Why The eCommerce Store Needs The AMP Pages?

Today, the mobile phone has become the most common among the people. They rely deeply on the device. whether for online shopping or checking the news, the device serves you all these conveniently.

Moreover, the mobile phone is handy, and it can be accessed super easily anywhere and anytime, which is another reason for its increasing demand.

As people are getting to spend an easy lifestyle with the help of the mobile phone, they are more prone to stick by it. A study states that, the usage of mobile phones has increased by 7 minutes, which means 3 hours and 15 minutes a day over the past years.

Even the search engines like Google understands the importance of mobile phone and has decided to facilitate the mobile-optimized websites. Therefore, to attain more benefits and serve the mobile-users with a better experience, the eCommerce store needs AMPs.

eCommerce store needs AMP

What do you need AMP?

Before getting started, the eCommerce business holders must know what AMP actually is and why the eCommerce store needs AMPs. AMP is the abbreviation of Accelerated Mobile Pages, which s newly created by the search engine Google.

Its main purpose is to enhance a site’s speed of loading so that the user can relish a faster service. The three major components that are used to form the AMP pages include AMP JS, AMP HTML, and AMP Cache.

As per Google, these three component results in faster loading service when compared to other mobile-friendly sites. In fact, with the help of these three components, the websites will load right away upon clicking.

Regardless to mention, the appearance and the inner content of your website will remain as it is with a considerably lighter code.

Those you belong to a non-tech background, rest your worries as the site of AMP project brigs before you several guidelines and resources for your convenience. Nevertheless, if you are not willing to involve your head in the learning phase, you can skip it anytime.

It is because there are several alternative plugin options available as well. These Amp plugins are easily accessible on the CMS platforms and make the task far easier.

The positive impression of AMP on your eCommerce business

You might not be aware of the fact that the most popular eCommerce site eBay has already availed of the Amp project. Worth mentioning, the company has created endless numbers of AMP pages and attained the service of instant mobile loading time. The company is now able to satisfy its customers and relishing a higher revenue.

Hence your eCommerce store needs AMPs for sure, take a glance ta the below enlisting points on how your online business can savor higher profit with the aid of the AMP pages:

Decrease the bounce rate

Needless to say, your prospects can leave your site instantly and form a bad opinion, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Moreover, the users will never return and suggest others not to use your site.

But if you avail of the AMP pages, the bounce rate will no longer be an issue. As a result, your users can smoothly visit your site and can access it without consuming much of their time.

For instance, if a prospect opens a page of your site and leaves it without requesting the Analytics server It efficiently decreases the bounce rate.

Moreover, when the bounce rate is low, it increases the organic rankings in return. It is not the reason enough to embed the AMP pages on your eCommerce site.

Enhance the visibility

One of the most vital answers to the question of why the eCommerce store needs AMPs is that it enhances visibility. Well, hopefully, you all know about the visibility and SEO rankings. The more eligible and efficient your website, the higher its ranking is.

Google prefers the site more which loads faster and provides a better user experience. When you form AMP pages for your site, they facilitate your site with greater visibility, which again helps in fetching genuine traffic.

According to a case study of AMP, it is observed that a news site from Washington Post state has acknowledged the returning of the users up to 23%. The loading time has also been improved by up to 88%.

Improve the conversion rate

One more reason behind the fact that your eCommerce store needs AMPs is the higher conversion rate. When your site takes minimal time to load, the customers get to see their desired products or items instantly at the first preference. For this, reason, they complete their shopping sticking by your site.

But if your site lags and takes more time to load, they won’t even think twice to switch to a different site. But, if you seek the benefits of faster loading from the AMP pages, your customers will get a smooth shopping experience improving the eCommerce conversion rate.

Apart from the advantages of the AMP project, a few drawbacks like Google analytic issues, restricted functionality, reduced ad revenue are noticed.

However, as the advantages surpass its downsides, it is ideal to implant the AMP pages to your eCommerce store. AMP works in a two-way process. It facilitates both the users and the eCommerce business holder.

It provides the users with a user-friendly experience and the business holders receive more customers. AMP not only increases the mobile-friendly nature of your eCommerce site but also allows you to beat your alternatives.

Therefore, the sooner you inculcate it in your online business, the faster you will be able to take your online business one step closer to success.

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