Top Rated Code Editors for WordPress Developers Working Environments

If you are looking for the best and top rated code editors for WordPress developers to code and design your WP sites, then you are welcome to read our article. This time we have collected the best code editors under one roof you can test and try to write powerful and reliable codes.

It’s a tale as old as time that WordPress is only a blogging platform. WordPress is making blogging fairly easy and convenient for millions of users around the globe, but the truth is that this content management system has gone far beyond being a blogging environment and as for now is used for hundreds of other publishing and business presentation purposes as well.

Further, WordPress is a good choice with its simplicity not only for non techy users, but also for the advanced users, developers and coders thanks to its feature rich and extensible character.

As for the second group of WordPress related staff, apart from prebuilt tools, there are also hundreds of other working environments and code editors they can freely use to make the most of their coding experience and knowledge to create awesome websites.

From the configuration of core files to changes in styles, a great deal of work is performed via modern code editors.

Below you can find some of the top rated code editors for WordPress developers which function just out of the box and are practical in usage while providing you the best working platform with all kinds of first aid tools and features.

Top Rated Code Editors

Top Rated Code Editors for WordPress Developers Working Environments

1. Vim:

Vim is currently one of the free and top rated code editors for WordPress developers created on the basis of the older vi. While using this text editor, you are free as in freedom to make us of endless customization and automation options, as Vim is optimized for functioning with multiple add ons and extensions for the maximum productivity.

Some of the advantages of Vim is that this editor is highly configurable and super portable meaning that it can work just fine with multiple operating systems and servers.

However, Vim may seem a little bit tricky for startup coders and WordPress users as it comes with a certain learning curve.

2. Light Table:

The next super code editor that can seamlessly integrate with your coding workflow is called Light Table.
As the name of it clearly states, this editor is really lightweight and handy in management. Real time mode of checking changes is also offered with Light Table.

Easy to use and customize, beautiful and eye catchy, yet clear in design, possibility to embed anything needed, whether it is a game or graph, tons of extension options, Windows, Mac and Linux support. As you can see, the benefits of Light Table as one of the top rated code editors for WordPress developers are quite many.

And what is more enjoyable in this case is that you can get access to Light Table without spending a penny, since it is available for free.

3. UltraEdit:

Developed for Windows, Max and Linux users, UltraEdit is the next highly recommended code editor for developers. It comes with support for all the major languages like HTML, JavaScript, C/C++, JS, Perl, PHP, Python and many others.

This premium product is a multi caret and multi select code editing solution, packed with column mode whenever horizontal edition is not the best fit for you, FTP, SSH and Telnet support capabilities, customizable user interface, etc.

Code syntax highlighting, XML handing, powerful search for finding the needed files, expressions or more, as well as file compare modes are also wrapped up in UltraEdit.

4. Chocolat:

If you are a Mac user, then Chocolat has got your back! Integrated with code auto completion and live error checking options, Chocolat is going to make your workload much lighter and the final result – error free.

What the top rated code editors for WordPress developers actually do is to collect all the features and tools developers and programmers will need all at one place. And Chocolat is not an exception. Along with code completion and error checking in live mode, Chocolat also boasts customizable snippets, speedy file navigation, code folding, different cursors and selections, and finally works perfectly with all programming languages you can use for now, be it PHP, C++, HTML, Python or something else.

5. CodeAnywhere:

Welcome to go-to coding and development environment called CodeAnywhere. You are not going to download anything to get started with your coding. Instead, you will be provided with cloud editor/IDE to use from anywhere you are, manage files on Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP server, etc.

Complete your projects in HTML, PHP or any other major programming language you are specialized in. Quick in customization and versatile in usage, CodeAnywhere also suggests code completion with js, php, html and css, offers multiple cursors and Zen coding support.

6. Notepad++:

Our list of the top rated code editors for WordPress developers would definitely be incomplete without Notepad++. This free text editor is an amazingly versatile and useful tool both for startup and experienced users.

This GPL licensed and written in C++ text editor operates in Windows environment so that only Windows users are privileged to enjoy this world – class text and code editor for free.

Syntax highlighting and syntax folding, word completion and function completion, zoom in and zoom out, multi language environment support, macro recording and playback, multi view and multi document, column mode editing and many other useful features are going to be found inside Notepad ++.

7. Atom:

Another robust and modern tool among the best code editors is known as Atom. A fun part about this editor is that it integrates many developers and lets you benefit from a great code collaboration with them. Thus, a real time code editing, IDE features with auto completion, cross platform editing, prebuilt package manager to search for the needed ones or install a new package, file system management with a single file or multiple projects are waiting for you with Atom.

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