Ways to Get Your WordPress Blog for Free to Earn You Some Money

If you have just started your blog and wanted to know how to monetize it for free, then this article is for you. Granted that there are a lot of articles out there, about how easy it is to monetize your blog.

But in actuality, the process is about as far removed from ‘easy’ as it can get; it is not that the process is hard on its own, but you need to be able to drive the traffic towards your content or your blog is not going to earn you big bucks.

Here are a few tips and tricks, so check out the 5 ways that you can monetize your WordPress blog for free. You may want to pay close attention to some of the methods listed below and once you implement the same on your website, your traffic should shoot up as should your revenue.

You need to make sure that your blog is optimized for SEO so that search engines can crawl it faster and for more tips, do check out 5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free.

WordPress Blog for Free to Earn

1. Google adsense:
This is one of the easiest ways for you to make money off your blog – all you need to do is to enroll for the ad sense program and set your blog to advertise a few ads, from Google Ad sense, and each time the person clicks on the ad, the advertiser gets charged for the same and Google will forward the payment to you.

The process is fairly simple, you would have to register your blog which should only take moments and after which, you should be able to tweak your website and start displaying the ads right away.

There are more than a few PPC companies out there but Google Ad sense happens to be the best of the lot. Just keep in mind that you need more than decent traffic to make a few bucks each month.

So make sure that you opt for the right theme and that your website is elegantly structured. Your website must also display content that your users would be interested in as well.

Only with good content, can you hope to get some decent traffic and some money as well. You can outsource your content requirements and get it developed by professionals.

This is why it is important that you set up ad sense on your blog so that you can start making some serious money with your blog at the earliest.

And please remember that Google Ad sense is rather strict about their requirements and your website must feature original and quality content, for your blog to be approved for the same.

2. Google ad sense for search, custom search:
If you thought that PPC ads were the only way you could ever make some money, you may want to think again.

Now, you can set up a custom search engine on your website, and each time a user searches the content on your website, using the custom search engine, you get paid.

It’s that simple, what’s more, you can set it up in under a minute or less. All you have to do is to head over to Google accounts, enter the URL of your blog, select the language and name for the custom search engine and you should be set. With WordPress, you can create a search engine for each page individually.

Now, all you have to do is to click and copy the code onto your website and that’s it. It usually works like this, each time someone uses your custom search engine, it displays ads along with the search results and the ad in question works like a PPC ad.

So assuming that your website is large enough, then this may well be the perfect way to monetize it which is why it ranks at number two, when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free”. You can set up a search engine for each blog page, and monetize the lot.

What’s more, thanks to analytics, you should even get a good idea on how it all performs and streamline the same, for better results as far as monetization is concerned.

3. Sponsored posts:
Sponsored posts are where you actually sell the space on your blog for a sponsored post. Essentially, companies pay you to do a write up about a product or service for which they will pay you big bucks.

The catch is that companies would prefer to pay for sponsored posts only as long as the blog in question happens to contain great content and comes with good traffic and even then, the question of how many sponsored posts can your blog carry will crop up.

A good quality blog should not feature more than a few sponsored posts each week but that also depends on the blog itself.

Companies know well enough that these type of posts make for some great advertisements and as such, would be more than happy to pay you premium rates provided that your blog, carries great content and stands out for all the right reasons.

It is one of the best ways that you can monetize your blog for free and it does not even cost anything. This particular monetization strategy should not cost much, but the downside is that carrying one too many sponsored posts and biased ones can affect your credibility in the long run.

But as long as you make sure that your posts are not biased, you should be fine and the current method ranks third when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free

4. Affiliate links:
There are many companies like Amazon associates, Clickbank, and others with Amazon leading the pack among others. Affiliate marketing is easy, and you can soon earn big bucks; essentially you need to do write-ups about specific products and post the same on your WordPress blog with your unique affiliate link.

And as soon as someone clicks on the link, and purchases the product, you earn a commission and the same will be credited to your account right away.

It is a simple but effective way to earn some good amount of cash but remember that your blog would still need to feature some good traffic in order to make some money out of affiliate marketing.

You can choose your own products; the first thing that you need to do is to register with one of these affiliate marketing companies and enter your blog URL to get the referral ID set up.

What’s interesting though is that more companies have started offering affiliate opportunities so you should be able to pick and choose the companies whose products you would prefer to market on your website.

And most of the payment is sent bi monthly, along with a detailed statement or you can access the same online. This form of monetization ranks at 4th, when it comes to “5 ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free”.

5. Create your own product:
You can use your WordPress blog to rebrand yourself, set yourself up as an authority, and create a unique product and market the same on your blog.

You do not even have to manufacture anything; your product could be anything and even an ebook. This way, you should be able to make more money marketing your blog, and with it, your select products and services as well.

You can use various tactics to reach out to more customers from guest blogging about it to using PPC ads for marketing the same.

The point being that you can easily make more money from pushing your own brand of products than someone’s product. More to the point, you can even streamline the same so that you are able to attract more prospective leads.

The downside is that it may take a while before you are able to make some decent money and moreover, it all comes down to how much you want to earn.

If you are looking to make some serious cash, then the 5th method, which incidentally also happens to be one of the best ways to monetize your WordPress blog for free, is the way to go about it.

Granted, that you would have to work really hard at it but in time, you should be able to earn some serious cash with the same.

These are some of the top 5 methods by which you can monetize your WordPress blog for free; it all comes down to just how good your blog really is, for any of the above methods to work.

You need to have decent traffic along with some outstanding content and the rest is simple enough. You should be able to provide your users with some great content regarding the product, provide them a reason as to why they should purchase a particular product, hyperlink the call to action and the rest is, history.

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