Why do I need a personal website?

For many, personal branding is like giving more importance to self-emphasizing and a total no-no. However, in today’s competitive world, where even the smallest and the most famous stand in the same league when it comes to promoting themselves, you cannot take the risk of neglecting your own personal promotion. On the contrary, experts in the virtual world are of the belief that with a personal website you can set a good pace to your career very early.

How does having a personal website helps?

First, you should not take this move to be a very casual step. So, how does it help? Here are few suggestions:

Virtual online portrait 

Many personal website services out there give you the liberty to customize every inch and frame of your personal website. You can create a great virtual online portrait using various available online tools and software to enhance the effect of your website. This virtual online portrait describes exactly the way you are and carries a small picture of you. The website need not be too complicated. It should be simple and should include about, resume, blog, and contact/connect.

If personal branding has to be done effectively, you can try changing the backdrops, themes, the text placement and the fonts so that your personal website stands distinctly apart from the others.

personal WordPress theme

Easy contact info

Having a personal website makes it easier on the part of your contacts or aspiring associates to get in touch with you. You can leave simple link of yourname.com and it will show you in a better light as the tech-savvy cool dude who knows the rules of working and sustaining online in right manner.

It is always better to keep the domain name closer to your own name so that your contacts can easily identify it to be your personal website address. There are different platforms for creating your personal website. You can choose from Wordpress, Squarepace or Wix.  These platforms, especially Squarepace comes with many inbuilt options such as hosting, image galleries, blogging platform, great tech support, website analytics and lots more.

You can give a try for the free trial first and if you like, it you can have a personal website for as low as $ 12 a month rate.

You can be traced easily via Google…

Once you have a personal website you can be easily traced down via Google. If you post your website links on popular social sites like LinkedIn, Face book, twitter etc. you are sure to become more accessible to people. To get better response it is important that you try all the modes of online promotion such as email, business cards, Twitter bio and so on. Also, ensure that you have provided a contact request form or email link on your Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Personal Portfolio

The personal website serves as an instant portfolio for you. People are interested more in seeing and hence the more you show (with less text) the better it is for you. Your resume can be elaborate about your achievements. However when it comes to your personal website, you can straightway take the visitor to your blog and show him the highlights of your work. You can feature your work samples, the articles or blogs you have written to make a super-influential digital online portfolio to enhance your identity as well as work.

Online Resume

Placement of the resume and the content of the resume are both very crucial to make you stand apart from the rest of the competitors. More than 40 percent companies out there use social media for making their online impact effective. Hence, even if a recruiter comes across your resume it can get lost amidst the other professionals. However, if you have a personal website URL mentioned on your resume, there are better chances of the recruiters reaching you.

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