30 Proven Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

Here are the 30 proven ways to make money online by blogging using WordPress.

WordPress is used for blogging and publishing. You can use it no matter where you are, where you want to work from.

1. Performance-Based Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

It’s performance-based marketing. Using special tracking links, you can put forward your product to your audience, and if someone buys it using that link, the commission is yours.
Manage them, use WordPress Plugins.

2. Google AdSense

google adsense
You can display Google AdSense on WordPress by using the Cost Per Click (CPC) advertisements. You have to add a script from Google on your website and turn on displaying ads option. Every time any user clicks on that particular ad, you will get paid.

make money online blogging

3. WordPress Advertising Plugin

You can sell banner advertisement space directly according to your terms and conditions. We recommend using WordPress ad management plugin to make it easier.

4. Post Blogs that are Sponsored

You can sell sponsored blog posts. You have put your traffic stats details, followers on social media and other data on your site to make it more attractive for users. Then you can ask sponsorship from companies to negotiate a deal.

5. Earn Money by Writing Reviews

You can get paid by writing reviews about products instead of doing it free. Ask companies to write reviews about their products or use websites that help you connect with such businesses.

6. Flipping Websites

You can make money online by blogging and adding traffic. Build various sites and sell them. For this, you must know the demand on websites.

7. Be a Public Speaker

public speaker
If you are an expert in your field, then you can do public speaking in conferences. You may also do shows and other related sectors and charge money for this.

8. Websites with Paid Memberships

Using WordPress Membership plugin, you can create a membership site. Allow your restricted users to pay you for new blog posts, videos and audios and other content.

9. Private Forums

To get paid by memberships, you can also create a private forum that only allows users who are paying. Here are the best five ways of forum plugin for Word Press sites.

10. A Q&A Community

You can create questions and answers community to interact with your members. Quora and Stack Exchange are huge communities that help you build an interesting, motivating and engaged online forum.

11. Dictionary Website with WordPress

You can create a paid business directory in WordPress that contains reviews of local businesses, podcasts, and products.

12. WordPress Job Board

job board
Creating a paid job board is another online money earning option. Ask companies to advertise their vacancies on your job board, and if someone is hired through your forum, you can charge for it.

13. WordPress Event Calendar

Create an event calendar on your WordPress site. If you have a significant following on your blog, people will pay you for their event advertisements.

14. Selling Digital Products

It’s a low maintenance way to make money online with blogging using WordPress by selling your digital products.

make money online blogging

Following are some excellent ideas to create and sell your products.

15. E-books and Online Courses

It’s one of the best ways to make money online with blogging that you sell E.books and online courses. Students are a vast audience to pay you for books and courses.

16. Paid Webinars

Hosting paid webinars is a great way to build an audience, experience sharing, and growing your business. Since its more like an online course, you can do it live and add questions answers session for your viewers.

17. Freelance Services using WordPress

If you’re a blogger, you must be an expert within your field. You can offer freelance services to your current audience.

18. Consultation Business

You can start your own consultancy business to make money online from blogging. Your clients need and strategies for their businesses.

19. Become a Coach

You can be a life coach, blog coach, writing coach and more as you like. You need an excellent communicating skill to satisfy your client.

20. E-Commerce and Woo Commerce

You can start an online shop using WordPress. It creates an online shop and can also add a shop with your blog by using Woo Commerce Plugin.

21. An Online Shirts Store

With WordPress, it’s easy to create a T-shirt selling the shop. You can upload your designs and prints and sell them online.

22. WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

A dropshipping store is more like an invisible inventory handling and items shipping store. You can create it with the WordPress website using WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin.

23. Affiliate WordPress Shop of Amazon

You can create an Amazon affiliate WordPress shop. It will be an easy way to create an e-commerce site without having shipment issues.

24. Online Market Place Website

You can create an e-commerce website that allows sellers and buyers to interact with each other using your forum.

25. An Auction Website

Customers can find different deals while sellers can increase their profits by using auction websites. WordPress website can run auctions and allows users to list their products as well.

26. Online Job Marketplace

Similar to the e-commerce marketplace, you can build a website that allows companies and job hunters to interact with each other.

27. WordPress Plugin Development

For plugin development, you must know PHP and WordPress works. You can sell your plugins on your blog.

28. WordPress Themes Selling Website

You can create different themes with your WordPress website. For help, you can use the WordPress theme framework like SKT Themes free to make your idea attractive.

29. Sell Graphics

Another option is to sell graphics on your WordPress site. Using an e-commerce plugin, you can create stock images, logos and, other designs and sell them.

30. Donations

You can accept donations on your WordPress site by adding a PayPal donate button and a Stripe donate button. It’s an easy way to make money while make money with online blogging at the same time.

It gets confusing, at times, to decide how much money you are going to make. You can always start with baby steps. As a beginner, you may end up with a few dollars, but as soon as you gain experience in this area, you can earn more and more.

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