Steps to Switch from Tumblr to WordPress

Are you hoping to shift to WordPress after blogging a while on Tumblr? Well, then you are in the right place. It has almost been a trend of sorts to find users making a rightful shift from Tumblr to WordPress.

It does not really identify Tumblr as a real bad platform, but there are some limitations too. Tumblr addresses a familiar community which makes it an absolute delight for the users to express their interests, opinions and hobbies through their blog posts.

In case your objective is of a higher standard for developing a wider audience profile, then you need to find an alternative. The best alternative so far, for generating profits through your blogs, is WordPress.

You have the freedom to promote a business through your self-hosted WordPress profile.

Steps to import Tumblr to WordPress

If you think it to be grueling to import all your post from Tumblr to WordPress, here are the 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Create a WordPress account and authenticate Tumblr

In case you do not have a WordPress account, install WordPress software and purchase hosting.

Tumblr to WordPress

1. To move the Tumblr blogs and posts you have to authenticate Tumblr with WordPress. Reach out to the WordPress Dashboard.
2. On the left side of the Dashboard, click on Tools and then to “Import”.
3. Next, select “Tumblr” as the importer as shown:


4.Click the link to begin the import process and finally click on “Connect to Tumblr to begin”. This will take you to the Tumblr account or the login page of Tumblr, if you didn’t log into the Tumblr, previously.

Import Tumblr

5.Click on Allow as this connects the Tumblr account to your WordPress.

Step 2: Import content from Tumblr

After you have imported the Tumblr account, WordPress will enlist all the blogs that you want to shift to WordPress.

content from Tumblr

  • Select the WordPress author to whom the content addresses.
  • After you have selected the blogs, click on “Import this blog”.
  • Meanwhile, you will find an “In progress” bar and a success message appears on completion.
    • Once done, do have a look at the Tumblr posts on your WordPress account.

      Step 3: Edit WordPress themes to resembles Tumblr’s

      After importing posts from Tumblr to WordPress, you will get enough options to optimize the format of contents.
      Chances are high that your WordPress content will look different from that of Tumblr’s. So, follow these steps to fix it:

      • Use WordPress Customizer and install new themes.
      • Apart from this, you can use page builder plugins like “Elementor”. Elementor will design the entire layout of the website controls.

      Step 4: Use Domain mapping to redirect Tumblr visitors

      If you have been using custom domains in Tumblr, you need to redirect them for your WordPress users. Follow these steps to achieve it:

      • Access the domain registrar to provide name servers that denote the shift from Tumblr to WordPress. Use the web host to do this, if you are unsure of its proceedings.
      • You have to disable custom domain for a while until the import finishes.
      • To do that, go to “Settings” and choose a blog to update and remove “Use a custom domain”.

      For the Tumblr subdomain, there are some tricks to go through. You have to make changes with the coding:

      • Create a final post on Tumblr.
      • In the Tumblr dashboard, click “Edit appearance” and then on “Edit Theme”.
      • Access the option of “Edit HTML” in the sidebar.
      • Here you will find HTML codes, paste this code in between the tags. Also, replace the given URL with the URL of your WordPress site.

      Tumblr HTML

      5.In the body tag, paste this code without any edits and save it.

      Tumblr url

      Step 5: Create unique styles and designs on WordPress

      After you have successfully redirected, you need to explore WordPress to take undue advantage of this platform.

      1. Set different WordPress themes for different blogs.
      2. Install Plugins form WordPress to include new features for your website.
      3. You can also include video content, audio clips and embed files to your website. This will make it attractive and interactive at the same time.

      WordPress has some of the best and the largest collections of plugins so that you can just develop your website without having any knowledge of coding.

      What can WordPress offer that Tumblr cannot?

      There are some of the potential benefits of moving your blogs from Tumblr to WordPress.

      You can simply develop your website using WordPress, which is perhaps the most efficient website developer for the best blogging experience. But for that, you need to access to develop your website and access some of its most efficient tools.

      WordPress is the open-source software but not Tumblr. Your WordPress site won’t be limited for access as it does not cost to blog on its platform.

      WordPress dashboard has a varied range of functionalities that will help you monitor your posts, comments or plugins. On the other side, the dashboard of Tumblr is quite simple but lacks functionalities.

      Why is it easy to import Tumblr blogs to WordPress?

      The website structure of Tumblr is minimalistic with its posts including textual matter and media. Apart from this, Tumblr mostly allows micro-posts so it becomes simpler to import Tumblr to WordPress.

      Also, certain elements such as likes or re-blogs and designs are home to Tumblr. So you cannot import these to WordPress.

      But you can always transfer the Tumblr themes to WordPress if you have technical knowledge in this area. With some coding, you can customize your WordPress theme that looks similar to your Tumblr theme.

      A quick brush up!

      Importing posts from Tumblr to WordPress is a bit of a time-draining job. However, if you are not convenient with manually transferring them, then you can always look for the WordPress plugins named Tumblr Importer. It will ease your work; nevertheless, you have to spend some time making minor edits to posts, images to titles.

      And then, if you think, it’s the end of your problem; it’s the beginning of a new journey!

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