Resources to Learn Advance WordPress Development

Let us discuss some of the best learn WordPress development resources in the following section.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used by people with various skill levels to build their website from scratch. Though one does not need coding knowledge to build their websites on WordPress, however, one might not be aware of the tremendous potential of the tools associated with it.

Detailed knowledge of WordPress can help them gain an understanding of the uses of these tools. Additionally, with the help of these tools, they can set up various functionalities on their website.

For this purpose, numerous forums, blogs, videos, online courses, etc are available from where one can learn WordPress development online.

Learn WordPress development

SKT Blog

skt blog

SKT Blog contains numerous posts covering smaller aspects of WordPress. It mainly covers how to optimize the performance of the website along with the security with the help of various advanced coding techniques. Users will learn about topics such as functions of PHP, uses of Rest-API, WP-CLI, how to modify the admin in a WordPress site, use of Gutenberg, etc.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner

WP beginner is an online resource that contains many blogs and articles on topics related to WordPress and WordPress plugins. Learners can search on specific topics in WP beginner that they want to learn. It also contains a YouTube channel and a video section covering various related topics. Though it does not contain any proper course format, however, the amount of information it includes can benefit anyone who wants to learn different aspects of WordPress.

WordPress Developer Handbook

WordPress developer handbook

Developer Handbook is online resource is developed by WordPress. It is not for beginners who have started as developers, but the contents have been developed for the experienced developers. It covers topics related to the development of plugins, the coding standards of WordPress, development of themes, using the Rest -APIs, etc. To understand the content and get benefitted from it, developers must already CSS, HTML, and Javascript knowledge.

WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

Along with the Developer’s handbook, WordPress has developed this handbook to complement the former. This handbook helps one to learn WordPress development concerning the basics of WordPress editors. Developers and designers are required to be skilled at Javascript. As a part of this course, they will learn to develop custom blocks, settings of the themes or plugins, personalizing toolbar options, the appearance of sidebar, etc. They might not gain any form of advanced skill, however, they will learn how to make effective use of the editor.



Learners are required to subscribe to this online resource to navigate through the library. This resource focused mainly on developers and designers. The course content is well designed and focuses on the objectives and outcomes of learning. It includes various quizzes, downloads, as well as workshops. One can sign-up for a 7-day trial period, and following that one can choose a basic or pro version against monthly fees.

W3 schools

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is a reliable source of learning for developers who want to gain advanced skills in coding. The tutorials in this online learning resource are free, well designed, simply written and are interactive which make it more interesting for learners. The students can go through every concept and attempt the quiz to examine what they have truly learned. They can learn WordPress Development involving the knowledge of server-side languages such as Python and PHP, other programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. After acquiring the skills, they can obtain academic certificates in their preferred programming language.

WP sessions

WP Sessions

This site is built up by the developers for the developers with intermediate or advanced skill level. As a result, beginners might not find it useful enough. One needs to either sign up for a VIP membership or can buy different training courses individually. WP session includes a collection of videos prepared mainly for the developers already working in the industry. The course is well structured with updated information. One can access this site from various devices and if required can download the video content as well.



This is a free online learning resource of superior quality where learners can advance their WordPress Development skills. It covers a wide range of topics such as building websites with the help of PHP, developing plugins and themes, coding with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using WordPress API, etc for both web developer and designers. It also provides tips for mobile web development and various options for web designing software.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

From this leading online resource, one can learn WordPress Development topics such as working on blocks and tips on using PHP with WordPress. The course provides in-depth guidance on the topics and includes images for better understanding. It also covers coding topics such as the use of JavaScript for designing various interactive features on the website and many others.

SiteGround Knowledgebase

Siteground Knowledgebase

The tutorials in this site are designed mainly for the beginners; however, it includes some advanced tutorials as well. The content is designed to help the developers learn how to work effectively on the backend of a website. As a result, the developers would learn the use of WordPress CLI, monitor, and clean-up security breaches, use .htaccess file and many more.



The approach followed in this resource is unlike other resources discussed in this article. Instead of tutorials, videos or any other form of guidance, learners will get an opportunity to enjoy plenty of hours of practice on topics that range from basics to advanced knowledge of coding applications. One will learn WordPress development including advanced Node applications, algorithms of JavaScript, and various programming techniques, basics of HTML and CSS front end libraries such as jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap and many more.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tutsplus

This e-learning resource includes educational content in the format of written course, videos, and eBook. Though the written courses can be accessed for free, one needs to take a premium membership for getting access to videos and eBooks. While the free tutorials help developers in learning the use of plugins for adding a feature or functionality on the website, the video and the eBooks help in advancing the coding knowledge.

Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq

This website contains contents regarding the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in designing web pages, and building web forms, implementing WebVR and adding animations, etc. The course topics focused more on designing and hence one will learn the advance coding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If the learners want to build impressive web designs for their clients by depending less on the plugins, these courses are extremely useful for them.


Yoast Academy

This is a very effective online resource from where one will learn WordPress Development involving the SEO tools. The articles on this website not only cover topics related to SEO but also on User Experience and Analytics. Linkedin Learning

This website includes a huge library of online courses covering a wide range of subjects including WordPress training. All courses are accessible to members and there is a free trial membership for the users. The subjects included in this site are marketing, photography, IT, animation, web, business, development, designing, etc. The content is well-designed and makes the entire learning process interesting.

Tom McFarlin Blog

Tom McFarlin Blog

This blog includes insights of Tom McFarlin, a backend engineer as well as a WordPress contributor that would help developers in improving their skills in the CMS. One should note that one will not find tutorials in this blog. Rather it covers various topics and suggestions from an experienced authority in WordPress.

Liquid Web Knowledge base

Liquid Web Knowledge Base

It provides various tutorials that would be useful for developers working at the backend of the websites. The tutorials cover topics related to a command-line interface which can be added to other applications to the server such as phpMyAdmin, NextCloud, etc. These courses will also help the developers to learn WordPress Development related to the use of CLI for adding various applications.



This is a free website that has dedicated an entire section to various topics related to WordPress. The topics range from the basics of WordPress to in-depth articles that help the users in learning uses of specific functions in editors, and also how to create personalized shortcodes. This site is useful for both beginners as well as the users with advanced skill.

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex

This website is ideal for developers to learn WordPress Development in terms of plugins. This site is mainly designed to help the plugin developers. As a result, non-developers might not find it useful enough. This online manual covers all the topics related to developing WordPress websites. It includes information regarding the download and installation of WordPress and upgrading to a new version.

Advanced WordPress Channels

Advanced WordPress Group

It is an online community of web developers who come together to share ideas and find a solution to complex problems. It mainly focuses on the advance knowledge of CMS. Unlike other communities, it targets developers who want to advance their coding skills to the next levels. It covers topics related to the development of themes and plugins, PHP, JavaScript, Rest-API, WP_CLI and many more.

Though all these online resources are available in various formats, they are undoubtedly very helpful for WordPress users of varied skills in learning different aspects of WordPress Development.

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