How to Find a Name for Your WordPress Blog

The name says it all and sets the tone on how your blog would be perceived by the public. Given the fact that the digital medium comes with intense competition as a result of millions of websites slugging it out for your attention, find name for your WordPress blog assumes all importance.

More importantly, your blog name offers you an opportunity by which you can connect with your customers and rebrand yourself in the process.

It cannot be something flowery or too long, it needs to be of the right length and must be appropriate.

We may all have different takes on what constitutes as appropriate but that’s all the more reason that you should consider using a blog name generator as it can help to analyze your content and will select and provide you with the right name for your blog.

Believe it or not, a name can make all the difference between success and failure, when it comes to the online medium.

Blog Name Generators

Blog name generator:

There are a few things that you may want to pay attention to when using a blog name generator to generate a name for your blog and they are mainly –

  • Keywords
  • Uniqueness
  • Marketing
  • Appearance
  • Tone
  • Extensions

1. Keywords:
keyword research
One of the most common arguments that seem to see no end is the one concerning how keywords should be an important part, of the name itself.

The keyword in question must be related to the niche and should be part of the title in order to rank better. And yes, Google will rank your site better if the keyword is similar to the niche and used in the title ONLY as long as the title and the website as a whole, meets other Google requirements.

This does not mean that you just add a niche specific keyword in your title and your SERPS goes for a jump.

It does not work that way, you need to take care of other specs such as ensure that the content featured on your website is original and stands out for all the right reasons.

Also make sure that your website is mobile friendly as well as this can impact your current standings. So take care when you are using the blog name generator for your blog, make sure that you choose the right one for your blog.

2. Uniqueness:

Always think unique

It goes without saying that your blog and its name should be unique and stand out on its own. That’s why it is important that you spend some time researching the perfect name for your WordPress blog.

Remember the cola wars, well, with both Pepsi and Coca Cola look alike versions hit the market in the US so many decades ago, it was hard to tell either apart and as a result, both the brands took a hit.

Granted, that’s not a perfect analogy but it should nevertheless underscore the fact as to why choosing the right brand name is extremely important.

And try to list your name with the right domain name extension, .com is one of the most common ones that most online users are familiar with and that’s the one that you should be aiming for.

Granted that there are more geographical reasons as to why you may want to use a country specific domain name and unless and until your business is already established, there’s no reason to opt for country specific domain names.

Just find name for WordPress blog and make sure that the domain ends with .com as opposed to anything else.

3. Marketing:
marketing tips
Your blog will see heavy traffic as long as it is marketed well enough but the first step to that process is in picking out the right name for your WordPress blog. Every successful website that sees millions of online users each month, started out as an ordinary website with a great name.

This is not to imply that choosing the right name alone would do the trick as far as online traffic goes but the point is that it plays a pivotal role.

Customers need to feel a connect with the blog name, they need something that they can easily identify with such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and the list goes on.

For example, let’s say that the name you have chosen for your blog sucks and you opt to try out all marketing strategies that you can think of, and despite your site having great content, outstanding images, and various outreach strategies in palce, you are still not able to get much traction online.

That’s because, the first thing that any online user would first notice is the blog name and if you had not selected the right one for your blog, then it could well be a case of “that’s all she wrote”.

4. Appearance:
One of the reasons that some names tend to stick forever in one’s mind is on account of the fact that the name is short, or trendy or remarkable so that you end up remembering it forever.

That’s how you rebrand yourself and it all starts with choosing the right name to go with your blog. Remember that the name should reflect what your blog is about, as well as a certain amount of creativity.

And it definitely should not be long and make sure that the name is easy to roll of the tongue as well. If you want to make an impact online and have online users talk about your blog, then it makes sense to go with a title that rolls off the tongue easily and one that most people can remember.

For example, .99 designs is a great name, it is short and remarkable enough that you remember it right away whereas a blog titled .998 designs is not.

And try to avoid using hyphens or other special characters in your name as it can prevent easy recognition of the same by online users.

5. Tone:
This one is a little harder to grasp as it comes down to how you intend your blog to be; for example if you wanted your blog to be on a serious topic like say climate change, then you may want to go for a title that reflects this effectively.

And nope, it’s not “earth is doomed” but rather one that focuses on “climate change” or along those lines. The point being that the title for your blog should reflect the tone of your blog as well and that’s why you may want to spend some time doing some research.

You may want to use a keyword tool to flesh out some keywords specific to your niche and content; you should also scope out your competition and check how they rank for their chosen keywords by using tools like SEM rush.

This should provide you with more than a few ideas, and all that’s left is to choose the right one and to frame your title.

6. Extensions:
Again, as mentioned before it makes more sense to go ahead with .com extension for your domain name as opposed to .net, .php and many others.

This is why you should choose a domain name that clients are more likely to remember than an unusual one that few will do. Here’s a list of some of the popular domain extensions and as you can see, .com ranks right at the top.

Choosing the wrong extension for your domain can lead to a loss of prospective customers which is why it is important that you pick out the right one.
.com = commercial
.org = organization
.net = network
.gov = government
What you need to keep in mind?

There are those who flip domains like they do houses; they often purchase domain names at a low price, hype them, oversell them by 4 to 5 times what they are worth to interested parties.

Since yours is just a blog, you need not go in for flipped domains and can instead focus on find name for WordPress blog, that’s easily identifiable and one that your customers can recognize with ease.

Domain name generators: There are more than enough domain name generators that you can use to create your blog title, starting with lean domain search, Name boy, Name mesh and more.

Some of the blog name generators are free to use while others charge a small fee to generate a unique name for your blog.

With the right blog title in place, you should be able to market your website much more effectively and reach out to a wider audience as well. You should also be able to rank better in SERPS as well.

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