How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week (or Less)

Are you planning to learn WordPress for free in a short timespan?

Great! We are here to get the things smoothly flowing for you.

Understanding the principles WordPress operates on and dealing with them is quite easy as long as you are thrilled to uncover all the wonders hidden behind the curtains of this user friendly content management platform and its products.

WordPress is more popular than you might know. It is one of the most reliable open source platforms powering thousands of websites in the digital arena, from big name brands such as BBC America, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Professional, MTV News, Quartz to medium and small personal and corporate websites and blogs.

So what’s that making WordPress so much demanded? The basic reasons are many. In the fewest possible words, it is surprisingly easy to learn WordPress for free.

It is also simple to manage, intuitive and quick in customization, GPL based for you to take advantage of WP to the maximum extent, well coded and protected. Hence, your desire to join this wonderful and continually growing community is highly appreciated.

With our eyes on every single WordPress trend and working practice, update and innovation, we have developed easy to follow guide for you to learn WordPress for free in a week or even less. Let’s discover which they are.

How to Learn WordPress for Free in a Week

Day 1. Get to know WordPress closer

Getting started with WordPress means understanding its structure and nuances, design and coding controls it is basically built upon and the overall functional capacity of it.

Don’t worry; there is a ton of information on WordPress on the Internet you can find and follow even if you are non techy at all.

From thorough-going comprehensive WordPress Codex to read and understand what it is all about to WordPress TV for visual learning lovers, private companies with interesting articles and tutorials like, the sources you can start with are many.

Finally, if there is anything tricky or bewildering for you, just make a search on Google and you will find dozens of useful sites with simpler descriptions and explanations, WordPress dictionary for all the terms and words which seem to be obscure or ambiguous.

Day 2. Make selection between and, choose domain and hosting

If you want to learn WordPress for free, first of all, you need to put your shoulder to the wheel and understand which platform you actually need to go online with your profile.

If you are a startup WordPress user and want to unleash more working and functional potential while having fewer restrictions and limitations, our advice is to give your preference to

Next, choose a proper domain to be your “virtual address”, as well as hosting so that your website will be accurately stored and viewed on the Internet.

Leaving the decision of choosing domain registrar to you, we offer well managed and fast WP hosting for all types of WP powered websites. You can find affordable plans and their features here:

Day 3. Tweak WordPress library for themes and explore their best features you can play with

The next part of exploring the most powerful CMS in order to learn WordPress for free has to do with WP themes.
From paid and premium to free yet sophisticated, from business style to personal or minimalistic, the available themes are endless.

However, if you don’t laze and browse WP library of themes and dig out what they have to offer you with demo version and detailed descriptions, you are likely to find the best solution to your needs.

SKT Themes / grants you with the best collections of niche specific and multipurpose templates your personal or business website can greatly benefit from.

Whether you need a template catering to food and drink, hotel and hospitality, sports or education, finance or construction, commercial or service provision topics, you are free to browse demo versions of SKT Themes products and choose the one matching your needs.

Day 4. Make the most of the theme customization

As soon as the hard part is already done, that is to say, the theme is chosen, let’s pass on to its management and customization on the 4rth day of our course to learn WordPress for free in a week or less.

As we have already mentioned, WP themes are amazingly easy in usage and customization while enabling you to quickly comprehend each and every single part of them and seize all the opportunities of modifying them the way needed.

You are going to find Live Customizer at your theme’s core with dozens of obvious and hidden features you can use for the sake of your site’s excellence and client’s satisfaction.

In the majority of cases, WP themes are packed with full documentation and well supported by the theme’s authors. It means that even the startup WP user will be able to construct and style his or her website piece by piece.

Naturally, depending on the type and nature of your site, your customization needs will vary from design touches to functional capacity, from default features to add ons, etc.

And if you feel something more than you can find within the theme’s package, be sure to follow blog section of SKT Themes where there is hardly a shortage of tutorial materials, WP themes collections and discussions.

Day 5. Start considering WordPress plugins and extensions for more qualitative and results driven website performance

On the whole, plugins are good alternatives to complex coding procedures you can interfere with when working on your website’s improvement. They are custom built to deliver the needed functionality in automatic or the most hassle free way.

Add contact forms, manage images and galleries, keep the track of your site’s results and visits, run an online store with shopping carts, enable subscription forms or enhance SEO results, make your site multilingual or social media friendly by relying on professionally worked out WP plugins

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