Do You Need Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting?

It is a fact that among many Content Management Systems (CMS) WordPress is still number one worldwide, with more than 30% of all websites using this platform.

What started as a CMS evolved into a complex, easy-to-use platform compatible with almost any type of content – from blogs and personal websites to e-commerce and diverse portfolio businesses.

Choose one of two ways

Once you’ve chosen WordPress as a CMS for your website, two big steps are waiting for you. Depending on your plans and needs, it is crucial to choose a good domain name and right hosting type for your website.

A good domain name should not be long, and yet, easy to remember, so be creative and smart. With hosting, there are basically two different ways you can go – managed and unmanaged.

Do it on your own

Majority of users will choose to go for an unmanaged solution. This means that you pay for space on the server where you can put your website. Hosting provider is obligated to keep the server working, but the rest is up to you – all monitoring, uploading and maintenance.

Good Hosting Company

With unmanaged hosting, depending on the type of your website, you can choose between shared, VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting. There are hosting providers like Hostinger that hold offer the best of both worlds with flexible plans.

This often means that you’ll get a few perks of the managed hosting in the unmanaged plans, with support quality close to the dedicated one.

In short, shared hosting is good for small to medium websites, but if you have fast growth potential, you should consider VPS. The main advantage of Virtual Private Server is the possibility to add or remove additional resources.

For more advanced and professional usage, dedicated hosting means that you have all of the server resources at your disposal. Cloud hosting is similar to dedicated hosting in terms of performance. It is offering scalable server resources based on hardware virtualisation. This allows high traffic and high bandwidth for your website.

Sit back and relax

If you opt for managed hosting, you are letting your host manage your website for you. Managed hosting goes a lot further than unmanaged one: website updates, backup, monitoring, security checks… Also, your first steps will be much easier since you will have a helping hand guiding you through the whole setup process.

Like unmanaged hosting, there are usually different types of Managed WordPress Hosting: Server-grade management and App-grade management.
With Server-grade management you’ll get all major WordPress functions covered. You do not have to worry about accidental problems, high visitor surge, security issues or bugs.

App-grade management offers a bit more advanced service. This means that hosting provider will manage regular backups, updates for both WP and plugins, additional security measures, and everything else required for quality website functioning.

No matter which type of Managed WordPress Hosting you choose, you can count on benefits like simplicity, advanced security, regular backups, additional services, scalability and dedicated support (or even a support team).

And that is the best part of managed hosting – let experts manage your website while you take care of strategy and content. You will always have an optimized website without your active involvement, and time and energy spent.

And don’t fool yourselves, unmanaged hosting is time-consuming, and more like a part-time job than a hobby.

Managed hosting benefits

It is hard to pick the top benefits, but explaining them can help you understand what you really get with managed hosting.
Managed hosting is great for beginners. Website setup in an unmanaged hosting environment can be very confusing for someone that never done it before. With managed hosting, you can have experts do this for you while covering all potential technical issues that can emerge.

Every kind of optimisation is covered with managed hosting. You don’t need to worry about sluggish performance and loading issues, just leave it to experts. Even if something unplanned happens you can call your support and have them help you resolve the issues you have.

Unlike unmanaged hosting which can also have support, with Managed WordPress Hosting you’ll have a personalised team. They can help you every step along the way instead of steering you in the right direction to resolve the problem on your own.

As we all know, security is a very important aspect of every business and implementing and maintaining the right solution(s) can be a very time-consuming job. With managed hosting, you can ask your team for security strategy, and once you choose the one that you like, you just tell them to apply it.

Unforeseen situations like a visitors surge or periodical spikes can have a negative impact on your website, and a worst-case scenario – a crash of your website. With regular backup, this does not have to be a big problem, but it can leave your website offline in the midst of hype.

One of the greatest things about Managed WordPress Hosting is that it has the possibility to scale your website through dedicated servers. And with good monitoring, you will never be caught off guard. This way your website will not suffer during those high visitor spikes.

Save the headaches for something important

With managed hosting, there is a team of experts monitoring, watching and guarding your website, so that you don’t have to. Leave worries about bugs, crashes, hackers and cyberattacks aside.

Don’t waste your time and energy on updates, plugins, and backup, leave it to someone who does it several times a day. And that is the whole point of managed hosting – you are paying experts to do the things they do best, while you focus on the important stuff.

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