Types of Graphics Design to Explore for New Designers

The chief role of graphic designers is to create graphic content to capture the interest of the prospects. Their sole purpose is to create an enduring memory in the mind of the audiences through different forms of colorful imagery, typography and so on.

However, it might seem that all the graphic designers work under a similar title. But there is a wide range of graphic design categories.

The domains of the graphic design are not only differentiated by their name but also by the procedure. Therefore, if you are developing a passion to involve with this exciting profession, you need to learn about the different types of graphic design and their specific techniques and skills.

The industry of graphic design is developing every day. While you are engaged with the field, you need to adapt to several new skills. Hence, if you are an aspiring designer or a newcomer in the field, make sure to check out the 9 individual types of graphic design given below-

types of graphic design

1. Corporate Graphic Design

The task of corporate graphic design deals with visual mediums. If you decide to proceed with this domain, you need to work both for print and digital media. The job of a corporate graphic designer comprises of the house style.

It refers to the fact that being a corporate designer, you require to arrange the design tools in such a way that it becomes distinct along with sharing a familiar method called cohesive.

The three major aspects that evolve around this category include typography, company colors, and logos. A corporate designer can only be successful if she/he uses these three important aspects and creates a unique and strong visual identity of a brand.

The more distinctive, appealing and acceptable the logo is, the better reach the company gains.
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Thus, the responsibility of the corporate designer is quite huge. Some of the corporate graphic designers also need to work with sales and marketing to enhance the identity of a brand.

Moreover, they even require implanting fluent communication, conceptual skills, broader imagination and creativity.

2. Marketing Graphic Design

Second in the list of top 9 types of graphic design comes the marketing graphic design. This is one of the most common categories in the field. Moreover, upon hearing the name of the graphic design, the people presume it as marketing graphic design.

The mentioned category involves learning about diverse customer profiles and the advanced trends of the ground. As a marketing graphic designer, you would have to create catchy advertisements, signs, billboards, etc.

Recently, the marketing web designers are also appointed to create visual banners, brochures for digital media, social profiles, marketing templates for emails, and a lot more other content to use in digital media.

Securing a job as a marketing graphic designer is extremely easy as the necessity of marketing designing will never end. However, the freelancing scenario is a bit tricky, thus it is better to work under a company.

3. Packaging Graphic Design

The job of a packaging graphic designer is superbly amazing. In times most of you get amused to see the excellent packaging and wonder about the mastermind behind them. Well, the answer is the packing graphic designer. Their job responsibility is quite tough as they need to find out some unique and interesting packaging design. To be honest.

The first impression of any product comes with its packaging. Different companies utilize unique packaging to make their product stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, the whole responsibility of maintaining the brand’s identity lies on the shoulder of the packaging graphic designer. They need to investigate the recognizability, portability and continuity of the product packaging.

The job of a packaging graphic designer is extremely challenging. You have to be enough creative and indulge yourself in rational thinking to progress well with the profession. Nevertheless, to do well in your career, you would need to study the models and structures of automobiles and as usual basic designing skills.

4. UI Graphic Design

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One of the most important types of graphic design is the UI or User Interface graphic design. UI graphic design is responsible for enhancing the communication between a user and an application or a device.

A user interface graphic designer has to concentrate on several on-screen vivid fundamentals like menus, several buttons, micro-interactions, etc. T

he chief purpose of a UI graphic designer is to guide the aesthetic appeal and technical functionality in a balanced manner. Along with that, they expertise in games, desktop and mobile applications.

Moreover, their task is linked with the user experience designers and interface design developers, who respectively consider the working procedure of the applications and code writing. Besides working with the fundamentals, they have to design the game interfaces, themes of applications and web pages.

To be a successful UI graphic designer, you would need an in-depth concept of UI/UX principles and graphic skills. Additionally, you would also need to learn different programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

5. Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design

When talking about the different types of graphic design, the one that is mostly missed out is the vehicle wrap graphic design. Both large and small companies depend on this category.

The design of the vehicle wrap has very simple so that people take less time to study the advertisement. The job might seem easy, but it requires much effort and excellence in graphic skills.

The designer has to fix every single aspect of the vehicle wrap starting from its combining colors, to the contexts and logos present in it.

While pursuing the career of a vehicle wrap graphic designer, you need to maintain the accuracy of the templates minutely. Moreover, you would even need to keep in mind the millimeter measurement of the vehicle before proceeding with the design.

6. Motion Graphic Design

The visual imagery, animation, typography, several onscreen transition effects that you come across while watching movies, series and other contents in digital media are the results of the motion graphic design.

There might be no need of upholding the fact that, over the past years, the motion graphic design has received the utmost appreciation from the mass and its necessity is increasing day by day. It is considered one of the best types of graphic design.

With the advancement and up-gradation of the motion graphic design technology, the video contents are becoming superior as well with cost-efficient nature.

The motion graphic designers are responsible for creating promotional videos, presentations, trailers, banners, video games, GIFs, animated movies logos and so on!

The requirements of pursuing the career of motion graphic designers vary from one industry to another. Candidates with the strong concept of 3D modeling, coding, digital skills are eligible for the job position.

7. Print media and publication graphic design

If you like to involve yourself with the bookish world, one of the most popular types of graphic design, print media, and publication graphic design welcomes you grandly.

The main job of a print media and publication graphic designer is to make both the layouts and the covers of books, catalogs, magazines, etc. Moreover, the work includes framing several attributes like illustrations, typography, texts, binding, printing, etc.

However, performing the responsibility of a print media graphic designer requires creativity. You need to bring out the perfect appeal of content before the customer through its readability, font style, and appearance.

To fetch the attention of the reader, you would also know the right usage of leading (use of spacing between lines and kerning (use of spacing between characters and letters).

8. Apparel Wrap Graphic Design

The trend of wearing t-shirts with cool, graphic design has become immensely popular today. The graphic print on the t-shirts is handled by the apparel wrap graphic designer.

The work might seem very interesting and indeed it is! But it is worth to mention, that the apparel graphic designer needs high skills in measurements and graphic skills. Even a tiny issue in measurement can plunder the outcome.

Besides, the designers need to inculcate extraordinary imaginations to create new catchy graphic designs. As fashion gets outdated within weeks, you need to be very alert with the latest trend. Apart from this, the apparel wrap graphic designer can also design logos.

9. Environmental Graphic Design

Last but not the least, environmental graphic design comes among the most affluent types of graphic design. The designer has to work within the interiors of several buildings, stores, architectural structures.

For instance, if an individual step into an aquamarine or inside a restaurant and find the best graphic design, he/she would remember it throughout life.

The purpose of the designers is to enhance the attraction of the place, make it informative so that it becomes memorable.

Be it at public transportation, health care center stadium branding, Signage, the designer has to be very creative to make it easily navigated. For that, the designer needs to have a strong knowledge of the architectural plan and design concept.

Hopefully, after knowing all the separate types of graphic design, now you must be aware that the job role of a graphic designer is not only restricted to design letterheads and logos, you need to inculcate several other roles as well. The requirements and skills expand gradually.

You need to implant the idea that graphic designing is not only limited to printing a logo on the surface of a product. Apart from that, you would even need to find out the solution of several errors.

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