Learn Quick Ways To Rename Uncategorized Category in WordPress

You are using a theme which is showing the unwanted category of “Uncategorized” on your website. It can be annoying and disturbing. We know that beforehand, as we have gone through the same issue as well.

So, we are going to list some quick and easy steps you need to follow to rename Uncategorized Category in your chosen theme for the Website on WordPress.

1. Login to Your WordPress Account Firstly :

Rename Uncategorized Category

The foremost step whenever you are dealing with any kind of issue on your blog or website backed by WordPress is to log in to your account. This will not take much time if you already remember the ID and password.

Login to Your WordPress Account Firstly

However, if you do not, then that is not something to worry about. The easy option which you can see from the image above named “Lost Your Password?” or “Email me a login link” can help you gain back the access to your account that runs your website.

2. Go To Admin Dashboard :

Next, you need to go to the Dashboard, which is the left side panel when you are logged into your official account.

Admin Dashboard

This Dashboard has a lot of option for the admins or the owners of the websites running WordPress. So, do not feel confused about where to click and go.

3. Search For Post Options :

So, carefully scroll down the Dashboard, which is the black window pane, clearly seen on the image above. The first option will be for Posts. When you scroll down this Posts option, it will be for different categories and functionalities on WordPress.

Search For Post Options

The options under this heading are: All Posts, Add New, Categories, Tags.
You have to skim over Categories option for renaming purpose.

4. Browse The Categories Under Posts Section :

Browse The Categories Under Posts

From the image above, it’s clear that you will get a list of categories that your website has been using or tagged under. But it should also be clear to you that there is no option to delete this Uncategorized category from here.

This might be so because the Uncategorized category has placed because of the WordPress’ default setting.
Therefore, now you need to rename Uncategorized category whenever it is possible to tackle the annoying add on in the tags added to your website.

5. Click The Quick Edit Button & Start Renaming The Uncategorized Category :

Uncategorized Category

Now, through the quick edit button available under this categories section, you can choose the name that you think will seem fit for your website or the blog that you are writing about using WordPress web hosting services.

6. Update The Category & Check Your Blog Again For The Categories Listed :

At the final step, you can click the Update Category option as seen in the snapshot posted above. This whole procedure will take five minutes if you follow the steps as they are mentioned in this blog.

In short, instead of removing, you can easily rename Uncategorized category, and increase your website’s chances to attract the targeted customer/readers as soon as possible.

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