The Pros and Cons of Running Advertising on Your WordPress Blog

If you have just started with the new business on the internet, you might be finding some different ways to brand your product and services or might be looking for the solution to get more revenue.

For most of the bloggers, Google Adsense is the best source to get more income. Many of the blogs set up Google ads with good traffic to their website. But at one stage some people avoid to do Google Adsense for their blog. The reason is mentioned below

  • Your Google AdSense has not got approval
  • You are not satisfied with the result of getting from AdSense and looking to explore more ideas.
  • Without knowing the reason your account has been disabled.

Whatever the reason is for getting blocked from Google Adsense but still, there are some other options that will keep you business income running and can be a very easy way for future point of view.

running advertising on your blog

Different ways of running advertising on your blog or a website

google ads
With different methods, you can generate more revenue with blogging. The most important ways to get more money by advertising on your blog is listed below

  • Pop-ups
  • Sell text link on your blog
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Paid reviews
  • Sell advertising on your blog
  • CPM ad network

First of all tell me do you ever create ads on your blog?

Most of the bloggers prefer to run ads on their blog. Most of the huge websites support the ads.

So would you like to start running advertising on your blog?

This is a tough question that is difficult to answer. Therefore in this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of running ads on your blog.

The best 4 highlighted reason that why you should run ads on your blog


1. Easy productive method

Creating an ad on your blog is the most simple and easy method for monetization that all bloggers should try.
You do not need to work hard for launching a service, creating a product or do not need to find any affiliate product to review.

Instead of doing all this you just have to signup for Infolinks, Google Adsense and network.

Once this is done you will be able to start your ads on a blog immediately.
You just need approval from Google that would require some days to approve.

2. In private, you can market your ads space

While running advertising on your blog you can work with other companies who are willing to advertise their content on your blog.

Working with the advertisers means you can determine your own price rule.
For example, you can set monthly rates instead of paying per click.
Along with this control, you will be having more permission to control the ads on your blog.

3. You will be aware of your customer which kind of products they like

While running advertising on your blog you will be able to analyze and collect information about your customers that which products and services they are more interested in.

If you are able to get access to the user metrics then there would be chances to know about your customer’s behavior and how many clicks they have performed on each ad.

In case if you are running ads privately then you can ask your advertiser then how much people are submitted their order.

4. You can get regular income

If you ever worked with ads previously you will be able to find that it was not working perfectly in such a way that out could provide you extra income.

But if you have any other monetization idea or in case your business has some seasonal summit then it is good to have an income getting regularly.

The main 4 reasons that why you should not run ads on your blog are mentioned below

1. You may face losses in terms of customers who have a bad experience with your products

The biggest disadvantage of creating ads on your blog is it can lower down your audiences even if they are potential customers.

When users click on the ads that users will be taken out to another website instead of yours.
Therefore it is difficult to find a solution to resolve this issue.

But if your website is based on a Large scale which has huge traffic then this will not be problematic for you at all.

But when you are creating a website from scratch, you will never look forward to running ads.

2. Some customer uses Ad Blockers

Most of the customers use Ad Blockers extension that blocks the unwanted ads. Hence such types of customers will never be able to see your ads.

Actually this is not a problem because blocking customers does not mean that you will never reach your potential customers.

3. Ads will make your website or a blog little unwanted or homely

Suppose you are trying to market the ads then there will be certain control in your hands to make your website look good as you want. You will have a control to turn down the ad banners if you think it is looking spammy or design ugly.

But in the advertising network, you will not be aware of what content or box will get appeared on your website. Some advertisements can look messy or spammy. Hence, some nicely designed advertising ads can even look like disorganized and lower attractive.

4. With ads, you will not be able to get much revenue

large scale websites can get much traffic and revenue if they create ads, you will not be able to get much revenue if you have just started the business online and has the minimum number of customers coming to your website. Even you will not be able to get money to cover the cost of hosting.

You might have been seen many people starting running ads but they have little chances of getting much paid.

So, Are you sure you want to start running advertising on your blog? Only you have a answer to this question. And your opinion can change as per different stages at the blog cycle.

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