Popular 30+ Brands Using WordPress In 2023

There are tons of popular brands across the globe using WordPress in 2023 to communicate with their clients and customers, followers and fans, and generally with the end users of what they produce, advertise, offer or sell.

WordPress CMS is not only a valuable platform for startups or companies working on a limited budget, but also for globally praised and famous, top rated and award winning brands and trademarks, celebrities and partnerships, societies and businesses of all kinds and nature.

As one of the open source environments to work on, WordPress gives so much needed freedom to different corporate and personal presentations and labels to showcase the best image of what they are engaged.

Otherwise stated, all of those popular brands using WordPress in 2023 are never subject to any limitations when it comes to using the whole versatility of WordPress to result in the most engaging look and feel of their websites as per their ideas, tastes, necessities and client’s expectations.

And while the advantages of all such popular brands using WordPress in 2020 are endless as compared to others, let’s see which they are.

Brands Using WordPress In 2023

1. The White House:
White House

The White House lets you stay connected with the latest updates about US President, economy and jobs, national security and immigration policy of the state, etc.

2. Jquery:

Jquery is a Javascript library that is feature packed and cross mobile compatible, highly versatile and used by millions of developers.

3. The New Yorker:

The New Yorker is also one of the popular brands using WordPress in 2018. It’s a famous magazine spreading stories and news across the globe on a weekly basis.

4. BBC America:
One of the US popular television networks, BBC America is a part of BBC Worldwide sharing innovative and cross culture catching programs, episodes and movies.

5. The official Star Wars website:

Get the latest news, interesting facts, events and video materials catering to Star Wars from their official website that is WordPress powered.

6. Sony Music:
sony music

One of the long established popular brands using WordPress is 2018 is Sony Music – the world’s second-largest sound record company.

7. MaxCDN:

MaxCDN is one of the famous content provision networks to contribute to your site’s SEO results and the overall performance.

8. MTV News:
mtv news

A youth music and entertainment TV channel launched in 1981 and keeping its ranking higher over the years.

9. Beyonce:

Who does not know Beyonce? A celebrity American R’n’B style singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer.

10. The Walt Disney Company:
the walt disney company

The Walt Disney Company is another widely known American based mass media and entertainment community that prefers to use WordPress for its digital presence.

11. PlayStation Blog:
play station

The blog of popular home video game console is powered by WordPress as well with regular updates of relevant topics and game updates.

12. SiteMinder:
site minder

SiteMinder is also among the popular brands using WordPress in 2018 revolving around hotel and hospitability industry and offering its risk and contact free services.

13. Microsoft News:

News Center website of Microsoft is presented with WordPress based website and invites you to stay up to date with recent news and articles, newly launched features, press tools and more.

14. Marin Software:
marin software

One of the leading online advertising companies with productive cross channel operation also prefers WordPress.

15. Boingo:

A far famed company among DAS and Wi Fi providers ensuring people have access to the Internet anywhere.

16. Vivendi:

Vivendi is a French media conglomerate operating in the market of sound recording, broadcasting, production of films and TV programs, as well as engaged in publishing, telecommunications, the development of computer games, etc.

17. Bata:

A shoemaking and shoe selling company having its branches in different countries and regions.

18. AdEspresso:

AdEspresso is a wonderful tool ready to optimize your Facebook advertisements with less time spent and with more tangible results.

19. cPanel Blog:

WordPress users are all well aware of cPanel. It’s a popular web based hosting control panel making the hosting of a website much easier.

20. Toyota:

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest Japanese automotive manufacturing firms and its Brazilian branch uses WordPress on the basis of their website.

21. Quartz:

Quartz represents a pair of Mac OS X technologies forming a part of the Core Graphics framework.

22. Loggly:

Another famous company in the digital sphere engaged in providing log management services, troubleshooting and diagnostics with logs, data analysis and reporting, etc.

23. Usain Bolt:

We are pretty sure you have heard about one of the fastest people on the planet – Usain Bolt. In his official WP authored website, you are going to find the biography and achievements, foundation and team members of this legendary athlete.

24. Wolverine Worldwide:
Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide is an American footwear manufacturer owning the brand Wolverine Boots and Shoes and having its offices across the globe, from Waltham to London, from Michigan to Hong Kong.

25. Facebook Newsroom:
Facebook Newsroom

Find the latest news, recourses, tools, updates and announcements of one of the most influential social media networks named Facebook in Facebook Newsroom.

26. Foliovision:

Foliovision is the home website of a popular and well developed WordPress video plugin you can use for making your website more multimedia friendly and video armed.

27. ExpressJet:

ExpressJet is an industry leading regional airline connecting people, friends and relatives safely.

28. The Rolling Stones:
The Rolling Stones

The official website of a famous English rock band The Rolling Stones is showcased online with the help of WordPress technology.

29. Mozilla blog:
Mozilla Blog

Latest Firefox updates, Mozilla experiments and many other Mozilla related news and community novelties can be found in Mozilla blog.

30. Inside BlackBerry:

It’s the official BlackBerry blog with multiple software solutions, news on new BlackBerry designs and updates, cyber security predictions, smartphones and other products information.

31. Snoop Dogg:

Welcome to the official website of another famous scandalous person known as Snoop Dogg.

32. Skype Blogs:
skype blogs

News, updates, tips, different versions of Skype to download, client stories and much more to be found when reading the blog of Skype.

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