium options. Whether you are looking for a common WP theme to offer you audience a design and layout they are used to see.

Something exclusive and rich in graphical solutions and unique color combinations to strike their eyes, there are always a loads of offers by WordPress.

https://www.sktthemes.org/ is a wonderful destination of diverse WordPress themes where anyone will find a suitable theme based on his/her specific preferences.

With Wix, you are going to find more than 500 prebuilt templates of different nature and design solutions. Just like WordPress themes, Wix templates are also fully responsive and cross mobile compatible, as well as customizable with layout and design changes and rearrangements, modifications, etc.

One of the disadvantages of Wix products as compared to WordPress is that once you have purchased a template, you won’t be able to change it with another one. You can customize it endlessly, but there is no possibility to move to another template with the same website.

4. Wix vs WordPress: Functionality:

Although both platforms are functional and integrate a practical toolkit of essential features and controls, WordPress offers way more functional possibilities than Wix.

If you spend some time on exploring WordPress, you will dig out hundreds of hidden yet wonderful controls and elements to boost your productivity as a webmaster.

5. Wix vs WordPress: Ecommerce:

E commerce activities have long become an integral part of hundreds of thousands of modern websites and blogs. And E commerce is what both Wix and WordPress support.

But if we go deeper into the details, we’ll find that with Wix e commerce functionality is available with paid plans. Thus, if you choose the free plan, there is no option to benefit from online trading or storefront running. Another disadvantage is that Wix will let you integrate only PayPal or Authorize with your store.

WordPress is more flexible with Ecommerce and even some free themes support it by default. There are also numerous plugins you can add to your theme and make it a perfect online selling environment. All kind of popular payment systems can also be connected with your WP website with the help of plugins and add ons.

Wrapping Up
In the long run, there is never “the best” platform for a website. It’s you to qualify this or that one as the best and the most suitable one for your needs and budget, audience expectation and the business you are in and many different factors.

However, let us state that you will succeed in any case, whether you choose WordPress or Wix. These are among the most well supported and powerful CMSs you can ever find right now and whatever your choice, it will pay up sooner or later.

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