Rich Content and Rich Snippets: A Must for Your WordPress Blog

It is a fact that not every post will result in lots of traffic nor it will drive expected user attention. Some will say that it cannot be planned according to us because we don’t know what people would like to read at their specific time but it is not at all correct because you will be able to see the patterns while researching.

Suppose your blog has optimized properly as per SEO standards and your blog has been listed on the top of the search engines then also you will notice that your blog is not getting desired traffic as it should be because your blog does not consist of accurate and useful information that will drive user attention.

The content which seems interesting and unique are known as “rich content” and this type of content is sufficient to encourage engagement and attract more user attention. Rich content and rich snippets is important to drive user attention.

What is rich content?

With rich content including any multimedia content, will help you to get wider user experience and makes your website and blog more attractive and interactive. If you have added some static pictures and the text in the article it will not feel overwhelmed but if you add some other media content such as interviews, quotes, surveys, or a video, then your simple article will become rich content.

You must be aware of a fact that people get easily bored with long plain texts and they hate such type of content. Therefore your article and the post should have some features that will entertain your users easily. You should write such content that a reader can accept or disagree with that, add some marked text, integrate with interactive elements to get more views, comments, and likes.

Rich Content and Rich Snippets

Types of rich content

rich content

1. Blog post

The blog post is not just a combination of text and pictures but also it is a page that consists of some links that will redirect users to other pages. Hence the user can easily comment on it and share their views. Also, good and high rich content will be shared on social media by visitors if they found it interesting this will increase your new followers and visitors. Thus if you do not add any interactive elements on your blog you will face tremendous loss in visitors.

2. Video

If you have still not added videos on your articles then it is high time to start with. Visitors will feel overwhelmed while watching videos on your articles. If you read research paper done by Cisco you will find that 80% of the traffic you can get if you have integrated videos on your blog or a website. Facebook videos are watched by visitors more than 8 billion times. So did you get the clear idea that why video is the most important element when we talk about traffic? Videos actually speak with users, and they feel involved.

3. Audio file or podcast

You will find that most of the muted Facebook videos are also watched. Hence podcasts and audios are also the most important part and convenient than the simple boring text. You concentrate on text when you are reading and when you start listening you are free to do some other work with your eyes and hands. You feel close to the surroundings when you start listing while putting headphones.

4. Animated Infographics

Infographics are also the best way to represent your data. Infographics always seem clear, comprehensible, and intelligible. You can also add some animations to infographics so that when the user scrolls the infographics page they will feel some animations. This is also another element that can be useful for making your content interactive. And this type of content will make your users drive attention to each and every small detail. They will never miss any part of the content.

5. Conversation-type surveys

Conversation-type surveys are also important parts that provide a question to the visitor at a time. As soon as visitors answer the first question they will be asked for the second question. By adding these features visitors will feel like they are doing real conversation with someone. Therefore the type of element is known as conversation-type.
Most of the visitors including me do not like long and useless questionnaires. If a visitor checks the form and if they found it is too lengthy or more than 10 questions they will refuse to answer those questions. Therefore you can start questions and answer sessions by using conversation-type surveys. This process is simple and easier to work with.

Why it is important to add rich content on your blog?

Your blog needs a high rich content to get more user attention and wider audiences. The blog is created to get as much as traffic that you can to gain more readers. Sooner your blog will be converted into monetizing by which you can start getting extra money. A large number of traffic and visitors will be resulting in more blog popularity and bigger in profit. In short good content will result in you into a large income because rich content always attracts more user attention.

These all are the main reason that why you should start integrating some elements on your blog such as animations, videos, images, infographics, podcasts, etc. WordPress has a number of possibilities and countless features that will help you to create rich content.

What do you mean by rich snippets?

Rich Snippets
Do you know what a snippet is? Snippet means a small text that is visible on the list search results inside the website link. Snippet provides a description in brief about your website page so that you make sure that you are landing on the correct page. Suppose if have searched for “latest lipstick shade” on the Google search bar.

When results appear on the search page, the link which consists of a same keyword that you searched will be highlighted to the bold for your good searching experience and more convenience. Most of the users first check whether the keyword is present on the snippet or not. If yes then they will proceed with that link else they will move forward with another link.

Rich content and rich snippets have something similar and that is a short description which consists of some very useful information. It has some extra information including the cost of the product; rating contact details, stock level, and more. In rich content, this information can be added to make it more useful, cooler, and attractive.

Why your blog require rich snippets?

Rich content and rich snippets both are required for attraction. Attention can be gain if the user catches the eye wins. Users’ eyes will feel so pleasant when they view rich snippets are integrated into your blog. Hence this will enhance the chances to visit your website and get the products or services.

And the second reason to have a snippet is for good interaction. Good snippet always results in good search engine ranking. By getting this search engine will identify the reason for your blog and will get results in proper keywords. You will improve the chances of getting high ranks on search engines if your blog is more interactive.
Plugins for rich snippets


Schema is a rich snippet plugin available for free. It has more than 100,000 active downloads. With this plugin, you can easily add images, ratings, and author to the page to add short descriptions. With new updates, new features come into existence but you need to go with a premium package for extended functionality.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP and Rank Math

This plugin is also the most efficient tool that has more than 33 marking options including service, tech article blog post, and more. You can write about anything that your user wants to see. This plugin is supportive of AMP.
Rank Math plugin has a feature of adding rich snippets along with the features to enhance the SEO of a blog. Plus this tool gives you a lot of options to optimize keywords, support for 404 error page, and more.

To create a modern, stylish, and creative blog it is essential to have rich content and rich snippets. so start creating your podcast, videos, and other content with high rich snippets plugins.

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